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The 30 Best To-do List Apps of 2019 for Personal Task Management

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Every new day, a list of tasks awaits us – some more interesting than the others. Nevertheless, the importance of completing these tasks is undisputed especially if they build up on a daily level to help us meet our goals.

Plus, the sense of achievement one feels with completing a task is unparalleled to any other feeling.

There are so many apps that claim to make your life easier by giving you the perfect to-do list app. Although most of these apps stand up to mark and can make task completion incredibly easy and organized, the criteria for selection remains a puzzle.

Simple and easily workable apps may be dry and not have the complete feature set you require.

On the other hand, flashy and glamorous apps may be a tad bit complicated to use. Who can question the matter of money? Free apps may be a treat but come with limited features. Paid apps may serve the purpose, but is the investment worth it?

Let’s face it. Looking for the “one” in the to-do list app and productivity apps arena can be overwhelming so we have done the homework for you. Here is a list of our top 30 best to do list apps you can use today absolutely free or with minimum pricing plans.

1. nTask

nTask comes first on our list of best to do list apps. nTask is one of the best task management tools created for individual and teams. With its simplified, user-friendly GUI letting you navigate a powerful set of features, nTask stands out of the crowd when it comes to helping with task completion.

You can create tasks and subtasks and schedule them as a single time or recurring tasks. Through checklists, you can list down the things to be done. Moreover, you can create projects and associate multiple tasks under it. You can organize, prioritize tasks and monitor task status.

Options such as progress reports, timeline and Gantt Charts let you keep projects on track. nTask helps you save time with its powerful search and filter options. You can search for tasks, projects, meetings and lots more, and pre-saved filters help you save extra time and effort.

This app also helps you stay in sync with updates and keeps you and your team on track through reminders and alerts.

Key Features

Out of its vast feature set nTask has to offer, here is a glimpse of some of its core features:

  • Create, assign, organize, prioritize and share tasks
  • Schedule recurring
  • Create and assign projects
  • Comment on and assign tasks to projects or structure them independently
  • Convert comments to tasks using Slack
  • Select from multiple statuses for a task
  • Alerts, notifications and reminders to keep teams on track.
  • Two-Factor Authentication for extensive security
  • A simple user interface with access to a wide range of modules.
  • Team specific workspaces that can be managed and monitored simultaneously.
  • Extensive project management resources including project reports, Gantt charts and project timelines to manage and monitor project progress.
  • A dedicated time tracking module with the option of creating and managing team specific sections for employee task efforts and payroll.
  • A detailed meeting management module to help teams stay in sync. You can arrange and schedule meetings, be it one time or recurring meetings. Plus, it lets you send invites to attendees, add meeting details and specify follow up procedures.
  • Issue management module to facilitate identification and listing down of issues related to multiple tasks. You can list down the issue along with the Issue owner and relevant details to track issue maintenance.
  • Risk management module helps you identify and keep track of potential risks. You can list down the risk and assign a risk owner in order to track risk management.
  • Powerful search and filter tools that helps you search for tasks, projects, meetings, issues and risks. You can even save more frequently used filters.
  • Third party access
  • iOS and Android mobile apps


Free and Pro ($2.99 per month per user with an annual billing) plans.

  • App Logo
  • nTask is your perfect online to-do app

    Use it for personal or team productivity. nTask is free and includes unlimited tasks and checklists.

2. Wunderlist

The second tool you can use to boost your productivity levels is Wunderlist.  It comes with a clean interface that is user-friendly. You can add and check off tasks, sub-tasks, add a due date or even reminders. You can also organize lists into folders and insert more items. Plus, you can filter tasks and keep track of your schedule.

What’s more? With this app, you can create to do lists and even share them with family and friends. It’s is great if you have to submit homework in groups and getting the supplies for an event coming up.

Everyone can share the same list of activities. When a task is done, either person can check it off as completed, letting the others know and all of this without affecting the overall user experience.

Key Features

Some of the prominent options Wunderlist provides you with are:

  • Create lists and folders
  • Share Lists
  • Add comments and notes
  • Compatible with All Devices
  • Add reminders and notifications
  • Easy import to Wunderlist
  • Tags
  • Mobile Apps: iOS and Android


Free and Wunderlist Pro ($4.99 per month or $49.99 per year) plans

3. Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is another one of the best to do list apps you can get your hands on. Developed by the team behind Wunderlist, Microsoft To-Do is cloud-based and integrates completely with Office 365. It lets you create tasks from scratch or even import tasks from other tools like Wunderlist and Outlook.

This is especially useful if you have to continue with pending tasks without having to rewrite the entire to do list again. You can customize task list presentation with themes and colors, organize and prioritize tasks, add notes and set reminders to keep the tasks in check.

With the My Day list, you get easy access to the tasks due for the day. This eliminates any confusion and streamlines your activities.

Key Features

Some of the significant options Microsoft To-Do provides you with are:

  • Task management
  • Task reminders
  • Deadline management
  • Daily task lists
  • Prioritization
  • Outlook tasks integration
  • Data sync across devices
  • To-do suggestions
  • Multiple task lists
  • Due date tracking
  • Task notes
  • List sharing
  • Custom task list themes & colors
  • Mobile Apps: iOS and Android


Microsoft To-Do is free.

4. Todoist

Todoist grew in popularity over the years and has evolved significantly encompassing more powerful features. You can create, organize and prioritize tasks, create subtasks and dependencies as well create projects and subprojects.

You can label tasks, customize through color codes and add due dates to keep track of the tasks. A prominent feature that comes with Todoist is the AI-powered feature known as Smart Schedule.

Through Smart Schedule, the app suggests optimum dates for scheduling and rescheduling existing tasks.

Plus, with Todoist Karma, you get points for completing tasks, using advanced features, and meeting productivity goals on a weekly and monthly basis. You can monitor your progress through graphs with differently colored projects.

Key Features

Todoist comes with the some of the following notable features:

  • Task creation (single and recurring) and labelling
  • Task creation from emails
  • Task comments
  • Task priority levels
  • Project templates
  • Project sharing
  • Email notifications as well as SMS and email reminders
  • Contact list integration
  • Automatic backups
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Customizable filters
  • User management
  • Login tracking
  • Centralized team billing
  • Productivity tracking
  • Open API
  • Sharing controls
  • Multiple integrations
  • Mobile Apps: iOS and Android


Free for Basic and Premium ($29 per year) plans.

5. TeuxDeux

#5 on our list of the best to do list apps is TeuxDeux (pronounced as “To Do”). Termed as the most beautiful to do list on the web, this to do list app allows you to have a visual idea of what’s to be done. You can create a list of things to do and rearrange them on the calendar.

The tasks can be written down anywhere and can be later dragged and dropped into other lists. If there is a task you can’t get done on the specific day, TeuxDeux automatically rolls it over to the next day list. Furthermore, you can also schedule tasks as recurring daily.

Another interesting feature is that it supports Markdown. For those of you that are particular about text formats and presentation styles, this is a great tool to make lists and share them with others.

TeuxDeux supports sharing the app between up to 6 family members. Plus, your lists are yours to keep. This means you can download your to-do lists at any time.

Key Features

Some of the features TeuxDeux has to offer include:

  • Creating custom to-do lists
  • Creating recurring tasks
  • Create tasks as links to resources
  • Task switching between lists
  • Automated task roll-over
  • Sync with calendar
  • Support for text formatting with Markdown
  • Sync on multiple devices
  • Family sharing enabled (6 people)
  • Mobile apps: iOS


Free trial and $3 per month.

6. is one of the easiest applications to create and manage your to-dos. It consists of simple tasks and subtasks folders which help in the quick creation and checking off of tasks when done. The application comes with easy drag-and-drop option for files.

An interesting feature of the application is the voice-entry one. If you dread typing long to-do lists and prefer speaking, this application is meant for you. lets you create a to-do list of tasks by speaking into your smartphone and then creates your tasks for you, just like a virtual personal assistant.

The simple UI/UX design of the application makes it extremely easy to understand and aids the user in quickly grasping the functionality.

Key Features

  • Simple interface for creating lists and associating tasks
  • Adding new tasks through voice
  • Division of tasks according to the timeline
  • Easy sharing of lists with other people
  • Deadlines and reminders for tasks
  • do moment to focus only on today’s tasks
  • Colors for organizing and prioritizing tasks
  • Recurring tasks
  • Unlimited file attachments
  • Notes within tasks
  • Customized themes


Free and Premium (for $2.99 per month) plan.

7. ToodleDo

Another best to-do list application that made to our list is Toodledo. This application focuses heavily on task management and lets you organize your to-dos in the most simple and easiest way. Under each task, you can add multiple sub-tasks, notes, and priority level, along with other basic information.

In addition to the lists, Toodledo helps in managing tasks by creating an outline. All your tasks and subtasks displayed in the form of an outline consisting of further sections to assist you in keeping your focus on important things and give you an overall view of your tasks.

Although it’s primarily for task management, there are other rather interesting features available too. One of them is the tracking of habits. You can log multiple habits at one time and monitor the dos and don’ts to improve your daily routine. Habits come with a calendar, so you can track your progress in days.

Key Features

  • Tasks and subtasks folder
  • Public and private sharing of lists
  • Recurring tasks
  • Quick notes
  • Habits tracking and monitoring
  • Tasks outline
  • Notes within tasks
  • Scheduler for time management
  • Reminders based on the current location
  • Time tracking of tasks
  • Integration with third-party applications
  • Customized tags for organizing tasks
  • iOS, Android, and web compatibility


Free, Silver ($4.99 per month billed annually), and Gold ($7.49 per month billed annually).

8. Habitica

This application is for the gamer inside each one of us. Habitica offers something completely different for the users. The application converts your daily to-dos into a role-playing game, at the end of which you can earn rewards (exciting, no?).

This fun take on task management compels you to complete the tasks on time and motivates you to achieve more to level up your character.

You can create your personalized character, unlock rewards, buy armor, and at the same time, complete your to-dos. On the flip side, if you miss your deadlines or fail to tick tasks off, your health will deteriorate and your character will lose progress.

Habitica might not be the right choice for you if you’re not a big fan of games and are looking for a powerful, serious task management tool.

Key Features

  • Division of to-dos according to tags
  • Rewards for completing tasks
  • Personalized avatars
  • Levels for tracking progress
  • Filtering according to tags
  • Task reminders
  • Inventory for the character
  • Online chat with other players
  • Task filtering according to due dates
  • Customized challenges to compete with other users
  • Positive and negative checking off of tasks


Habitica is free.

9. TickTick

Generally, TickTick offers more or less the same kind of basic features other competitors in the market are coming up with. The application supports multiple parameters like lists, tasks and subtasks, priority level, and tags.

Coming with a neat interface, the platform makes management of tasks clutter-free and organized. Like all other tools, you can add tasks, subtasks, set deadlines and reminders, and share them with other people. Recurring tasks can also be added and repetition can be set according to your requirements.

Key Features

  • Customized to-do lists
  • Reminders for due tasks
  • Calendar view
  • Drag and drop tasks in the calendar to set due date
  • Sharing of lists with collaborators
  • Priority level
  • Personalized themes
  • Voice entry for creating tasks
  • Tags for classification
  • Time tracking
  • Advanced project statistics
  • Backup of data


Free, and Premium ($27.99) annual plan.

10. Google Keep

#10 on our list for the best to-do list apps is Google Keep. It may not be best for you, because in contrast with other to-do applications, Google Keep doesn’t have a robust set of features and it lacks advanced functionality, but if you’re someone who likes to create simple to-do lists on the go, this could be the right application for you.

Google Keep is primarily used for making quick lists which can be accessed from any device. Essentially, it is a simple note-taking platform, where you can write all the important to-dos, save pictures and voice notes, and tick off the tasks after they’re done. The application is basically connected to Google Drive which makes syncing with multiple devices easy.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy addition of tasks
  • Reminders with each task
  • Sharing of lists with collaborators
  • Notes archiving
  • Transcribe text from the uploaded images
  • Grid and list view of notes
  • Customized labels for organizing notes
  • Pin important notes to keep them on top
  • Audio notes for recording ideas


Google Keep is free for all

11. Evernote

Next up in this collection of best to-do list apps is Evernote. Evernote is a comprehensive note-taking tool which is further equipped with task management features, making organizing personal as well as professional tasks easy for the user.

Apart from this, Evernote also enables users to save any webpage or online information that they like via web clipping tool which directly adds them to their Evernote account.

In addition, Evernote allows teams to collaborate on projects and manage meetings through shared workspaces and integrations with third-party applications like Slack.

Key Features

  • Projects and tasks management
  • Built-in notes templates
  • Offline access to notes
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Workspaces for multiple teams
  • Web Clipper
  • Document scanner
  • Multiple languages recognition
  • Integration with Slack
  • Synchronization with email
  • Documents attachment with notes
  • Advanced search filters


Basic (free), Premium ($7.99 per month), and Business ($14.99) plans

12. OmniFocus

#12 in this roundup of the best to-do list apps is OmniFocus. It is a powerful to-do list and task management application specifically designed for Mac computers and iOS mobile devices.

A highly customizable tool with color-coded labels for all the tasks which make organizing clean and hassle-free. For processing all the tasks in a proper workflow manner, OmniFocus provides customizable tags, which further makes tracking and monitoring of tasks efficient.

Key Features

  • Projects and tasks controls
  • Personalized task labels
  • Perspectives to keep your focus on specific tasks only
  • Custom views
  • Forecast for future tasks
  • Project reviews
  • Notification reminders
  • Calendar integration
  • Customized tags for adding context to the tasks
  • Light and dark modes
  • Batch editing for multiple items


Pro ($79.99) and Standard ($39.99) plans. OmniFocus also provides discounted plans for educational and business institutions.

13. Remember The Milk

Another application to make it to our roundup of best to-do list apps is Remember The Milk. One of the oldest to-do list applications out there, Remember The Milk is a fairly simple tool that lets the user add tasks, organize them according to priorities, and check off from the list once done.

The application makes tracking of due tasks easy through smart lists feature which highlights the most important tasks so that you never miss a deadline.

Key Features

  • Tasks and subtasks management
  • Smart lists for due tasks
  • Customized tags
  • Easy sharing of lists
  • File attachments
  • Search filters
  • Offline access
  • Multiple third-party application integrations
  • Customized themes
  • Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook


Free and Pro ($39.99 per year) plans.

14. Things

If you’re not looking for a complicated, feature loaded to-do list application, Things might be the right choice for you. Built around task management features, this application lets you organize and execute all your to-dos in a simple, yet effective way.

With a new and updated version, Things has tried to infuse a whole new set of amendments into its design, features, and overall look.

Key Features

  • Tasks management
  • Customized tags
  • Start and end dates
  • Calendar view
  • Upcoming tasks list
  • Drag and drop for to-dos
  • Custom headings
  • Checklists
  • Single tap to-do creation
  • Advanced search filters
  • Reminder notifications
  • Slim mode for focused tasks only
  • Pie charts for monitoring progress
  • Mac and iOS compatible


Things comes with 3 plans:

  • For Mac: $49.99
  • For iPhone & Watch: $9.99
  • For iPad: $19.99

All plans come with 15 days free trial.

15. Google Tasks for Android

A Google-backed task management application for your Android device which fully integrates with all Google applications, Google Tasks ranks #15 in our list of best to-do list apps.

Google Tasks lets you add and manage tasks directly from your Gmail, without any need of opening a new window. The tool takes a crisp take on traditional to-do list apps by providing a simple UI design which makes task management quick and easy.

Key Features

  • Easy tasks and subtasks management
  • Multiple task lists
  • Due dates and priority setting
  • Synchronization with Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Drag and drop options
  • Additional notes on tasks
  • Tasks sorting filters


Google Tasks is free.

16. WeDo

WeDo is one of the to-do list apps that does not only help you complete tasks but develop habits. With a huge array of options for managing tasks including time estimation and grouping, WeDo deserves an audition.

Personalize and make lists fun through themes and emojis, and share them with friends or family. You are bound to stay on track with its efficient reminders and notifications system. There is a particularly interesting feature for students.

Students can arrange to receive due dates and reminders for every assignment prebuilt by sending WeDo their syllabus.

If you are a Wunderlist user, listen up because WeDo has a special offer for you. Import your tasks from Wunderlist and switch, and you get 1 month of WeDo Pro free. Hop on to Key Features to get hands on more information.

Key Features

  • Task management including folders to group all related tasks
  • Themes and emojis to personalize your lists
  • Habits to create lists carried out on a daily basis
  • Shared lists to work with friends, coworkers, and family
  • Reminders for activities
  • Notification through push and in-app
  • Due dates for staying on time
  • Notes to add ideas and concepts
  • Add file or photo attachments
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android


Choose from the following easy plans:

  • Monthly at $4.99 per month
  • Annual at $3.33 per month
  • Lifetime at $159.99 (one-time payment)

17. Eisenhower

Eisenhower is one of a kind tool that helps you prioritize tasks through a matrix. Much similar to the SWOT matrix, there are four quadrants of sheets. These comprise:

  • Do First (urgent & important)
  • Delegate (urgent, but less important)
  • Schedule (less urgent, but important), and
  • Don’t do (neither urgent nor important) – it’s honest too!

Through such clear and smart categorization of tasks, one can rarely get off track. You can set multiple task statuses and even reposition the tasks. By setting task as Focus Mode, you can focus on one task for 30 minutes without interruptions.

These are just some of the noteworthy features. See the Key Features and Pricing section to know why this is one of the best to-do list apps.

Key Features

Eisenhower helps you meet your goals through the following features:

  • To do sheets
  • Eisenhower Matrix of four quadrants for prioritizing tasks
  • Task Counter on each to-do sheet to manage workload
  • Focus Mode timer for helping focus on urgent and important tasks
  • Reposition tasks depending on priority to other quadrants
  • The delegation of tasks to other people through email triggers
  • Cloud sync to keep lists synchronized
  • Mobile app for iOS


Eisenhower offers the following plans:

  • Free web app
  • iPhone app at $2.99

18. Bear

Looking at the interface of Bear, one has to admit it is a beautifully designed tool. When you dig deeper, you realize that the pretty interface is just the tip of the iceberg. Bear encompasses a multitude of brilliant features especially for those who like to get things done in one go.

With this app, you can write almost entire articles in notes with appropriate formatting and styling. You even get to set word count! How cool is that? In the end, you have an option to convert the notes to Word or PDF. Can it get simpler and swifter than that?

Plus, you get to personalize your app through different themes. With all these and more features, Bear is definitely worth a try.

Key Features

Use Bear as follows to boost your productivity today:

  • Create lists with text, images and more
  • Multiple text formatting options and styling
  • Intellisense for error free writing
  • Create links within lists
  • In-line support for images and photos
  • Hashtags to quickly find and organize notes
  • Focus mode to help concentrate
  • Multiple themes and typography
  • Set word counts and reading times
  • Convert writing into PDF and Word docs
  • Multiple export options including HTML, PDF, DOCX, MD, JPG, and more
  • One-tap formatting on iPhone and iPad with a custom shortcut bar
  • Mobile app for iOS


Invest in this one of the best to-do list apps through one of the following plans:

  • $1.49 monthly (one-week free trial)
  • $14.99 annually (one-month free trial)

19. Keep and Share

Keep and Share is one of the best to-do list apps due to an extensive and practical feature collection. It allows you to plan your day on the calendar through text, images and files. Write your notes directly or upload them and share with friends and family.

You can even filter out your tasks through multiple statuses. Plus, you get to embed these files in your website, which you can set as downloadable. A great feature is selective sharing so not everyone gets to know about your plans.

You can have discussions as well as send group messages through a single button. All this and a lot more can be done via the Keep and Share calendar. Plus, it’s free!

Key Features

Keep and Share equips you with the following features:

  • Overlay To Do Lists on your calendar (including shared lists)
  • Manage tasks through creation, assigning start and due dates, checking off tasks directly from calendar, organizing and prioritizing tasks
  • Filter tasks in your calendar by their status: Current, Future, Overdue, and “Assigned to me”
  • Send a daily copy of your To Do List to yourself and others
  • Add files and documents to your calendar and events
  • Allow download of files from your website, newsletters and more
  • One comments section
  • Directly write documents in Keep and Share’s word processor, and share them
  • Upload and share any type of file including Excel, Word and PDFs through selective sharing
  • Embed your files on websites
  • Create discussions online with full word-processing features
  • Get email and text message notifications for updates
  • Add photos, screenshots, and color-coding to your discussion topics
  • Use “Send Message” to send direct messages to group members
  • Add photos to calendar/events and share them
  • Upload photos from off-site and access them online instantly
  • Allows multiple people to contribute photos to one library or album
  • Create personalized tags to group and identify photos
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android


Keep and Share brings you the following plans:

  • Basic, free for lifetime
  • Solo at $9 per month
  • Team with 5 plans ranging from $19 per month to $149 per month.

20. Casual

Primarily a project management tool, Casual comprises a feature set similar to that of a to-do list app. Instead of burdening you with complex features and heavy modules, Casual makes work casual and efficient.

How? with the help of visual representations – from ideation to planning. Draw tasks to be done, along with their dependent tasks in easy and effective flowcharts.

The flowcharts help you improve and steer your tasks along the way as required. Plus, you can use created tasks and snippets of existing flowcharts to create new lists.

For working in teams, each member gets notifications about the task assigned to them. At a very affordable price range, you can practically use Casual personally and professionally.

Key Features

Make use of the following features with Casual:

  • Managing tasks through creation, assignment, prioritization and viewing through lists and flowcharts
  • Managing project workflows via re-usable project creation, milestones, sub-processes, timelines, charts and visual project summary
  • Team notifications
  • Team management and collaboration through messaging and file share
  • Automatic backup
  • SSL security
  • Summary reports
  • iOS and Android mobile apps


Casual offers the following plans:

  • Free trial
  • Personal at $7 per month
  • Group at $21 per month
  • Team at $35 per month
  • Department at $70 per month
  • Enterprise at $133 per month

21. Antnotes

If you have a knack for colorful and fun sticky notes, you will really enjoy this to-do list app. More of a personal assistant than a take-full-control app, Antnotes notes are useful especially for reminders and staying productive.

Choose from multiple colors, sizes, translucency options and more to create notes that keep you updated without unnecessary distraction. Rich text editing lets you emphasize on important elements. You can also add text and images to existing notes.

Accidentally closed a note? No problem. By default, Antnotes does not delete closed notes. Instead, you can easily search and archive notes. Also, you don’t need to be bound to Cloud to use this app. Just download the app and store your information on your device.

A big plus – it is shareable so you can work with up to six family members for joint events related to-do lists.

Key Features

Use Antnotes as follows to keep productive:

  • Customizable, on-screen sticky notes that can be rolled up to minimize space
  • Note options include size, placement on screen, background color, text font and color, translucency or pinning
  • Standard rich text editing features including bold, italic and underline
  • Option to insert images and links
  • Option to drag text and files to the note
  • Search feature to quickly find a note
  • Notes archive for active and closed notes
  • Option to glue a note to the application so it is displayed when the application is activated
  • Family Sharing set up for up to six family members
  • No cloud-based binding


Antnotes can be used through the following plans:

  • Basic free version
  • Paid at $2.99

22. Notion

Notion provides an all-in-one platform for managing your daily to-dos, as well as keeping a record of your important documents. No need to switch between multiple applications to keep track of things.

This best to-do list app provides a flexible interface for creating to-do lists, taking notes, and managing data in the form of spreadsheets and databases. In this way, Notion provides multiple ways to connect with your data.

The application comes with built-in templates for you to use and design an outline. This outline brings clarity in the workflow and helps team members understand the project requirements in a better way.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Tasks and Projects
  • Calendar
  • Spreadsheets
  • Slash commands
  • Offline access
  • Sync with other devices
  • Third-party application integrations


Free, Personal ($4) per month, Team ($8), and Enterprise ($16) per member/month plans.

23. Checklist

If you don’t want the hassle of complicated features and add-ons to manage your to-dos, this might be the best to-do list app for you. Checklist works on a basic principle of creating a checklist, associating tasks and subtasks, and setting reminders to keep track of progress.

The application provides the flexibility of creating unlimited checklists and sharing with anyone to increase the overall productivity. It’s an easy to use application that helps the user to quickly get the hang of it.

Key Features

  • Built-in templates
  • Tasks and subtasks management
  • Tasks assignment
  • Unlimited checklists
  • Notes
  • Due dates and reminders
  • File attachments
  • Checklists export
  • Recurring schedules
  • Checklists sharing
  • Dashboard
  • Smart lists for keeping track of important things


Free, Standard (€3), Pro (€5), and Enterprise (€9.5) per user/month plans.

24. Ikiru

A simple to-do list application at heart, Ikiru works on the concept of creating lists within lists to help you categorize your to-dos the way you want. Create your task lists and assign emoji-style icons to help you with easy identification.

Select light and dark themes to match your preference and easily swipe to mark items or lists as completed. You can also set reminders and due dates to keep track of your work.

Another useful feature of the application is the shake to undo. In case you accidentally mark a list or item as complete, shake to undo. This will make the list go back to its original form.

Key Features

  • Checklist management
  • Due dates and reminders
  • Dark and light themes
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Share lists via email
  • Timeline view for due tasks
  • Photo uploads to lists
  • Multi-language support


Ikiru is priced at $4.99.

25. Swipes

Coming with a smart integration of Gmail and Evernote, Swipes is the next best to-do list app reviewed here. A clean interface, short learning curve, and quick checklist management – Swipes comes with enough features to pass as a useful personal to-do list manager.

Through the Gmail integration, you can convert your emails into respective tasks and take control of your workload. Similarly, whenever you create a new note in Evernote, the title of the note is converted to a task in Swipes and all the checkmarks that you add to the note are converted to subtasks.

For the over-whelming number of tasks on your plate, Swipes allows task snoozing functionality. Snooze your tasks to the limit when you’re finally ready to execute them.

Key Features

  • Checklist management
  • Reminder notifications
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Task priorities
  • Task due dates
  • Task snoozing
  • Subtasks management
  • Gmail and Evernote integration


Swipes comes with a free personal edition. The team plan is available for $7.50 per user/month.

26. SomTodo

At one point or another, you might have caught yourself in the overwhelming plethora of to-dos that you desperately need to organize. SomTodo takes your worries away by organizing your tasks into subsequent folders.

Manage your personal to-dos and professional projects by setting deadlines and prioritizing the task items. You can also include additional notes to your tasks to make details clear. This best to-do list app also allows you to secure your ideas by setting passwords and pin codes for limited access.

Key Features

  • Color coded folders
  • Checklist management
  • Deadlines and task priorities
  • Additional notes
  • Keyword search functionality
  • Task organizing filters
  • Passwords for private folders
  • Android, iOS, and web supported


SomTodo can be used for free. For advanced functions, the Premium plan is available at $3.6 per month.

27. 2Do

Another one of the best to-do list apps to earn a mention in this list is 2Do. The application comes with native features to help implement GTD method effectively. Through the quick add feature, you can instantly add to-dos before they slip your mind.

2Do allows you to easily convert your tasks into projects or a checklist to manage them according to your needs. Users can add context to their tasks by classifying them on the basis of tags. These tags also help in quickly browsing the tasks whenever needed.

The smart lists feature of the application lets you go a little smart with your task management. Add due dates, reminders, and tags with your lists to stay focused on things that matter and get things done faster.

Key Features

  • Checklist management
  • Tags for adding context
  • Recurring tasks
  • Due dates and reminders
  • Location information
  • Photo attachments
  • Color codes and search filters
  • Drag and drop multiple tasks on calendar
  • Sync with multiple applications


2Do offers 3 plans, according to the supported platforms:

  • Free for Android
  • $14.99 for iOS (up to 5 devices)
  • $49.99 for Mac (up to 5 Macs)

28. Ike

Coming with a colorful and clean interface, Ike makes it to 28th place in our list of best to-do list apps. Working on Eisenhower’s organizational methods revolving around priority matrix, the application allows you to manage tasks according to the urgency and importance.

Instead of bombarding users with tons of complicated features and add-ons, Ike takes on a minimalistic approach by providing simple, but essential features for to-do list management.

The tool makes running daily errands a piece of cake by quickly prioritizing tasks and checking them off once complete. You can also add images or recordings to your tasks to give them more context.

What’s even more interesting is that the app plays customizable animations as celebration whenever you complete a task (sounds fun, no?).

Key Features

  • Task priority
  • Due dates
  • Reminder notifications
  • Checklist management
  • File attachments
  • Additional notes with tasks
  • Customized themes
  • Customizable celebrations


Free and Pro plan ($2) available.

29. I Done This

As the name suggests, I Done This is basically an application to track the work you’ve already done. But the tool comes with some solid features to monitor the on-going tasks and what needs to be done over time.

The application allows you to organize your tasks in the form of ‘Done’ and ‘Goals’ to track what has been done and what lies ahead. You can also track the tasks that are hindering your project performance.

Easily list down your daily to-dos, check them off when done, and at the end of the day, monitor what you accomplished and what you couldn’t as a measure of your productivity.

Key Features

  • Checklist management
  • Task statuses
  • Task reports
  • Collaborative Dashboard
  • Third party application integrations


This simple to-do list app comes with following paid plans:

  • Basic – $5 per user/month
  • Standard – $12.50 per user/month
  • Plus – $25 per user/month
  • Enterprise – $40 per user/month

30. Apple Reminders

A simple reminder app that comes built-in with iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, Apple Reminders might be one of best to-do list apps for you if you’re an Apple user and don’t want the hassle of installing and setting up a to-do list app from scratch.

An easy to use application, it allows you to add tasks to your lists and easily sort them according to your needs. In a hurry and can’t type in a task? Use Siri to instantly add a to-do.

Through location-based reminders, you won’t have to miss even the most trivial of tasks (like picking up grocery). You can also effortlessly share your lists with anyone having an iCloud account.

Key Features

  • Easy checklist management
  • Location based reminders
  • Lists sharing
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Due dates
  • Calendar view


Apple Reminders comes free with all Apple devices.

  • App Logo
  • Unlimited tasks and to-do lists

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Well, this marks the end of our top 30 best to do list apps. How do you manage to get your to-do lists completed? Suggest the best to do list apps you have come across in the comments below.

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