We understand how important your data is to you – and we take extra steps to ensure it remains yours, no questions asked.

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The platform smart teams use to do more

nTask is a smart project management platform that’s built around your needs, and it’s free.

nTask is backed by the latest industry standards for data security and breach prevention

Some of them are:

  • Centralized BillingSSL Encryption

    We use the latest 256-bit AES SSL encryption standards to keep all communication secure.

  • Usage and SummaryDDoS Protection

    nTask is duly protected with agile DDoS solutions that guarantee availability around the clock.

  • Reminders and NotificationsAnti-Malware

    nTask is protected by robust anti-malware solutions that keep all malicious activities at bay.

  • Centralized BillingAccount Activity Logs

    Each activity on your account is listed so you can keep track of what happens and when.

  • Usage and SummaryMulti-Factor Authentication

    Secure your nTask environment by enabling multi-factor authentication from your profile.

  • Reminders and NotificationsThird Party Non-Disclosure

    We never disclose any of your confidential information to third parties, so it stays only with you.

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