Issue Management

A Picture Perfect Project. Solidify your project management by documenting issues arising any time.

Key Issue Management Features

All your Issue Management tools converged in one robust platform.

Issue Severity

Select level of severity for each issue so everyone in your team gets a heads up

Issue Status

Select and change status of each issue to keep everyone posted

Assign Issues

Assign an issue to one or more team members for specified communication

Due Date

Define due date for each issue to keep your project performance on track

Link Issues

Select which existing task(s) or project(s) you would like to associate an issue to

Issue Details

Describe the nature, likelihood and solutions of an issue for team’s understanding

Issue Updates

Stay up to date with the team’s input via comments

Issue Priority

Define the urgency of the Issue to alert the team by selecting a priority level

File Attachments

Upload files in any format to share with team members

Filters and Search

Group your risks into 4 categories and locate each risk via Search

Start tracking your project’s issues now.

Identify and document each issue to keep your project sturdy

Key Benefits of Issue Management

Evaluate, assess and capture pesky little bugs early on in your project.

  • Gain quick and easy visibility of all issue types listed on single Issue board that is simple to understand
  • Enable proficient team collaboration by appointing multiple assignees to look after an issue
  • Automate favorable due dates to each issue to send out reminder notifications to the team members in charge of the issue
  • Increase project productivity by linking tasks and projects to an issue
  • Organize the structure of each issue by designating a priority and severity level.
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