nTask Media Kit

Do you want to promote, reference or mention nTask?Use these guidelines and resources to save your time by avoiding legal agreement negotiation.

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The platform smart teams use to do more

nTask is the smart project management platform that’s built around your needs, and it’s free.

Brand Colors

  • Hex: #7CB147
    RGB: 124, 177, 71
  • Hex: #0096FF
    RGB: 0, 150, 255
  • Hex: #333333
    RGB: 51, 51, 51

Naming Guidelines


Lower case first letter ‘n’ and upper case the second letter ‘T’ (nTask).


  • Live View

    Easily update, manage and track your team tasks in list form with drag-and-drop option.


  • Grid View

    Gain useful insights and manage workflows with grid view for smart agile teams.


  • Calendar View

    Get handy with planning, scheduling and meet deadlines with interactive calendar view.


Ready to up your game with nTask?

Your projects, tasks, meetings, timesheets and more managed in a single platform.