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productive meetings
5 Awesome Tips for Super Productive Meetings

Peacefully sitting at your workstation and you suddenly get a notification for another meeting. That’s right! Another long, boring, unproductive that makes you wish for a magical teleport machine to help you deport from there. Often times, during a meeting,Read More

productive things to do when bored
7 Productive Things to Do When Bored

Time and again we find ourselves sitting at our workstations, waiting for a task review, the next job to be assigned or just waiting for the feedback for our new proposal. Although the slot may not quite the time toRead More

Top Agile Questions on Quora
We Answer the Top Agile Questions on Quora

Over the years, project managers have used multiple methodologies, frameworks, and approaches on various levels in organizations. From start-ups to multinationals, project management has found its way into every industry and organization type. One such framework is the Agile framework,Read More

How not to micro manage your team
How to Avoid Micromanagement at Work

Micromanagement steps in when management starts getting involved more than usual. This happens when the manager tries to control every element of a work process, from inception to delivery. Monitoring progress is no sin, but being a control freak isRead More

cx header
10 facts about CX that will blow your mind

Like design, innovation, and IoT, customer experience (CX) is the new buzzword in business circles despite the absence of a clear, commonly-held definition. The 2017 Digital Marketing Trends Report by Econsultancy and Adobe found that customer experience was identified byRead More

MobileFirst header
Introducing nTask for Android and iOS

Project management has come a long way. After a continuous journey of trials and errors, it has evolved into frameworks, best practices, and well-made instruments. We’re excited to announce nTask for Android and iOS phones. Among the numerous tools outRead More

TKannouncingTeamManagement blog
Introducing Team Management in nTask

According to research, the top three requirements project managers look for in a software are reliability, ease of use and ease of integration. And rightly so. Project managers need reliable tools that make project management not only easier but alsoRead More

5effectiveteammeeting header
5 tips for more effective team meetings

Team meetings are significant and inevitable. They ensure the team’s projects are on time and on track and that everyone is on the same page. Team meetings make clear that everyone is working toward the same goal. However, statistics showRead More

Share Responsibilities blog cover
Tips for Online Team Collaboration

With the world rapidly shifting its focus from physical presence to virtual identification, work processes and experiences have altered their course in a significant way. In fact, most new startups and small businesses operate entirely online without any physical presence.Read More

Blogpost teamwork
How to help your team work better together

Disagreements are an inherent part of working on a team. Teamwork is all about bringing versatility together and making the most of our differences. Recently, frameworks in project management have actually begun to emphasize cross-functionality, which is the process ofRead More