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Join our Partner Program and start earning 20% cash on every signup, just spread the word on your blog, social media, YouTube channel, or through networking.



How much commission can you earn?

You will earn 20% for every paid signup from users joining nTask Premium and Business plans through your affiliate link. Every successfully paid sign-up will earn you a commission on the first transaction of their team.

Scale your affiliate sales with three simple steps


Sign up for our affiliate program to get your unique link and become our affiliate partner.


Promote your unique link on your preferred platform. Browse through promotional and educational material from inside the platform to maximize your affiliate sales.


Start earning 20% commission for every user joining nTask paid plans through your unique link. Every first successful paid signup will make your commission.

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nTask Affiliate Guidelines

Best Practices for Success

  • Please use our brand kit page for any assets. If you need more material, contact us at partners@ntaskmanager.com
  • Place your unique link in articles, website banners, emails, newsletters, etc.
  • Promote your unique link on social media channels or can also embed it into your video content.

Things to Avoid

  • Please refrain from adding your unique link to sites that are questionable or have explicit content.
  • Do not use your link in conjunction with other link shorteners or forwarders etc, as it can break cookie tracking.
  • Do not use assets from sources other than our brand kit.

Get Support

Get in contact with nTask marketing experts to boost your affiliate sales

Get Paid

Payouts are made easy via PayPal

Get Analytics

See your real-time statistical performance and watch that money roll.


Anyone that wants to make money and have some way to promote the affiliate link.

We will pay you via PayPal once your total commissions reach $50.

You can withdraw a minimum of $20 from PayPal.

Yes, you will get a recurring commission for up to 12 months for each successful paid subscription to nTask.

Start Earning Commission with nTask Affiliate Program

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