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Identify project risks, assign risk owners, create mitigation plans, analyze with a risk matrix and mitigate your risks with nTask.

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Risk Register

Amplified Risk Assessment And Documentation

Identify and document all the risks to prepare yourself in a better way for unforeseen events.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Custom Risk Matrix
  • Search and Filters
  • Custom Categorization

Risk Evaluation

Risk Analysis with Assessment Graph and Risk Matrix

Create extremely customizable risk matrices with any grid formation, define your custom risk drivers and visualize your progress with a matrix or progress graph.

  • Risk Matrix Chart
  • Risk Impact and Likelihood Probability
  • Risk Assessment Graph
  • Risk Collaboration

Risk Planning

Effective Risk Mitigation Plans

Create your Risk Mitigation Plan on nTask to keep everyone in the loop, appoint risk owners, and work seamlessly on a mitigation strategy.

  • Risk Mitigation Plans
  • Risk Owner
  • Distinguish Risks with Unique ID’s
  • Risk Updates and CSV Export


Add Custom Fields for Efficient Risk Management

nTask enables you to create new fields in the risk module such as dropdowns, checklists, and matrices with editable rows and columns.

  • Use Dropdown Options
  • Risk Matrix with Custom Rows and Columns
  • Add Multiple Checklist Items
  • Custom Colors and Manage Fields

More Features in nTask Risk Management Software

Our risk management platform equips your agile teams to work more efficiently to deliver projects with minimized risk impact.

Track Activity

Quickly track your team activity on risk identified in the app to analyze team effort.

Document Sharing

Attach and share risk documents with your teams on comment section and create folders.


Integrate your favorite apps with native nTask integrations or through Zapier.

Mobile Apps

Stay connected with your team on the go with nTask mobile apps for Android and iOS platform.

Project Management

nTask offers a complete project management platform to manage simple or complex projects effectively.

Sort and Filter

Quickly sort and filter from your risk list based on status, impact, likelihood, task and risk owner.

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Sasha T
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nTask teams up with your favorite software, plus connect with 1000+ apps powered by Zapier to have all the tools you need for your project’s success.

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