Risk Management

Manage risks early in your project to strengthen team performance.

Key Meeting Management Features

Make more out of your meetings with greater control.

Risk Likelihood

Classify the risk based on its rate of occurrence

Risk Impact

Identify what effect is the risk likely to have on your project

Risk Details

Describe the scope of the risk to keep everyone in the loop

Mitigation Plan

Enlist probable solutions your team can use to eliminate the risks

Risk Updates

Stay up to date with the team’s input via comments

Link Risks

Associate your risk to the relevant task/project in hand

Risk Status

Let everyone know what the on-going status for your risk is

Risk Matrix

Quickly view the likelihood and impact of all your risks under a single table

Filters and Search

Group your risks into 4 categories and locate each risk via Search

File Attachments

Upload files in any format to share with team members

Embrace the true meaning of Risk Management with nTask

Minimize the impact of each risk before it becomes a danger to your project.

Key Benefits of Risk Management

Safeguard your project stability with early risk detection.

  • Get increased visibility of all your risks on a single screen.
  • Enable speedy risk assessment within a team by consulting the Risk Matrix.
  • Prepare and plan early on with the help of a Risk Mitigation Plan, to avoid timeline stretch.
  • Monitor the scope of each task and project by linking them to a relevant risk that is likely to impede project development.
  • Organize the structure of each risk by designating the likelihood of each risk as well as the impact.
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