Task Management

Get more done with a simple-to-use task management platform built around your needs.

Key Task Management Features

Stay on top of everything and seamlessly manage your tasks.

Assign tasks

Your team and associated tasks brought together

Easy Reports

Your team’s progress reports whenever needed


Find all project tasks and files with powerful search

Task Meetings

Create and assign team meetings to your tasks

Recurring Tasks

Create tasks and easily repeat them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Task Priority

Prioritize every task you create to define urgency for you and your team

Task Color Codes

Color code tasks with one click to better classify them as per your needs


Create checklists and list down every to-do item within your tasks to keep track

Public Links

Easily share information and checklists with 3rd parties via public links

Task Views

Track your tasks by arranging them as a grid, list or a calendar

File Sharing

Easily upload files to tasks and share them with everyone on the go

Due Date

Define due dates for tasks so everyone stays on track and delivers in time

Task Status

Set the task status for each phase so everyone stays posted about it

Task Comments

Communicate and provide feedback within tasks through comments

File Attachments

Easily upload all files to your tasks and share them with your team

Task Issues

Create and assign issues to your tasks and team members with task issues

Task Risks

Create and assign risks to your tasks and team members with task risks

Task Reminders

Never miss a deadline by receiving reminders for tasks created and assigned

Starred Tasks

Distinguish between the most important tasks on your list with starred tasks

Task Effort

Submit your progress for tasks assigned to you along with the time worked

Export Tasks

Export your tasks in a CSV and share them with anyone for offline use

Task Filters

Easily find the right task by applying useful task filters on a click

Mass Task Assignment

Easily find the right task by applying useful task filters on a click

The platform that works for everyone, with everyone

Students, professionals and executives - nTask makes task management a breeze.

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