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    April 28, 2020
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In America, 55 million meetings are conducted on a weekly basis. Whereas the total number of meetings held annually in America, surpass well above a billion. That’s right, America meets a ton!


That means more than a quarter of the total time of an average American working in an organization is spent attending meetings. In 2017 Cisco reported that 37% of employee time is spent in meetings.


How much of that total time spent in meetings is actually productive?


According to a report by Attentiv, 63% of the total meetings held annually are conducted without an agenda. Goes without saying, ill-planned meetings lead to ill-achieved outcomes.


Planning your meeting, managing it, and then conducting it strategically to achieve a solid outcome from the meeting is all part of meeting management.


Modern workforces have automated their traditional meeting platforms into virtual meetings, with the use of meeting management software.


Meeting management software has been a tremendous help in enabling teams to achieve a myriad of goals within a cost-effective approach. However, even the modern methods of conducting meetings have their downside; patchy network, technical issues and choppy video, to name a few.


This is why we have gathered a list of the 28 best meeting management software that your team will most definitely enjoy meeting within.



1. nTask




nTask is an emerging task management software that streamlines meeting management with on-going neighboring activities like end-to-end project management, team management as well as risks and issue management.


With nTask you can schedule meetings containing:

  1. Clear concise agenda
  2. Start Time
  3. Linkage to a Task
  4. Duration of period
  5. Date of meeting
  6. Recurrence period
  7. Discussion points
  8. Follow-up actions
  9. Decisions


nTask is compatible with many different devices and equipment, including iOS and Android.


Once the meeting has been scheduled, the organizer can manage control over which attendee can edit and make additions to meeting material (i.e. agenda, discussion points decisions, and follow-up actions)



  • Easy to use interface that facilitates editing the Meeting Schedule whenever necessary
  • Sends email reminders of meetings to every team member
  • Allows meeting materials to be shared for review by other team members
  • Allows the organizer to share minutes of meeting with each participant
  • Send meeting invitation to unlimited team members
  • Unlimited number of meetings in the FREE version
  • Integration with Zoom



  • Is only a meeting management software that can be used to schedule and manage the outcomes of the meeting.
  • Doesn’t contain video or audio call feature to facilitate virtual meeting conferences


Use it for personal or team productivity. nTask free includes unlimited meetings, tasks and checklists.

  • App Logo
  • Sign up for the best meeting management software today, it’s free!

    nTask is free and lets you create unlimited meetings, schedules, agenda, follow-ups and more.



2. HubSpot Meetings


HubSpot Meetings


HubSpot’s meeting scheduling tool provides users with a personalized booking link they can share via email to invite people to view their availability and book time. When someone schedules a meeting, it will automatically be added to your calendar and pushed to the CRM.


The Meetings tool integrates with both your calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook) and HubSpot CRM (free forever), so setting up meetings with customers, prospects, or leads is a painless process.


HubSpot Meetings is part of HubSpot All-In-One WordPress plugin. By adding this plugin to your WordPress site, you’ll gain access to HubSpot’s free CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service tools, as well as HubSpot Academy — free online educational resource.



  • Free to use meeting scheduling with CRM
  • Sync with your Google and Office 365 calendar
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Ability to send group meeting links
  • Embed meeting link on your website
  • Create email sequence



  • Doesn’t contain audio and video calling features



3. Cisco WebEx




WebEx, a product of Cisco is an enterprise favorite! Known widely for its impressive video conferencing, and webinar hosting feature, businesses of all sizes find it extremely supportive for collaborative purposes.


The WebEx Meeting Center is a built-in tool in the software that allows users to schedule and host meetings ahead of time.


You can schedule a meeting using two sets of options. If you’re short on time, and all you need to do is quickly schedule a meeting with its name, attendees, date, and duration, then use the Quick Scheduler. On the contrary, you can use the Advanced Scheduler that lets you set an email reminder for the meeting and select its recurrence period. An additional reminder on the phone can also be set up using the ‘Call Me’ feature. This will send a reminder call on your phone before the meeting is about to take place.


All you need in order to invite a member to a meeting is their email address.


Key Features:

  • Brainstorm & Chat Tool – Communicate with team members in a private room. Gather and monitor real-time polls from the team
  • Editing, Recording, and Playback – Record meetings for future reference with a secure password. Playback the meetings on any device to re-visit the discussion
  • Floating panels – Share your screen with members sitting across the globe, while managing online meeting simultaneously



  • Send easy meeting invitations from phone calls, SMS, email or IM.
  • Cross-platform functionality that assists users to join the meeting from Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris and any mobile device.
  • Share and edit files in a meeting, once the host of the meeting provides access to chosen attendees for making changes.
  • Switch instantly between devices while on-call in a meeting
  • Desktop integrations that allow scheduling meetings from MS-Office, Lotus, and other IMs.



  • Limited types and size of files that can be shared
  • When scheduling a meeting, no place to set an agenda or design a meeting plan
  • Expensive if you need 10+ members in a meeting. $39/ user monthly
  • Meetings can’t be linked to tasks or projects


4. Meetin.gs




Meetin.gs is easily the most supportive meeting management software a team could use.


It is designed to organize, streamline and align your meeting management load with an interactive interface and visually attractive notification system.


There is so much that you can manage your meetings using Meetin.gs and that too in the simplest possible way.


Meetin.gs provides numerous integrations with social communication tools (skype, google hangout, Microsoft Lync, your own conferencing solution). These integrations extend out to your calendar, address book and Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM). So, you can schedule a meeting with whomever you want from anywhere, using the easy-to-use ‘Schedule’ button present on various services.


Meeting.gs Features:

  • Create and edit agendas for team attendees
  • Create and edit action points to send team attendees for follow-up, post-meeting
  • Centralize meeting agenda, files & images on a single page for easy visibility and accessibility for the other team members
  • Send meeting reminders and inform participants to confirm their availability for the meeting
  • Manage notifications sent to team attendees and manage their control of making changes to meeting materials



  • Send unlimited meeting invitations to people using the integrated address book feature
  • Track the timeline of each meeting that is scheduled, taking place or has finished
  • $12/ organizer monthly
  • Create multiple meeting schedules for various objectives


  • Is only a meeting management software, doesn’t provide video or audio call feature

5. Fuze – Meeting Management Software




Fuze is another cloud-based meeting management software that is ideal for both large and small businesses alike. It provides a stellar variety of features to modify your meeting management experience at an affordable price. Fuze is designed to assist all sorts of business communications: video conferencing, content sharing, webinars, group chatting and screen sharing.


Key Features:

  • Enterprise Security – All meeting facets are strictly encrypted to ensure team data & information are secure.
  • Cross-platform integration with every browser and compatibility with all types of devices
  • Simple, user-friendly interface to assist unified communication between the team


  • Strong audio and video reception
  • Allows users to share all types of files and of all sizes, from anywhere
  • A free plan that allows unlimited meetings with teams ranging up to 25 members
  • Has its own mobile app so users can join meetings from their mobile phones


  • Meetings can’t be scheduled ahead of time
  • Meeting agenda, follow-up action, and discussion points can’t be created for participants’ insight
  • Meeting reminders can’t be sent
  • Meetings can’t be linked to tasks or projects

6. GlobalMeet by PGi




Everything you need in an ideal meeting management software, you can get it in GlobalMeet by PGi. Well, almost everything. It is one of those meeting services that were built keeping end-user functionality in mind.


It enables you to enhance the quality and productivity of your meetings and how you manage them. By far the most number of participants that any software can allow in a meeting is GlobalMeet. You can invite more than 120+ participants in a meeting on a paid plan.


The virtual rooms in GlobalMeet are large and user-friendly, with clear panels containing big buttons for users to navigate everything on a single window.


Meetings in GlobalMeet can be scheduled in two ways. One way is to use the Schedule feature on the software application. You select the date, time, duration and select your participants email addresses. The invitation is sent to the participants via email with the URL of the meeting given in it.


The software has an Outlook integration, so you can send meeting invitations from your Outlook account. All you have to do is use the GlobalMeet toolbar on your Outlook account.


In GlobalMeet, there is a File Library that lets you access your files, images, documents of all sorts without having to enter the meeting.


It stores all your data and information shared during a meeting. You can also move your files around in different folders by simply dragging and dropping them to the intended destination.


Much like Cisco WebEx, users you can conduct surveys and polls to gather feedback from their users during or outside a meeting. Users can create MCQ questions or essay questions, and then edit or delete them whenever they want.


Key Features:

  • Share screen, files, videos and meeting records with the rest of the team
  • Online meeting management for viewing meeting reports, adjusting participant and control preferences and access meeting materials
  • Passcodes for participants to provide access to make changes to meetings’ quality
  • Whiteboard feature to enable team or individual brainstorming, summarizing meeting endpoints, discussion of plans & strategies. The host can allow access to other participants to his/her own whiteboard for collaboration.



  • Lets you transfer your meetings to another device (iOS, Android, Tablet, smartphone) without losing connectivity.
  • Full control over webcam video feeds and audio speaker at any point during the meeting
  • Maximum number of meeting participants in a single meeting (as much as 100+)
  • Instant notifications for each event taking place during a meeting
  • Engaging interface with accessible and easy to maneuver toolbars for each function



  • No meeting reminders
  • No meeting agenda
  • No meeting recurrence
  • No linkage of meetings to task
  • No breakout rooms for the private or individual discussion

  • App Logo
  • Conduct productive meetings, every time, with confidence

    nTask is free and lets you create unlimited meetings, schedules, agenda, follow-ups and more.


7. Eztalks Meeting




Eztalks meeting is also a cloud-based meeting management software. It is unique and versatile, allowing businesses to schedule meetings as well as to conduct them on an instant need basis.


Eztalks provides a comprehensive platform for teams to communicate using their HD video and audio conferencing, creative whiteboards, cross-platform integrations, and real-time chatting.


Eztalks aims to make meeting management and meeting assembly hassle-free by providing quick access to meetings. You can send meetings invites by email or by sharing the meeting link with your attendees. The attendees don’t have to register for an account in order to accept the invitation, they can simply log in using their browser and enter the meeting.


Scheduling a meeting in Eztalks is equally simple. The host assigns a title to the meeting, date, time, subject of the meeting and details to let the participants know of the agenda.


Key Features:

  • Allows sharing – screen sharing, whiteboard sharing, file sharing.
  • Record meetings to review later or consult for future reference
  • Compatible with all devices
  • HD video & audio service



  • Simple to understand and use interface
  • Permits control over meeting participants
  • Allows team members, associates and clients to quickly join the meeting without registering
  • Enables both organizing and conducting a meeting



  • No reminder of the meeting
  • No recurrence of the meeting
  • No linkage of the meeting to a task

8. ClickMeeting


Click Meeting


If you are looking for a meeting management tool that is easy to use, does not require huge volumes of storage and gives you good user experience, ClickMeeting is for you.


This tool makes it to our list of top meeting management software due to its simple yet powerful interface.


Clickmeeting is an online tool created to make online meetings, video conferencing and webinars super-efficient. This tool gives you the option to communicate with people across multiple locations and different time zones having different operating systems.


It is highly recommended for teams that need to constantly communicate from remote regions or businesses that cater to clientele globally.


You can collaborate with peers and customers effectively through options that help presenters connect with attendees. Whether you need to deliver uninterrupted, smoothly streamed presentations or need to hold a meeting on an urgent basis, Clickmeeting gives you great user experience.


Plus, you have an option of sharing videos from other resources and share screen for improved communication.


ClickMeeting plans start at $30 per month for 25 users.


Key Features:

ClickMeeting offers the following features:

  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Whiteboard
  • Waiting room with agenda
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Moderated chat (for Q&A)
  • Private, one-on-one chat
  • Simultaneous Chat Translation
  • Webinar Statistics
  • One-click Recording
  • Address book
  • Customized Invitations
  • Polls, Tests and Surveys


  • Super easy to use i.e. set up a meeting and connect clients.
  • Can handle large numbers of participants
  • Availability of virtual storage for files transferred during conferencing
  • Option for professionals can customize the screen
  • Offers great pricing for a basic webinar and meeting service
  • Easy integrations with other tools.
  • Offers a free trial.


  • Does not include break-out sessions.
  • No option for removing meeting attendees during the meeting.
  • No options to schedule recurring meetings.
  • No inactivity time-outs in the meeting follow-up features.
  • No phone support.
  • Toll-free conference lines are not available.

9. Lucid Meetings




Lucid Meetings is yet another meeting management tool that just won’t let you down. With so many features to avail, it makes it to our best meeting management software list due to its comprehensive list of features for holding meetings by small teams and grand enterprises alike.


This tool comes with guided instructions for key meetings and lets you arrange audio calls and video conferencing. With action items and follow up features, the team knows exactly where to take the project forward after the meeting.


Also, it helps keep the meetings on streamlined and prevents any overlapping conversation through speaker queues.


You can share information, add attendees and define meeting roles without a hassle. Lucid Meetings comes with a free trial and a variety of pricing plans depending on the number of hosts. Paid plans start from $19 per month for 1 meeting host.


Key Features:

You can make use of the following features with Lucid Meetings:

  • Action Item Tracking
  • Agenda Management
  • Attendee Management and meeting roles
  • Meeting templates
  • Board Meetings
  • Committee Meetings
  • Internal Meetings
  • Invitation Management
  • Materials Management
  • Meeting timers
  • Speaking queues
  • Meeting Preparation Tools
  • Minutes Management
  • Post-Meeting Tools
  • Built-in audio with call recording
  • Audio transcription
  • Scheduling
  • Voting Management
  • Expert-designed meeting agendas
  • Decisions, issues, action items
  • Automated meeting minutes
  • Complete meeting history
  • Meeting effectiveness reporting
  • Web conferencing
  • Document presentation
  • Screen sharing
  • Calendars
  • Reminders
  • Action items and follow-up,
  • Reporting,
  • Ratings and feedback


  • Ease of use
  • Comprehensive feature list
  • Multiple, flexible plans for pricing depending on the size of teams
  • Free trial for all plans


  • Does not have a meeting room booking
  • Does not include travel management

10. Less Meeting




One of the most important aspects of having an effective meeting is covering all dimensions on the agenda within time. When meetings go beyond the time allotted, attendees start losing focus and there is a chance of the meeting going off track.


We have picked Less Meeting as one of our top meeting management software because of its color-coded, time tracking feature. Less Meeting helps in keeping your meetings productive through meeting time visualization.


It lets you set an overall timer before the meeting starts, giving each element on the agenda its own time limit. When the meeting starts, the timer placed at the bottom of the agenda starts keeping you in check of the time spent.


If the meeting goes up to 5 minutes beyond the time limit, the timer turns yellow and beyond five minutes it turns red.


Other than its efficient timing feature, Less Meeting allows you to cater to necessary meeting management functions by offering features such as creating notes that can be arranged through drag and drop, document and file sharing, action items, meeting objectives.


This tool also lets you keep links to previous agendas so you don’t have to go back and forth through records with relevant objectives. It also allows for integrations and plugins so you can work with your existing tools without having to start all over.


Plus, in case you cannot access the tool online, you can store your notes to later be synchronized on access to the internet.


Less Meeting offers a free trial and paid plans starting from $12 per month.


Key Features:

Less Meeting helps you carry out effective meetings in less time through the following features:

  • Invitation Management
  • Create agenda easily
  • Efficient meeting timer
  • Minutes Management
  • Note capturing and tracking
  • Photo capture
  • Audio with call recording and playback
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Decisions, issues, action items
  • Automated meeting minutes
  • Sync meetings with calendars
  • Reminders
  • Action items and follow-up


  • Ease of use
  • Comprehensive features list
  • Offers free mobile apps
  • Security through meeting encryption
  • One place for meetings regarding different projects
  • Parking lot feature to store ideas
  • Offers a free trial


  • Does not have video conferencing
  • Does not have screen sharing
  • Short recording time

  • App Logo
  • Conduct productive meetings, every time, with confidence

    nTask is free and lets you create unlimited meetings, schedules, agenda, follow-ups and more.


11. Meeting King


Meeting King


Primarily a task management tool, Meeting King is designed to arrange your workflow around meetings. Meeting King allows you to schedule meetings, prepare an agenda, manage meeting and prepare post-meeting follow-ups and action items.


You can also add notes, share information and assign tasks to attendees through meeting minutes. A unique feature about this top meeting management tool is that it helps you hold a meeting on multiple topics related to different departments.


You can write notes and tasks, which can afterward be filtered out for the relevant department.


Another great functionality Meeting King gives is the availability of a single view to overseen meeting details of multiple meetings. This is especially useful if you are managing multiple teams and projects.


Meeting King comes with a free trial and paid plans start at $9.95 per month per user.


Key Features:

With Meeting King, you can hold efficient meetings with the following options:

  • Easily create meeting agenda
  • Standard agenda templates
  • Agenda template creation
  • Efficiently write meeting minutes
  • Meeting minutes templates
  • Share files and documents
  • Assign tasks while taking meeting notes
  • Comments on tasks and minutes
  • Collaboration on tasks
  • Powerful search for meeting minutes
  • Manage meetings and tasks by project, department, and person
  • Simplified calendar view
  • Individual use or shared usage by teams
  • Direct meeting creation from Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar
  • Follow-up meetings
  • Automatic task linking
  • Parking lot feature to store ideas
  • Detailed view of multiple meeting minutes in one place


  • Simple to use
  • Great features list
  • Facility to oversee details for multiple meetings in a single view
  • Offers a free trial


  • No attendance management
  • No appointment management
  • No screen sharing
  • No video conferencing
  • No meeting room booking

12. Samepage




Samepage is an efficient and one of the best meeting management software with project management and collaboration features. You can schedule and make audio calls or hold video conferences for one-on-one or team meetings.


With the screen sharing option, you can share presentations with your teams or clients. Through its team collaboration features, Samepage also lets you share files and important information.


Throughout the meetings, you can work on your tasks and projects without causing any problems to the workflow.


Samepage offers a free plan and Pro plan at $7 per user per month.


Key Features:

Samepage offers the following features for effective collaboration and meetings:

  • Audio calls
  • Video conferencing (individual and group)
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Action Item tracking
  • Invitation management
  • Agenda management
  • Attendee management
  • Board meetings
  • Committee meetings
  • Internal meetings
  • Legislative meetings
  • Materials management
  • Text chat and messaging
  • Manual addition of data, time and initials to comments
  • Contact management
  • Content management
  • Cooperative writing and synchronized editing
  • Discussion boards
  • Document management
  • Group calendars
  • Version control


  • Simple to use
  • Robust features list
  • Offers a free plan


  • No meeting minutes management
  • No meeting room booking
  • Lack of automatic date and time as well as initials stamp with comments

13. Magic Minutes


magic meeting


Magic Minutes is your one-in-all top meeting management software that lets you carry out all the necessary steps from meeting scheduling to after-meetings follow up plans. You can create an agenda, schedule the meeting and send meeting minutes with ease. You can also search for details regarding earlier meetings and actions to be taken through the stored history.


What’s more? You can predefine sentences or phrases that may need to be used during the meeting. You can send these sentences through a single click, which helps save time in manually typing responses or additional details.


You can also assign various tasks during the meeting to the attendees. At the end of the meeting, the meeting details can be downloaded as a single document with all relevant information from agendas to minutes.


Magic Minutes offers a free plan and multiple paid plans starting at $12 per month for unlimited attendees.


Key Features:

You can avail the following list of features with Magic Minutes:

  • Action Item Tracking
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Agenda management
  • Attendee management
  • Board meetings
  • Committee meetings
  • Internal meetings
  • Invitation management
  • Legislative meetings
  • Materials management
  • Task assignment during the meeting
  • Meeting minutes management
  • Powerful search for meetings or actions
  • Post-meeting tools
  • Historical data available
  • Pre-defined phrases
  • Pre-meeting requesting and sending reports
  • Notification
  • Single document download for meeting details including agenda, minutes and reports


  • Intuitive to use
  • Great features list
  • Ability to import reports
  • Offers a free plan


  • No travel management
  • No voting management
  • No video conferencing
  • No meeting room booking

14. SoapBox




SoapBox is the manager’s toolkit for staying organized and prepared. Its goal is to make being a manager easier, natural and fun through its platform for better one-on-ones, team meetings and company-wide discussions.


Key Features:

  • Create shared online agendas for one-on-ones and team meetings
  • Comment on agenda items
  • Take meeting notes right on your agenda
  • Assign next steps to team members, including a deadline, right in your agenda
  • Discussions tool lets you gather employee ideas and insights: launch a retrospective, a product kickoff and more!


  • SoapBox basic is free to use, so you can create unlimited one-on-one and team meeting agendas, take meeting notes and more – at no cost
  • Having your agendas, meeting notes, comments and archives all in one place keeps you organized and holds your team accountable
  • Integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams and an iOS app let you add agenda items where and when you’re already communicating
  • The interface is fun to use and easy to adopt
  • The Question Suggester Bot will recommend agenda items to add


  • No file attachments
  • No @mentions for team members

15. Vyte




Vyte is not like your regular meeting management software and scheduling tools. Offering you a personal page and meeting schedule straight from the browser, it eliminates complex steps that would generally be involved in setting up other tools.


It comes with some unique yet interesting features including being able to hide attendees from each other, personalized link page and customization for the tool.


Although it does not come with mobile apps, it keeps scheduling efficient and effective through its web-based system that incurs minimum storage space or cost on the customer. If you are looking for a simplified scheduling system that gets the job done, Vyte is for you.


Key Features:

  • Multiple options for logging in
  • Invite participants to a scheduled meeting
  • Send out feasible meeting dates to vote on by participants
  • Integrate scheduled meeting with your existing calendar
  • Customizable work environment through personalized logo and images
  • Time zone detection and handling
  • Set up “mandatory” invitees to avoid missing out on important attendees
  • Notifications and updates
  • Offers one-on-one and group meetings


  • Multiple subscription plans including a free plan
  • Hide invitees from each other to ensure discretion
  • Controllable notifications.


  • No mobile application for iOS or Android
  • No inbuilt video conferencing
  • No screen-sharing
  • No audio or video recording

16. Calendly




Calendly helps you manage your meetings online through a link. This meeting management software keeps things light and simple by merely letting you allot free time on your Calendly and share it through email or embed it on your page. Calendly takes care of the rest of the work for you.


The potential attendees select the time most feasible and that is added to your schedule. How simple is that?


Plus, it gives you options to set up group events so you can easily manage an upcoming webinar, tour or even a class. Moreover, simply use its free version or upgrade it on very affordable rates.


Key Features:

  • Personalized Calendly link
  • Customizable branding including removable Calendly branding
  • Multiple pooled availability options for teams such as round-robin, collective scheduling, and multiple team members on one page
  • Options to set up group events
  • Automated event notifications
  • Customizable email notifications and reminders
  • SMS notifications
  • Add links to event confirmation pages
  • Offers invitee redirect
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Embeddable and shareable Calendy links


  • Multiple subscription plans including a free plan.
  • Multiple scheduling options.


  • No mobile apps for iOS or Android
  • Video conferencing features not available
  • Screen sharing features missing
  • No audio or video recording

17. MeetingSense


Meeting Sense


MeetingSense is one of the top meeting management software that takes minimum time to learn and operate. If you are looking for an instant switch from your current meeting management tool, MeetingSense may be the right pick for you.


With a sleek design, easily workable environment, this app comes with a feature set that helps you arrange a meeting in style through by adding as much detail as you want in a customizable and flexible layout.


The potential meeting attendees receive automated email notifications for meeting invitation as well as any updates made on the meeting summary. Also, it can be easily integrated with tools you already use such as Calendar through a few basic configurations.


Key Features:

  • Pre-meeting settings that include assigning meeting tasks, attach corresponding information to invites and request input
  • Allows setting up goals for meetings to save time
  • Attach multiple types of information including files, audio, web, and video conferencing information
  • Offers note-taking option for all users
  • Provides post-meeting follow-ups
  • View upcoming meeting details
  • Receive information about individual meeting responsibilities
  • Integration with other web and video conferencing tools
  • Archive all meeting content, linking files, notes, assignments, and tasks in a searchable database through MeetingMemory feature
  • Assign and manage post-meeting action Items
  • View task progress within meeting notes, so all team members are able to see progress from each meeting
  • Automatic generation of email notifications to recipients regarding updates to action items
  • Access to meeting records in one centralized dashboard.
  • Customized online dashboard to manage shared meeting information including published meeting records, notes, on-going action items, opening or downloading files, and real-time team collaboration.


  • Affordable pricing especially if paid annually
  • Customizable email summary including agenda and decisions
  • Task allocation during meetings
  • Easy learning curve


  • No mobile application for iOS or Android
  • Video conferencing not available
  • Screen-sharing features missing

18. Ecuria




Ecuria is a cloud-based meeting management software for easy access from anywhere across the globe. A robust set of features, multiple pricing plans from basic to board level and an intuitive interface make it a particularly attractive option for teams on all levels, local and remote.


You can easily set up meetings with predefined templates, assign tasks to attendees during the meeting and even go back to view progress on assigned tasks in later meetings, if any.


This makes it really easy to keep track of the tasks to be done instead of having to meet up, assign tasks and collaborate on different platforms. All of these features and more make Ecuria as one of the top meeting management software any team can adopt today.


Key Features:

  • Agenda creation with assign time to different points of discussion
  • Assignment of tasks and goals to team members post=meeting
  • Keep track of assigned tasks and option to revisit those in later meetings
  • Option to record clips and sections of your meeting that can be shared ahead
  • Attach relevant meeting clips with the task for intended assignees
  • Option for the input of opinions/voting
  • Offers attendance tracking
  • Real-time meeting moderation for roll-calls, motions, and voting
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Automated reports generation
  • Single dashboard to keep access to information


  • Cloud-based tool for easy access from anywhere
  • Pre-configured agenda templates
  • Task allocation during meetings
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Multiple, affordable pricing plans


  • Video conferencing missing
  • Screen-sharing not available

19. Beenote




Beenote is another meeting management software available today that sticks to the point with its limited yet focused feature set. Instead of bombarding the user with a long list of features that lead to a complex learning curve, Beenote is easy to learn and operate.


Although it focuses mainly on meeting management features, it also comes with a task management module for easy follow up on tasks and projects discussed in meetings. It comes with a free (BeeFree), team (BeeTeam) and board/committee (BeeBoard) level subscriptions.


You can use this comprehensive agenda-to-minutes tool-free forever or upgrade it at very reasonable pricing.


Key Features:

  • Agenda planning with relevant details that include meeting topic, objective, the person in charge, the role of participants, subject length, project folder and more.
  • Integral or partial voice recording for the meeting.
  • Automatically generated and easily printable meetings minutes.
  • Email notification for participants on agenda and meeting minutes.


  • Offers a free version called Beefree with numerous features.
  • Provides task management features to follow up on tasks post meetings.
  • An affordable team plan at $8.66 per user per month.
  • Two voice recording options, integral and partial
  • Mobile apps available for iOS and Android


  • Video-conferencing option missing
  • No meeting reminders
  • Screen sharing not available

20. Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams


The next meeting management software is Microsoft’s take on team management – Microsoft Teams. A survey shows that within 2 years of its launch, Microsoft Teams has become the second most adopted tool by teams, just behind Skype for Business. The free availability of the tool with Office 365 subscription explains the sudden rise of Microsoft Teams.


Bring your team on one page through shared workspaces where you can conduct audio, video, and web conferences as a means to ensure effective meeting management. Within each one of those meetings, get features like screen sharing, note-taking, and file attachments to further make your team communication smooth.


If you have to conduct an enterprise-level meeting, Microsoft Teams allows you to go live and host large-scale webinars with up to 10,000 participants within or outside your organization. Not only this, the audio conferencing tool lets you connect with your team members through a dial-in number covering 400+ cities. Perfect for teams on the move, or when you don’t have internet access.


Key Features

  • Audio, video conferences for virtual team meetings with remote teams
  • Screen sharing, along with note-taking abilities during the meetings
  • Chat with team members, plus file attachments to provide valuable feedback
  • Audio conferencing from the phone, with access to 400+ cities through a dial-in number
  • Dedicated meeting rooms for sharing content with specific remote participants only
  • Live broadcasts for meetings with a large number of participants
  • Integration with multiple third-party applications and services


  • Most of the core features come free with Office 365 subscription
  • Suitable for both small and large scale meetings, including remote team meetings
  • The free version supports up to 300 meeting participants
  • Unlimited messages and search, without spending a penny
  • Huge amount of storage space availability


  • No meeting reminders
  • Recurring meetings management is missing
  • No meeting agenda templates

21. Zoom




Quite a popular name in meeting management world, Zoom is one of the best meeting management software you can opt for executing your team meetings. Designed specifically for hosting video conferences, Zoom comes equipped with comprehensive features to help you plan and execute your team meetings with ease.


When you sync Zoom with your calendar, you can easily manage your meeting schedule from any device and from any location. The tool also lets you record your meetings and auto-generate searchable transcripts to help you retrieve the information whenever required.


For quick editing and collaborating on files, Zoom facilitates co-annotation and screen sharing abilities to keep everyone in the loop with the discussions happening over time. You can also create public and private groups for team chat and sharing in real-time.


What’s even more interesting about this meeting management software is the ability to create polls and virtual hand raises to provide powerful meeting survey tools. Besides this, the Attention Indicator can be used to track the individual engagement on the said poll.


To enhance the effectiveness of team collaboration and to form a solid workflow, Zoom integrates with multiple third-party applications, like Slack to provide a streamlined team communication experience.


Key Features

  • Audio and video calls of HD quality, with support of up to 1000 meeting participants and 49 videos on the screen
  • Team chat, along with private and public access to chat groups to define privacy
  • Screen sharing and co-annotating features to provide participants with the context in a better way
  • Meeting recordings which result in auto-generated transcripts that can be searched from any synced device
  • Virtual backgrounds and custom appearance settings to set according to preferences
  • Powerful meeting participants engagement tools, including virtual hand-raising during polls
  • Safe Driving Mode for participants on the move
  • Calendar integration to maintain meeting schedule without having to switch applications


  • End-to-end encryption of team messages
  • Private and public access to team chat groups
  • Password protected groups, along with role-based security
  • Unlimited one-to-one meetings in the Free plan
  • Integrations with multiple other team collaboration tools
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android


  • No built-in meeting agenda templates
  • No team member mentions functionality
  • Reporting functionality is only available with the paid plans

22. Teamviewer




Teamviewer is a powerful remote support program which comes with a pretty solid meeting management solution providing comprehensive features for your team meetings. Through a virtual whiteboard, Teamviewer enables you to communicate with your team on joint projects without having any fear of information falling through the cracks.


This particular feature is pretty useful if you have to explain certain technical details about a task to your team members. You can also take a screenshot to keep a record.


The group chat functionality lets you connect with your team members through chat groups which support end-to-end encryption of messages to ensure maximum security. In addition, you can host HD quality voice and video conferences with your remote team members to collaborate on your project goals.


If your work focuses only on multiple clients with multiple projects at hand, you can use computers and contact list feature of Teamviewer to connect with multiple devices at the same time and create groups for streamlined team communication.


Key Features

  • Virtual whiteboard to instantly make and share changes
  • HD video and audio calls to connect with remote participants
  • Instant messages to quickly share feedback
  • Meeting session recorder to store information
  • Connection with multiple devices to collaborate on common projects
  • Face-to-face HD video conferencing for up to 300 participants


  • End to end encryption of team messages
  • HD quality audio and video calls
  • Multiple team collaboration features
  • Multi-language support


  • No reminders for upcoming meetings
  • Recurring meeting management functions not available
  • Calendar view for scheduling missing
  • No agenda management

23. Skype for Business


Skype for business


Another one of the popular meeting management software widely adopted by teams around the globe is Skype for Business. A part of Office 365, Skype for Business tries to squeeze in as many features for effective meeting management, as it can.


The whiteboard capabilities of the tool let meeting participants draw and edit together all that is being discussed. Share your screens to create a streamlined workflow and collaborate in real-time without worrying about information silos.


For your meetings revolving around presentations, Skype for Business provides a presentation feature which comes with built-in annotation and highlighting ability. This helps you make your presentations on point.


Furthermore, for large meetings of up to 10k participants, you can opt for Skype meeting broadcast functionality through which you can ensure your group meetings are not a failure. You can also send instant messages to your team members during a meeting to provide timely feedback.


If you don’t want to spend a fortune on handling your meetings, Skype for Business’ Free plan can be perfect for you. It lets you create an unlimited number of meetings for up to 10 people, which is perfect for a small team or a start-up.


Key Features

  • Whiteboard for editing and sharing with team members in real-time
  • Screen sharing to collaborate on common objectives
  • Automatic cropping and head tracking to make visualization better
  • PowerPoint presentation uploads, along with annotation and other editing options
  • Personalized URLs for quickly inviting meeting participants
  • Native instant messages and file attachments to instantly share feedback
  • Skype meetings broadcast for hosting large scale meetings of up to 10k members
  • Polls and Q/A sessions for smoothly running a team survey
  • Office apps integration if subscribed with Office 365 plans
  • Meeting recording functionality to keep track of discussions


  • Easy sync with multiple devices
  • Free plan comes with unlimited meetings
  • Easy to set up with flat learning curve
  • Multiple add-ons if subscribed with Office 365 plans
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android


  • Recurring meeting management not available
  • Upcoming meeting reminder or alerts missing
  • No native calendar view of meetings
  • Meeting agenda templates not available

24. Doodle




If you’re looking for an easy to use a scheduler, Doodle is one of the best meeting management software you should be checking out. The tool comes with a simple user-interface and has a flat learning curve which makes it extremely easy for you to get your way through it.


There are multiple meeting scheduling options available which facilitate flexible schedule management for you. For instance, you can customize your meeting requests and suggest timings which are best suited according to your requirements. This eliminates the needlessly repeated cycle of email scheduling and helps to improve your overall productivity revolving around meeting management.


You can customize your Doodle logo by keeping it in line with your brand preferences and invite as many participants to your meetings as you want. The tool also gives meeting participants the option to choose time slots on the basis of their availability. So, pretty much everything is in your hands when it comes to managing meetings in Doodle.


Create team polls and track the participants’ activity through Doodle dashboard which acts as a central place to monitor what’s going around, so you can make informed decisions.


Key Features

  • Suggested timings for customizing meeting schedule
  • Meeting link for inviting multiple meeting participants
  • Custom branding to personalize Doodle logo according to preferences
  • Calendar view to easily schedule meetings according to available slots
  • Centralized team polls to run surveys and make decisions faster
  • Third-party calendar integration to enhance the native calendar view of Doodle
  • Integration with Slack to keep your team in the loop with meeting schedules


  • Friendly UI with the clutter-free placement of features
  • Dashboard for tracking the overall activity of team polls
  • Android and iOS apps to always stay connected
  • Multiple customization options available


  • No free version available
  • Reminder alerts are only available with a Premium plan
  • Screen sharing functionality not available
  • No audio or video calls
  • Conference calling not available

25. NeedToMeet




NeedToMeet provides a meeting scheduling software that allows individuals and businesses to find a time that works for everyone. You can share your meeting scheduler link with anyone including your team, colleagues, clients, friends, and family. It helps you to get rid of the scheduling nightmare.


The product streamlines the process of meeting administration, attendee polling, and scheduling any type of meeting via both online and mobile apps. It removes the hassles of lengthy email chains, time zone conflicts, and phone tag. The administrative features allow a meeting organizer to manage the details of all their meetings in a single dashboard.


You can easily sync your calendar, meetings, and contacts with NeedToMeet mobile apps that are available on the Android and iOS platforms. Though it lacks some features that are offered by the market-leading meeting management software, it can be a good option for fulfilling simple scheduling needs.


Key Features:

  • Easy polling – Schedule a meeting in two easy steps.
  • Custom URL – Create a unique meeting link to invite attendees.
  • Email Delivery – Invite attendees through NeedToMeet or use your own email program.
  • Calendar Interface – Propose dates and times using the visual calendar interface.
  • Notifications – Receive email notifications for reminders.
  • Multi-Platform – Plan meetings on the web, on mobile apps, or our Microsoft Outlook plug-in.
  • Comments – View attendee meeting comments all in one place.



  • Simple interface
  • Provides an ad-free environment
  • Easy collaboration with meeting notes
  • Easy Outlook integration



  • No option for audio and video calls
  • Screen sharing feature is not available
  • Limited timeslots and meeting attendees in the free version


26. BoardMaps




If you are not tech-savvy, BoardMaps might be the perfect option for you. The application has an amazing UI and is the only application on the market, in the genre, which is centered only around issue management.


Some of the features that this application provides are minute(s) management, invitation management, board meetings, attendee management, real-time chat, and meeting(s) preparation tools.


Key Features

  • Invite participants
  • Share documents
  • Create action items
  • Monitor progress
  • Meeting minutes



  • Efficient meeting management
  • Track all of the tasks and processes that were discussed in the meeting
  • Meeting minute generation
  • Backup of previous meetings



  • The permission settings of the application are hard to understand. However, when you tweak them according to your requirements, the software can turn out to be very useful.


27. Amazemeet




One of the most unusual but effective management software on this list is Amazemeet. The application helps you to save a lot of time via the custom meeting creation feature.


What this feature does is that it enables all of the meeting participants to custom-create the meeting according to their requirements so that no time is wasted on long and pointless meetings.


Key Features

  • Video Conference with dial-in
  • Storage and attachment
  • Record meetings
  • Create meeting groups
  • Integrations with third-party apps



  • Real-time interaction between all of the different meeting participants
  • An amazing meeting management dashboard that displays information about the meeting minutes
  • Participants can provide real-time guidance to their peers during the meeting



  • Sometimes, having so much ease is also a killer, because it takes a lot of time and effort to adapt to all of the different features and easement, but other than that, the software is noteworthy


28. Boardable




Boardable is an amazing software that you can use to make sure that your meeting management activities are improved drastically.


With the ability to hold virtual meetings, assign and manage tasks related to the meeting, and sharing all the relevant agendas connected to the meeting, Boardable is an amazing meeting manager.


It also has an incredible mobile application that is quite intuitive and easy-to-use.


Key Features

  • Agenda builder
  • Meeting and document center
  • E-signature
  • Task manager
  • Polls creation
  • Reporting



  • User friendly
  • Amazing customer service
  • Easy setup
  • Affordable



  • It gets a little hard to find all the different features that the application provides
  • Sometimes the invitation emails go straight to the spam folder


Every meeting management software is likely to be a mixture of strong features and some poor ones. But that’s okay, seeing as how every meeting has requirements are unique to their purpose.


Some meetings are conducted for the purpose of uniformed collaboration, some essentially for learning and some for mere feedback and updates.


Check and see which of the meeting management software from our list fully caters to your meeting purposes and let us know in the comments below.

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