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Integrate nTask with Slack – a step-by-step guide

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We are super excited to announce that now you can also integrate nTask with Slack, the powerful team messaging tool that makes work more productive through conversations and file exchange.

nTask and Slack put together give you added flexibility in creating tasks, projects and teams. So, let’s get started.


Now that you have both of the best tools together, nTask and Slack, here is how you can integrate them so you can stay more productive and efficient.
nTask’s integration with Slack allows you to:

  • Create projects in nTask from Slack
  • Create tasks in nTask from Slack
  • Receive updates and notifications from nTask in Slack

This integration is available to all users on all account types.

Enable nTask integration with Slack

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Follow this step-by-step guide to integrate nTask with Slack.

  • Open nTask
  • Click User Profile
  • On the displayed menu, select Profile Settings
  • Personal Information window will display
  • On the left panel, Click Apps & Integrations
  • The Apps & Integrations window will display
  • From your list of integrations, click on Add the button for Slack
  • A window with the option of Slack channels will display
  • Select the Slack channel of your choice
  • Click Authorize

And you’re done. Let’s try this hands on:

Create Tasks in nTask from Slack

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  • Open Slack
  • Open channel integrated with nTask
  • Create a task using /createtask command followed by the task title
  • Open nTask
  • Go to Tasks
  • View the created task

Create Projects in nTask from Slack

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  • Open Slack
  • Open channel integrated with nTask
  • Create a project using /createproject command followed by the project title
  • Open nTask
  • Go to Projects
  • View the created project

Receive updates from nTask in your Slack channel

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  • Open nTask
  • Go to Tasks
  • Modify Task status or add comment
  • Open Slack
  • View notification of status updates or comment

Still having trouble integrating Slack with your nTask profile? Shoot us an email at and our support team will reach you in no time.

Have feedback on how to make the Slack and nTask integration better? We’re all ears – write to us at

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