Top 20 Microsoft Project Alternatives of 2021

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    The essentials of effective project management do not only include a team of experienced and dedicated professionals. As much as they are critical for the success of any project, using professional project management software really does the trick. In this article, we will review the best Microsoft Project alternative.


    With an overabundance of project management tools flooding the internet, it can become a nuisance to choose one for your organization. Luckily for companies, they have innumerable options to conveniently cherry-pick the one that fits perfectly with their team and organizational needs.


    One such most widely used project management software is Microsoft Project. By far, it’s the first and most popular choice of around 67% of project managers. Coming with easy integration with Office 365 applications, Microsoft Project seems like a reliable choice for project management.


    But, apparently, the most chosen option for project management has lots of shortcomings too, in terms of features and user ease. These shortcomings make professionals look for a solid Microsoft Project alternative.


    Why You Need a Microsoft Project Alternative?


    Microsoft Project is a great free desktop-based tool to manage projects and streamline workflows. However, in this era of cloud and availability, you cannot limit how you access your data and when. Besides, there are a few limitations that come with Microsoft Project out of the box. Some of these are:




    Flawless collaboration is what every team is looking for when using a project management tool. Microsoft Project makes it hard to share data with stakeholders. Unless the other person also has Microsoft Project installed and running, the data cannot be accessed.


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    Status Tracking

    In Microsoft Project, the real-time progress of a task is hard to track. Where the task is at a particular time, and whether it is pending, in progress, or completed, cannot be identified.


    Communication Within Tasks

    For perfect project collaboration, communication within the tasks is compulsory. While using Microsoft Project, team members cannot communicate or comment on the activities within each task. Moreover, assigned task updates cannot be taken within the tasks.




    Contrary to most of the project management tools in the market which offer free plans to users, Microsoft Project does not have any free features for its users. All the plans are paid and begin from $7 per user/month.


    The Best Microsoft Project Alternatives You Can Use Today


    We have compiled a list of the top 20 free tools that can serve as a Microsoft Project alternative. And they are all free – you can get your hands on these without paying a penny!


    1. nTask


    product and project_hero


    nTask is a robust project management software in the sea of project management tools available online. Equipped with strong features of task management, nTask is the top contender for a Microsoft Project alternative and makes it to the top of our list. It’s a tool that caters to a broad range of professionals with diverse project needs.


    This software can be used by professionals in any industry even without technical knowledge. Using nTask is easy and its intuitive UI help users manage projects effectively. The Gantt charts feature of nTask is top-rated. You can make a timeline using a Gantt chart for all your tasks in the projects, and leverage drag-n-drop functionality to move tasks. Set task dependencies and milestones for efficient project management.


    Moreover, you can visualize your progress with the help of Kanban boards feature. Add multiple boards, browse templates and make it your own in just one click.


    Key Features


    Let’s go through some of the key features and modules this tool deals with:

    • A simple and elegant user interface for creating and managing projects and tasks.
    • Advanced features of task management for assigning, organizing, and prioritizing tasks.
    • Gantt charts for project visualization, task dependencies, milestones, and sub-tasks.
    • Timesheets for smart tracking and monitoring real-time progress of activities.
    • Meetings management for scheduling and executing meetings through meeting agenda, discussion points, and other such details.
    • Kanban Boards for workflow management.
    • Intelligent issues management for documenting and solving issues linked with projects.
    • Risk management for identifying and tracking potential risks directly or indirectly linked with projects.
    • Integration with Slack to make communication even more smooth.
    • Multiple workspaces for more than one team to collaborate seamlessly.
    • Multiple views and filter options to manage and search for projects, tasks, and issues, etc.



    • nTask comes with two plans, Free and Pro.
    • Premium plan starting at $2.99 per user/month with an annual billing plan.


    Free Features

    • Unlimited tasks and meetings
    • Unlimited workspaces
    • 5 free members per workspace
    • 100 MBs of free storage space
    • Issues tracking


    • App Logo
    • Looking for the perfect free Microsoft Project alternative?

      See for yourself why MS Project users are switching to nTask. Create unlimited, tasks, meetings, risks, issues & more.


    2. Bitrix 24


    bitrix 24


    Bitrix 24 is one of the free project management tools that is adapted for social collaboration between you and your team members. The software primarily works on creating workgroups and centralized news feed for information exchange with the team members.


    This Microsoft Project alternative lets you create personalized to-dos, and helps to manage projects and tasks through extensive features ranging from Gantt charts, task dependencies, and Kanban workflows, to more systematic tools like employee workload management.


    Key Features


    Bitrix 24 offers you the following key features:

    • Interactive activity stream showing all the updates and changes in the workflow.
    • Chat feature within the activity stream helping the team members to collaborate on a particular task or activity.
    • Workgroups for teams to work together on tasks and projects for discussions, task planning, and monitoring progress.
    • Customized task reports tracking the time each employee takes to complete a certain task.
    • Extranet access for external users through which workgroups can be shared with clients and other organizations to share and monitor the workflow.
    • Customizable Kanban boards to visualize the workflows and clearly depict the status of each task.



    • Bitrix 24 comes with free and multiple paid plans. The paid ones start at $39.


    Free Features


    The free plan of the software comes with numerous features. Some of these are:

    • 12 users, 1 admin
    • 5 GB online storage space
    • Unlimited projects
    • Unlimited tasks/subtasks
    • Gantt charts
    • 5 task dependencies


    3. Zenkit


    Zenkit home


    Zenkit is another free Microsoft Project alternative that is simple to use and provides easy task management. The software provides different tools for different teams to fulfill their overall business needs. Whether it’s project management, CRM, support or any other business solution, Zenkit caters all.


    Key Features

    • Personalized calendar to arrange tasks according to priorities.
    • Team inboxes to assign tasks and monitor progress systematically.
    • Customized to-do lists to keep track of all the work that needs to be done.
    • Multiple view options (Kanban, list, calendar) for organizing tasks.
    • Task labels to identify the priority level and status of each task.
    • Comments within tasks to take regular updates from the team.
    • Zapier integration helps to connect with multiple other applications.
    • Offline mode, facilitating work even without the internet.
    • Multiple powerful filters to access the tasks according to needs.



    • Zenkit provides 3 plans. Personalized, Plus, and Enterprise.
    • The personalized plan is free and the other two plans start from $9, billed on a monthly or annual basis.


    Free Features

    • Unlimited collection
    • 5000 items
    • Up to 5 teams, 5 members
    • 3 GB storage space


    4. Zoho Projects


    Zoho projects


    This Microsoft Project alternative is a cloud-based project management software that is designed for small and medium-sized companies. Through Zoho projects, you can easily divide your complex projects into smaller, manageable tasks and subtasks and share updates with the entire team through an interactive feed, featuring the activities.


    Key Features

    • Kanban boards for classifying and organizing tasks according to their status.
    • Social feed consisting of activity stream and status updates about particular tasks.
    • Forums for lengthier discussions, with options to add multiple team members.
    • ‘Pages’ specific to team projects only. All the information regarding the project can be updated and shared with relevant team members.
    • A broad range of charts and reports that can be accessed for resource management.
    • Timesheets to evaluate the time each team member spends on a particular task, and to identify bottlenecks in the workflow.
    • Issue tracking, along with detailed reports, for timely identification and resolution.
    • Gantt charts for visualizing and tracking the project progress.



    • Zoho projects facilitate free and multiple paid plans. The paid plans begin at $20.


    Free Features


    The always-free plan comes with the following features:

    • Up to 5 users
    • 2 projects
    • File attachments up to 10 MB
    • Feed and custom status for tasks
    • Calendars and forums


    5. Teamwork Projects


    teamwork app


    The 5th free Microsoft Project alternative in our list is Teamwork projects. Working on the similar functions of tasks and subtasks, Teamwork Projects helps businesses to achieve group goals through smart workflows and streamlined communication among the team members.


    Key Features

    • Task and subtasks management, along with assigning tasks to multiple people at once.
    • Task priorities label to identify the most urgent tasks that need to be done first.
    • Task dependencies to better understand the relationship of tasks.
    • Task estimates and progress tracking for managing the workload.
    • Messages within the tasks to keep each team member updated on the project.
    • Time tracking to determine the total time spent on each task.
    • Categorization of time logs into billable and non-billable hours.
    • Android, an iOS application and chrome extension to access the software from anywhere.
    • Gantt charts view of the project to highlight key tasks and milestones.



    • Teamwork Projects offers a free, pro, premium, and enterprise plans, along with a 30-day trial.
    • The paid plans start from $9 per user/month.


    Free Features


    Free forever version of the software provides the following features:

    • 2 active projects
    • 100 MB file storage
    • Basic project management
    • Limited task boards
    • Subtasks
    • Color schemes


    6. Freedcamp




    Freedcamp is a free web-based project management collaboration tool that is designed for solo users as well as teams to organize and manage projects effectively. It made to our list of Microsoft Project alternatives primarily because the software comes with a clean interface which makes managing projects quick and easy.


    Key Features

    • Division of tasks into subtasks with options to set their visibility on public or private
    • Kanban boards to visualize the workflow
    • Milestones to set goals for the team
    • Wall for team members to communicate on one platform
    • Documentation for keeping all the data in one place
    • Issue tracker for tracking and managing issues
    • Time tracking of the workday for billing clients
    • Pre-built Project templates for duplication
    • Widgets in one place to access any type of information



    • There are 4 plans of Freedcamp; Free, Minimalist, Freelancer, and Business. The paid plans start at $1.49 and each plan comes with a free trial of 14 days.


    Free Features

    • Unlimited tasks and projects
    • Unlimited storage space
    • Unlimited users
    • Time tracking
    • Milestones
    • Wall and discussions


    7. Teamgantt




    The 7th free Microsoft Project alternative of our list is Teamgantt. Teamgantt primarily works on creating Gantt charts for all the underlying tasks. The charts are highly organized and come with multiple interesting features such as separate colored bars for tasks and groups, and you can also easily add multiple resources to your tasks at any point.


    Key Features

    • Drag and drop tasks for creating a schedule
    • Discussions linked with relevant tasks
    • Customizable Gant chart views
    • Workload tracking
    • Planned vs the actual timeline
    • Project templates
    • Time tracking of tasks
    • Sticky notes for updates
    • Task filters for customized viewing
    • Project and task dependencies



    • Free, Standard Team, and Advance Team plans. The standard and advance plans begin from $49.75 and are billed on a monthly and annual basis. All plans come with a free trial.


    Free Features

    • One free project
    • Basic planning and collaboration for up to 3 people


    8. Hygger




    Hygger is a product and project management tool which provides an impressive backlog prioritization features, because of which we added it to our list of Microsoft Project alternatives.


    The tool helps teams to work on projects through the idea bank which stores all the ideas relevant to product and project development and once approved, these ideas can be transferred to relevant Kanban or Scrum boards for further development.


    Key Features

    • Idea bank for storing ideas and feedback etc.
    • Priority matrix for the screening of ideas
    • Kanban boards for workflow identification
    • Scrum boards for visualizing the progress of a sprint
    • Work in Process limits for identifying bottlenecks
    • Swimlanes and labels for organizing tasks
    • Roadmaps for tracking the overall progress
    • Live activity stream displaying the status of tasks
    • Time tracking with detailed reports
    • Team inbox for only team relevant messages



    • Standard ($7) and Enterprise ($14) plans with 14 days free trial.


    Free Features

    • All the features available in standard and enterprise plans can be availed without any cost for 14 days.


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    9. Mavenlink




    Mavenlink combines multiple project-based services together in a single application. It’s primarily designed for professional services and for teams to collaborate on large-scale projects. A full-featured project management tool that focuses on team task management, and supports multiple third-party application integrations too.


    Key Features

    • Project portfolio listing down all the projects
    • Gantt charts for tracking the progress
    • Reusable project templates
    • Powerful third-party applications integration
    • Resources management at a task level
    • Personalized views for monitoring projects
    • Seamless collaboration through advanced collaboration features
    • Public and private posts for easy sharing
    • Project data secured through access permissions



    • Mavenlink offers Free and multiple paid plans. The paid plans begin from $19 per month for 5 users.


    Free Features

    • Unlimited projects
    • Unlimited team members
    • 500 MB of storage
    • Integration with Google Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts


    10. Pivotal Tracker


    Pivotal Tracker


    On #10 of our list of free Microsoft Project alternative, we have Pivotal Tracker.


    Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management tool designed for agile software teams. The tool enables real-time project collaboration among the team members through a shared storyboard and a prioritized backlog.


    Key Features

    • Story points to identify actionable work
    • Activity estimation
    • Workspaces for organizing projects
    • My work panel for only your tasks
    • Multiple charts for visualizing the team performance
    • Mentions for assigning tasks
    • Drag and drop file options
    • Personalized labels for organizing tasks
    • Shared calendar for daily assignments and projects
    • Multiple third-party application integrations



    • Pivotal Tracker offers free and 3 paid plans. Free, Startup, Pro, and Enterprise. The paid plans begin at $12.50, pertaining to the number of projects and collaborators.


    Free Features

    • 2 projects
    • Up to 3 collaborators
    • 2 GB storage


    11. Wrike


    Wrike Team Collaboration


    Next up – Wrike.


    You’ve probably heard about it as it’s one of the most popular choices of teams when it comes to project management. Being a flexible tool, Wrike provides a multi-dimensional project solution to teams of all sizes.


    Coming with an elaborate set of robust features, Wrike enables teams to successfully execute each step of the project, starting from planning till final reporting. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about losing track during team discussions, as the live activity stream and team member mentions make your work easy for you.


    Key Features

    • Customizable dashboards
    • Gantt charts for project schedule visualization
    • A workload view for better resource management
    • Time tracking with tasks
    • Live activity stream
    • Team mentions
    • Custom user groups
    • Multiple progress tracking reports



    • There are multiple plans Wrike comes with. The paid plans start from $9.80 per user/month.


    Free Features

    • Simple task management for up to 5 users


    12. Celoxis




    Celoxis provides a comprehensive web-based project management solution for midsize and large teams. This Microsoft Project alternative comes with an integrated set of tools that you can use to manage your projects, resources, expenses, and workflows, all in one place.


    The software can be utilized to manage multiple project portfolios. You can create project schedules by defining dependencies and assigning multiple resources per task.


    Key Features

    • Project portfolio management
    • Resource management
    • Revenue forecasting
    • Performance monitoring dashboard
    • Timesheets management
    • Expense management
    • Activity stream
    • Online discussions with mentions
    • Numerous third-party application integrations



    • Celoxis offers paid plans with a free trial of 30 days. The plans are Cloud ($25 per user/month) and on-premise ($450 per user – billed once).


    13. LiquidPlanner


    Liquid Planner


    #13 spot in this synopsis of top Microsoft Project alternatives goes to LiquidPlanner.


    If you have difficulty scheduling and updating your projects, LiquidPlanner might be best suited for you. With a smart scheduler, the tool automatically updates the overall task requirements when resources and priorities change. The updated timeline can then be easily shared with everyone.


    With intelligent resource management features, the software allows you to manage your workload better and complete your projects on time.


    Key Features

    • Priority-based scheduling
    • Resource management
    • Time tracking
    • Documents management
    • Budget management
    • Customizable dashboard
    • Comment mentions
    • Task dependencies
    • Notifications and reminders



    • LiquidPlanner’s features can be availed through their paid plans. The software comes with a Professional ($45 per user/month) and Enterprise ($69 per user/month) plans. You can try it out through the free 14 days trial period.


    14. Podio




    Winding up the list with a platform coming with rich social collaboration features, Podio makes a great alternative to Microsoft Project. The tool allows successful project delivery by claiming to put content, context, and collaboration in one place.


    The broad spectrum of collaboration features ranges from likes and file sharing within the system to instant messaging and audio/video calls.


    Key Features

    • Personal dashboards
    • Task management
    • Automated workflows
    • Private and public workspaces
    • Activity stream
    • Comments, likes, and file sharing
    • Audio and video calls
    • Integrated chat



    • Podio comes with Free and paid plans. The paid plans start from $9.


    Free Features

    • Task management
    • Apps and workspaces


    15. Airtable




    Looking for another option as a Microsoft Project Alternative? We present Airtable…


    The core guiding principle of Airtable is to provide customers with an app that allows them to dictate the app the way you need to utilize it.


    Airtable is an easy to use platform, for keeping track of all your product records and your to-do list.


    It’s UI/UX is beautiful and spot on. It has the power of a database, flexibility of an app, ease of use of spreadsheets, and user-friendliness.


    It has a new block feature as well which makes Airtable not just an app with low-code.


    Furthermore, building out a timeline for deliverables is really easy, especially for those who wear multiple hats within any blue-chip conglomerate or non-profit organization.


    For small teams, Airtable is an affordable solution, especially for non-profits and startups.


    Key Features:

    • Due Dates
    • Creation and Assignment
    • To-Do lists
    • Task Prioritization
    • Dependencies
    • Drag & Drop
    • Mass Updates
    • Recurring Tasks
    • Analytics
    • Data Security
    • Access Control
    • Application Deployment



    • Airtable offers four pricing plans – Free ($0/user/month), Plus ($10/user/month), Pro ($20/user/month) and Enterprise (Contact Sales).


    Free Features:

    • Unlimited bases
    • 1200 records


    16. ProjectLibre




    ProjectLibre is powered by OpenProj. Or at least that’s what it was previously recognized for. Don’t worry; as a totally free Microsoft Project alternative, ProjectLibre offers tons of stuff without any cost.


    What makes this program better is its compatibility with MS Project files. If you are transitioning from MS Project 2003, 2007 or 2010 from any OS, whether it is Linux, Mac, or Windows, ProjectLibre can be used for those files. The extensions will open fine – and that too without disturbing any files metadata etc.


    This Microsoft Project alternative also supports multiple languages. Since it’s an open-source platform, the dev community put in a lot of effort to introduce all the juicy features that MS Projects users are used to!


    You can create dependencies and issues. You can also manage resources and make full use of the native Gantt view. What else could you ask for? Take a look at some of the main highlights of this tool below.


    Key Features:

    • Compatible with multiple editions of Microsoft Project files series.
    • Create issues, tasks, and projects.
    • Identify and manage resources as you proceed with the workflow.
    • Compatible with multiple OSs, such as; Linux, MacOS, and Windows for super-smooth user experience.
    • Comes with Gantt view.
    • Overall easy to set up and maintain as compared to conventional project management tools.



    • ProjectLibre is free of cost.
    • The paid version starts at $1.00 per month only. This is to support the open-source development community.


    17. Planio




    One of the best Microsoft Project alternatives that you can find in 2021 is Planio. The software is an incredible issue tracking and project management application based on the open-source concept of Redmine.


    The software can manage different projects by using effective agile methodologies such as scrum or waterfall, depending on the project. You can use these methodologies because of features like sprint planning and Kanban boards.


    Using this application, you can also manage different customer support queries by using the Helpdesk app that will help you increase your customer satisfaction stats.


    Here are some of the most incredible functionalities Planio has to offer.


    Key Features

    • Communication
    • File synchronization
    • Project and customer management
    • Task assignment
    • Built-in time tracking
    • Configurable task management
    • Knowledge management
    • Repository management
    • Workflow management



    • If you want to check out the software with limited functionality and without paying a single dime to the company, try the free trial of the software
    • If you want to purchase the subscription of the software, the prices start at $10.71/month


    18. Workzone




    Workzone is an incredible project management application that is housed completely on the cloud. It is an amazing Microsoft Project alternative while also retaining its title as an effective document collaboration application.


    Here are some of the amazing features and functionalities that this software provides.


    Key Features

    • Associate, share, and store documents by each project, which will help you increase collaboration and comradery among the team members
    • Interactive Gantt chart and Calendar for visual project tracking so that the managers and the team members can visualize the projects before even starting to work on the project development process
    • Already a Microsoft Project user? Import MS Project files directly into Workzone
    • Unlimited Support and comprehensive onboarding so your team gets up to speed quickly



    • If you want to purchase a subscription to the software, you can contact the company and they can create a custom offer for you


    19. Workfront




    Workfront is a popular project management software that allows you to track and perform all of the tasks and processes related to your project development process.


    The application offers different businesses all around the world to have a global reach in their domain with a very effective and comprehensive work management set of rules.


    The application offers your businesses a seamless work environment that can help your teams and all individuals, be more productive and more connected via their work.


    The application also provides greater project visibility, along with different reporting features that are helpful to keep project managers, stakeholders, and other higher officials in the loop.


    Let’s take a look at some of the features that this amazing work management software has to offer to its clientele.


    Key Features

    • Resource Management to make sure that the available resource pool is properly utilized in the project development process
    • GANTT Charts to make sure that the team has a clear view of the work that they have to do including the task dependencies
    • Request Management to make sure that there is a proper sequence of tasks assigned to the workforce and not just piling them with work
    • AGILE Project Management
    • Document Management to make sure that there are no information blank spaces
    • Project and Portfolio Management
    • Capacity Planning to make sure that there is an equal distribution of work
    • Workflow Automation
    • Approvals
    • Team Collaboration



    • The company doesn’t offer a free trial of the software, so you will have to get a subscription to use it
    • If you want to purchase a subscription, then you have to contact the vendor so that they can customize a specific quote according to your needs and requirements


    20. GanttPRO


    GanttPRO online Gantt chart software


    GanttPRO has proved to be one of the best Microsoft Project alternatives in the market. Its Gantt chart project management feature is far more flexible, convenient, and easier to use, and it all comes with an intuitive interface.


    Moreover, GanttPRO offers smooth team collaboration, advanced resource and workload management, as well as time tracking and deadline management. In case you need extra ways to work on tasks, the software has the Board view, My tasks list, and a few more options.


    Key Features

    • Greatly visualized Gantt chart timeline
    • Task dependencies with drag and drop simplicity
    • Task management with lots of options such as status, priority, duration, etc.
    • Custom columns
    • Baseline, Critical Path, Auto Scheduling
    • Advanced export and sharing via public URL, even with unregistered users
    • Time tracking
    • Project portfolio management
    • Ready-made professional templates



    • There is a 14-day free trial. The paid plans start from $8.9 user/month.


    Free Features

    • All the features are available on a free trial.


    Have you used any Microsoft Project alternative before? How was your experience? Join the conversation in the comments section below.


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