Top 24 Jira Alternatives for Smarter Project Management in 2020



A few years ago, word on the block was: Jira is the jack-of-all-trades. Fast forward to 2019, Jira has still ranked as one of the top bug tracking and issue tracking software, and project management tools. According to Atlassian, Jira has over 75,000 customers across the globe.


And yet, there is an increasing amount of users, companies, and enterprises who feel its time to switch to another project management tool. How come?


We’ve formulated a list of key reasons that lead to Jira aversion:

  • The software is too complex – too many plug-ins required
  • Complicated Usability – learning curve of beginners takes days or an entire week
  • Overly-technical Design – fragmented user interest in a dull interface
  • Flexibility Issue – Requires extensive configuration. Hard to make changes in workflow and workspace.



Let’s take a look at 24 of the best Jira alternatives with innumerable perks and benefits:


1. nTask




Fairly new on the market, nTask is loved by project managers and tech companies to manage their projects, with new robust features and friendly support team it is getting more mature. Its beautiful software design that is easy on the eyes as well as easy to adopt, is one of the many reasons why start-ups, solopreneurs, and even enterprises will readily switch to this newcomer.


What’s the one thing that frustrates users into abandoning a tool regardless of how sophisticated it’s machinery is? An overwhelming lot of features within features.


nTask was designed to erase all such complications. It’s the visibly simple and intrinsically basic foundation of design and functionality, earns it a favorable spot above Jira in this rat race of project management tools.



  • Cordial Interface: Quickly familiarize with the platform, with an easy-to-maneuver interface
  • Efficient Usability: Shuffle through 3 different views (List, Grid, and Calendar) on a single window
  • Seamless sorting: Organize your list of tasks, projects, and meetings via saved filters and export a copy of your modules in the form of Microsoft spreadsheet on your desktop
  • Smart Search: Find and locate specific tasks, projects, meetings and more, from a dense pile of the existing backlog


Key Features

  • Agile Task & Project Management: Interlink tasks, meetings, and projects to avoid on-screen confusion. Assign multiple assignees to each module for maximum collaboration
  • Methodical Tracking: Track the time spent on each task through self-generating timesheets and monitor the progress of each project in reference to its weekly activity in simple-to-read Gantt Charts. Create and monitor resource planning as well as project budgets with the use of a simplified Project Planner
  • Proficient Risk Management: Identify and assess potential risks and their frequency of occurrence through features such as risk matrix and pie charts
  • Rigorous Issue Management: Create issues and assign them to relevant tasks. Manage their severity, priority, and status to keep everyone on the team updated



  • Free – all the key features of nTask with up to unlimited workspaces, unlimited members and unlimited tasks.
  • Pro – Starting at $1 per user/month, unlimited projects and Gantt Charts.


  • App Logo
  • nTask is the new choice for today’s Agile teams

    Unlimited issue tracking, team management, task management, and more.


2. Asana




One of the most comprehensive, head-to-head Jira alternatives, Asana is an enterprise favorite still leading the race as strongly as ever. Asana is most valued for the perfect combination of wide-ranging project management features and collaboration tools it proffers for the ease of individual users as well as enterprises.


One striking aspect that supplements Asana’s worth in comparison to Jira and other project management tools out there is the feature of Change Management.



  • Friendly Visualization: Kanban Boards that assist efficient navigation through multiple projects and modules on one screen. Gallery view of attachments and files for each project separately
  • Innovative Usability: Use case tabs for each purpose such as delegation, collaboration, organizing for smoother task management
  • Workflow Interface: Large-spaced, separate boards for workflows such as product roadmaps, recruitment, and editorial calendars


Key Features

  • Agile Management: PRINCE2 methodology to help define responsibilities and roles to each team member. Create sprint plans, milestones, and launch dates to keep the entire team up to date and on the same page
  • Smart Tracking: Dashboards, custom fields, and task dependency feature that allow project managers to keep a birds-eye-view on who’s doing what and when
  • Synchronized Reporting: Dashboard project report assists users to get a quick summary of the lifecycle of all their projects on a single screen. Export these reports to Google Analytics for a more in-depth analysis. Messaging app that enables asynchronous communication between a team member and the project manager
  • Customizable Workspaces: Set task assignees, their status, scope and priority level for each project separately. Set reminders for due dates



  • Asana provides 4 subscription plans – Basic (free), Premium ($9.99 per user/month), Business ($19.99 per user/month), and Enterprise (custom plan).



3. Teamwork




Teamwork is a well-established online project management app and one of the best Jira alternatives available. Much like any other vouched-for tool, it has an impressive collection of features to assist project managers in their feat.


Its strongest suit, however, is the range of collaborative tools it offers to enhance team communication and productivity.



  • Intuitive Interface: Interactive view boards that can be adjusted to personal preferences
  • Flexible Navigation: Horizontal and vertical hierarchy panes that provide efficient access to all modules on a single window
  • Simplified Planning: Simplified planning sessions for each phase of a project from brainstorming to completion


Key Features

  • Efficient Tracking: Visualize, track, and monitor the project and team performance using beautiful Gantt Charts
  • Enhanced Team collaboration features: Break down tasks into greater details, appoint multiple assignees and send out task-reminders via SMS and emails. Enables users to set milestones for effective team communication
  • Expense & Budget Reporting: Create customized invoices and time reports and export them as Excel, CVS or PDF



  • Teamwork provides Free Forever, Pro ($9 per user/month), Premium ($15 per user/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing) plans.



4. Pivotal Tracker


Pivotal Tracker


This tool is no stranger to agile project management teams. Pivotal Tracker facilitates focused collaboration between software teams in a simple, fun to use manner. Optimized to assist teams of all sizes, Pivotal Tracker is a powerful tool with standout features tailored to simplify the workflow and is a great alternative to Jira.



  • Multi-project Workspaces: Juggle multiple projects and responsibilities, side-by-side on
  • Efficient Usability: Helps new users in quickly getting a hold of the platform with easy drag & drop UI


Key Features

  • Labels: Organize and monitor tasks and activities with search labels
  • Automatic Tracker: an automated tracker that tracks timelines, team performance, project progress and much more
  • Analytic Tracker: Automatically generate team estimates and release-markers, based on past performance. Provides Project overview that displays project lifecycle, project trends, and project burnouts
  • Story Blockers: Track potential risks and issues so the team can work on resolving them



  • Free, Startup ($12.50 per month for up to 5 collaborators), Pro ($62.50 per month for up to 15 collaborators), and Enterprise (custom pricing for large teams) plans.



5. Trello




This one goes without any introduction in the list of best Jira alternatives. Trello is an embodiment of simplicity and creativity that is otherwise difficult to find in most project management software.  It requires a minimum learning curve from its users and was designed to eliminate the frustration brought upon by overly complex management systems and routes.



  • Intuitive Views: Divides workload into lists, boards, and cards with drag & drop features for easy navigation
  • Quick Accessibility: Clear, self-explanatory tabs to help maneuver settings, boards, billing, and team management.
  • Separate Function Panels: Each board has its own set of functions and tabs to carry out team and project management


Key Features

  • Data Storage & Retrieval: Enables users to backup, encrypt and retrieve stored data from past projects. Filter feature assists users in finding specific cards from a clutter of existing pile
  • Easy Formatting: Allows format of information saved on boards, lists and cards in a single click. Enables team members to vote activities performed within each board, list and card. Checklists within the cards can be turned into separate cards of their own. The email-to-board feature helps in converting emails into individual boards
  • Friendly Customization: Boards can be customized according to personal preference based on color-coding and background wallpaper. Users can incorporate stickers and emojis into comments and card descriptions for interactive communication



  • Trello comes with Free Forever, Business Class ($9.99 per user/month), and Enterprise ($20.83 per user/month for 100 users) plans.



6. ClickUp


clickup mokcup image


Celebrating only its second anniversary this year, ClickUp is one of the newest Jira alternatives everyone in the IT town has been talking about. ClickUp garnered as many as 13+ raving reviews from the likes of big beasts such as Capterra and Inc., within the first year of their launch.


So, what is it about ClickUp that made it to the top of the project management ecosystem in such a short amount of time?


Let’s find out!



  • Easy & Quick Views: Analyze your projects and tasks in 3 flexible views, namely, List view, Box View and Board View
  • Efficient Accessibility: Navigate and switch between different modules on a single screen with the help of hierarchy patterns, separate panes & bars, sorting options and filters that can be saved
  • Drag & Drop: With hassle-free drag & drop feature, ‘pick’ your tasks and ‘drop’ them from anywhere to wherever. Do the same with ClickUp calendar. Drag & drop your tasks in your calendar to avoid additional typing from scratch
  • Customizable Workspace: Customize your dashboard’s theme color to your personal theme color. Choose the font and size of the text you want to write and communicate in. Switch to Dark Mode if you want a change of atmosphere in ClickUp


Key Features

  • Team Tracking: Manage and report how your teams are working and on what tasks
  • Time Tracking: Report and track estimated time slots for each task and track their completion using time trackers that come in as built-in plug-ins called ClickApps
  • Activity Stream: Track your activity history as well as your team’s by using the activity stream feature
  • Collaboration Detection: Sync your tasks, so you can track certain particulars related to the task. These involve, tracking who views a task, edits it and comments on it. All in real-time
  • Notifications: Manage notification settings by clearing read notifications and choosing when to receive notifications for a new task creation.
  • Status: Appoint a status for each project to keep your team in sync with the project lifecycle.
  • Priority: Organize tasks and projects based on their priority level.
  • Multitask Toolbar: Use the multitasking toolbar to manage and make changes in multiple tasks at the same time.



  • Subscription plans available with ClickUp are Free Forever, Unlimited ($5 per user/month), Business ($9 per user/month), and Enterprise (pricing available upon request).



7. ActiveCollab




ActiveCollab is a cloud-based Jira alternative that is fairly easy to use and provides advanced project management features for all kinds of organizations. The software simplifies task management by providing easy shifting of tasks into relevant Kanban boards. It combines the features of task management, time tracking, and billing into one complete solution.



  • Simple UI Design: easy division of projects into tasks and subtasks, with smooth navigation for respective Kanban boards
  • Advanced Labels: a wide range of labels for tasks to identify their current state, making progress tracking easy


Key Features

  • Intelligent Tracking: smart activity-tracking feature for monitoring what has been happening in projects at any given day
  • Expense and Cost Analytics: automatically calculate the estimated cost of a project and negotiate expenses with clients. Once the estimates are negotiated, mark them as ‘won’ and start working
  • Customization: highly personalized workspaces where changes can be made conveniently according to personal task management needs
  • Reporting: built-in reports catering to all categories of a project, like invoices, expenses, workload, and payments etc
  • Easy add-ons: integrate projects and tasks with multiple applications through add-ons, and import all data for seamless communication



  • ActiveCollab comes with a simple pricing plan of $7 per user/month. For advanced functionality, you can upgrade for $2.5 per member/month.



8. Wrike


Wrike Team Collaboration


Another free Jira alternative in our list is Wrike. With a list of high-end clientele to own, Wrike provides project management platform to organizations of every size. With a growing number of subscribers and a robust set of features, Wrike is still the first choice of many project managers. It provides one platform for visualizing all the details related to a project.



  • Intuitive dashboard: personal dashboards for all the projects and tasks giving a centralized view to all the activities, according to priorities
  • Interactive activity stream: a holistic view of all the activities occurring in a particular project to stay in touch with all the recent updates
  • Real-time reports: powerful analytics to generate multiple reports for tracking and sharing the progress of tasks
  • Resource management: workload view for tracking the performance of each team member and assigning of tasks accordingly


Key Features

  • Budget management: accurately plan and calculate budget by tracking the time being spent on each task.
  • Collaboration: communicate, through comments, with the relevant team member within each task for assigning and monitoring the team activities.
  • User groups: customized user groups for sharing files with the relevant team members only, keeping data fully secure.



  • Wrike provides multiple subscription plans. These are Free, Professional ($9.80 per user/month), Business ($24.80 per user/month), Marketers (custom), and Enterprise (custom pricing).



9. Hygger




Hygger is a product and project management tool which provides an impressive set of features for Agile teams, because of which it made to our list of Jira alternatives. The software helps companies to work on projects through the idea bank that stores all the ideas relevant to product and project development and once approved, these ideas can be transferred to relevant Kanban or Scrum boards for further development.



  • Ideas roadmap: develop and share visual roadmaps for product ideas, depicting milestones over the course of time
  • Simple visualization: Kanban boards for convenient and user-friendly visualization of tasks and their current status
  • Quick filtering of ideas: through a priority matrix, quickly filter out the non-viable ideas and pick the best ones on priority charts
  • Live activity stream: display all the activities associated with tasks on live activity stream to continuously update the team members


Key Features

  • Prioritized project management: ideas bank facilitating prioritized project and product development through backlogs and priority charts
  • Tracking progress: time logs showing the time each team member took to complete a particular task, facilitating in performance reviews as well
  • ICE prioritization: popular Impact, Cost, and Ease prioritization technique for product features to quickly decide the feature that needs to be implemented first



  • Free, Standard ($7 per user/month), and Enterprise ($14 per user/month) plans.



10. Blossom




#10 on our list of free Jira alternatives is Blossom. It’s a simple project management tool built for remote teams and teams working on software products.



  • Visual workflow: major processes and developments related to product mapped out on a Blossom Board to identify relevant tasks and track progress
  • Limited work-in-process: the time to shift a card from one stage to another is reduced to ensure only a specific amount of time being spent on a task
  • PerformanceAnalytics: an analytics dashboard that views all the relevant reports (burndown charts etc) related to the project on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis


Key Features

  • Powerful integrations: effortless integration with multiple collaboration tools make communication smooth and data transfers uncomplicated
  • Progress checks: manual reports on the daily progress of work sent directly to your inbox to stay in the loop with all the major developments happening within 24 hours
  • File sharing: easy file sharing with team members through drag and drop options, mitigating the hassle of searching folders



  • Blossom pricing is available upon request.



11. LiquidPlanner


Liquid Planner


The next top Jira alternatives to our list is LiquidPlanner. It’s a comprehensive project management tool that caters both small and large businesses. Coming with a smart scheduler, LiquidPlanner automatically updates the overall task requirements when resources and priorities change. It also provides users with intelligent resource management and built-in time tracking features to effectively track each resource’s work and bill clients respectively.



  • Smart Visualization: quick insights on project schedules and resource workload through smart visual reports showing task capacity and task completion requirements
  • Customized Dashboards: personalized dashboards that can be easily shared with all the relevant stakeholders to keep track of the project progress
  • Easy Navigation: smooth workflow visualization through customized Kanban boards whereby movement of cards is free of any technical glitches


Key Features

  • Intelligent Tracking: through the smart scheduler, keep an eye on the overall changes occurring in the project schedule and decide the next course of action accordingly
  • Streamlined Team Communication: effectively communicate with your team members through comments within tasks. Mention relevant members and share files easily
  • Real-time Project Reports: get instant real-time project reports to monitor the overall performance of the project
  • Built-in Budget Tracking: generate expense sheets for your projects to evaluate where the budget is being spent



  • Two main division of paid plans is available with Liquid Planner. Professional ($45 per user/month), and Enterprise ($69 per user/month) plans.



12. Bitrix24


bitrix 24

Next up – Bitrix24! The software which primarily works on creating workgroups and centralized news feed for information exchange between your team members.


This free Jira alternatives lets you create personalized to-dos, and helps to manage projects and tasks through extensive features ranging from Gantt charts, task dependencies, and Kanban workflows, to more systematic functions like employee workload management.



  • Friendly Interface: clutter-free division of features that are easily accessible and makes it easy for the user to quickly get a hang of the software
  • Interesting themes: a large collection of aesthetically pleasing themes to choose from according to your personal liking
  • Smooth Workflow: Kanban boards that help in easy visualization of the workflow and helps in smooth tracking of activities


Key Features

  • Interactive Activity Stream: for quick team collaboration and sharing of relevant files, an interactive activity stream that keeps everyone updated
  • Efficient Project Tracking: monitor the project performance through beautiful Gantt charts and built-in time tracking features
  • Resource Management: through smart resource planning tools, manage resources and track the workload



  • Free (for up to 12 users), CRM+ ($69 per month for up to 6 users), Standard ($99 per month for 50 users), and Professional ($199 per month for unlimited users) plans.



13. Zoho Sprints




Zoho Sprints is a cloud-based project management software that is designed for Agile teams and work as Jira alternatives. Through Zoho Sprints, you can easily divide your complex projects into smaller, manageable tasks and subtasks and share updates with the entire team through an interactive feed, featuring the activities. Coming with personalized Scrum boards, the tool allows maximum leverage to users to manage their projects’ workflow the way they want.



  • Beautiful Reporting: generate multiple agile reports for tracking the progress of projects. Some of these are velocity charts, burnup and burndown charts etc.
  • Easy Usability: an easy to understand interface that makes tasks handling effortless
  • Project Dashboard: one-window dashboard for viewing the overall project progress


Key Features

  • Drag and Drop Functionality: convenient drag and drop functionality to make adding things easier for the user
  • Comprehensive Meeting Module: schedule Sprint reviews and Retrospectives effectively through elaborate meeting module
  • Epic Management: organize and manage workflows across multiple Sprints and easily track performance



  • Zoho Sprints can be subscribed through 4 plans. Free, Standard ($10 per user/month), Premium ($35 per user/month), and Enterprise ($67 per user/month).






Another Jira alternatives in our list is Mavenlink. An enterprise-level business management tool that comes with a powerful project management module. A simple, yet comprehensive tool that provides an overall coverage to resource planning and project management needs of a company.



  • Simple User-Interface: easily create and manage projects through project templates, and easily monitor progress through project timelines
  • Work Breakdown Structure: categorize tasks, milestones, and deliverables into work breakdown structures for better management


Key Features

  • Resource Management: manage resources at the task level through resource estimation and resource scheduling
  • Portfolio Management: customized portfolio views for monitoring projects according to your preferences
  • Project Cards: get a quick glimpse of your projects’ health through project cards
  • Interactive Feed: activity feed for sharing quick updates with team members



  • Teams ($19 per month for 5 users), Professional ($39 per user/month), Premier (custom plan), and Enterprise (available upon request) plans are available.



15. Smartsheet




The next Jira alternatives we’ve added to the roundup provides project management solutions to teams through a spreadsheet-like interface. Smartsheet comes with a versatile toolset providing a range of features like resource management, document management, pre-built project templates, and team portals, all under one platform.


Smartsheet passes as a pretty strong contender for Jira, as it not only helps with project management but with other business management functions too.


  • Project Dashboard: real-time visibility of project KPIs for evaluating project health over time
  • Activity Log: gain insights about updates being made by team members, through project reports and real-time updates
  • Custom Branding: logos and color themes to match your individual preferences
  • Multiple Views: Card, Gantt, or Calendar views to choose the right one according to workflows


Key Features

  • Centralized Team Collaboration: entire team on one page through a common team portal to keep online team collaboration streamlined
  • Kanban Boards: Kanban boards for visualizing the work progress and to understand what needs to be done next
  • Resource Management: elaborate resource view to see who’s responsible for what and how to efficiently allocate resources
  • Multiple Integrations: connect with your favorite applications to maintain a coherent workflow through Smartsheet’s integrations functionality



  • There are two pricing tiers of Smartsheet. Standard and Premier. The Standard tier comes with Individual ($14 per month) and ($25 per user/month) plans. The Premier plans’ pricing is available upon request.



16. Airtable




Beautiful Jira alternatives, Airtable provides an interesting blend of features to help you achieve your project goals over time. The tool basically focuses on data organization and team collaboration by providing a dual solution to teams – spreadsheets and databases.


Facilitating multiple views for data visualization, Airtable lets you organize your work the way you want. You can also create multiple databases in one location for quick and easy access.



  • Pleasant user-interface: an aesthetically pleasing design and clutter-free workspace to minimize the chaos on your screens
  • Multiple Views: Grid, Kanban, and Calendar view to choose according to the type of workflow
  • Native Templates: built-in project templates to use for similar tasks repeating on regular intervals


Key Features

  • Unique Field Types: organize and edit your content the way you want to through customized field types
  • Task Linkage: link related tasks together according to resources responsible for them
  • Collaboration Features: video chat, SMS, and file attachments for keeping all the team members in the loop with updates happening over the project life cycle
  • Integrations: connect with third-party applications to enhance the effectiveness of your workflow and achieve faster



  • Airtable comes with a Free, Plus ($10 per user/month), Pro ($20 per user/month), and Enterprise (not quoted) plans.



17. Paymo




Paymo is one of the powerful Jira alternatives you can go for. Coming with a robust set of features, Paymo provides a comprehensive project management solution to teams of all sizes.  The tool provides comprehensive task management, project management, resource management, and invoicing, all together in a one integrated solution.


You can further enhance the tool’s usability by integrating it with multiple other third-party tools.



  • Smart Scheduler: a visual timeline of your project schedule, along with resources responsible for each task
  • Multiple Views for Bookings: ungrouped, projects, and users view to represent bookings for the entire team
  • Kanban Visualization: workflow progress visualization through Kanban boards to identify the next tasks and loopholes


Key Features

  • Portfolio Gantt Chart: view all of your projects’ tasks and schedule through Gantt chart view
  • Resource Management: allocate tasks smartly through comprehensive resource management features of Paymo
  • Collaboration Features: comments, task statuses, and priorities to give your team members a heads-up about what’s coming
  • Time Tracking: automatic time tracker, along with timesheets to track the time associated with your tasks, so that smarter decisions can be taken later on
  • Invoice Management: create estimates and invoices to timely bill clients



  • Paymo provides Free, Small Office ($9.56 per user/month), and Business ($15.16 per user/month) plans.



18. Redbooth




Suited for teams of every size, Redbooth can be one of the best Jira alternatives for you if you’re looking for a simple, yet comprehensive tool. Coming with a pretty neat user-interface, the tool encompasses an interesting feature set to help you efficiently achieve your project goals.


Visualize your project schedule and stay ahead of your deadlines with the help of a project timeline. Furthermore, if you have a remote team, connect with your team members from anywhere and conduct video conferences through the Zoom integration.



  • Dashboards: quickly glance through your project performance via dashboard and make instant decisions, even when on the go
  • Detailed Reporting: multiple projects reports to evaluate task status, time spent on tasks, and other important details
  • Native Templates: library of built-in templates to quickly get started without creating everything from scratch


Key Features

  • Gantt Charts: map out your project schedule on a Gantt chart and stay updated on what needs to be done over the course of a project lifecycle
  • Drag and Drop: an easy drag and drop functionality to make quick changes in your schedule, along with tasks assignment, and task dependencies
  • HD Meeting Videos: conduct team meetings through Zoom integration to stay connected with your remote teams
  • Third-party access: numerous third-party application integrations, so you never have to disconnect with your favorite apps



  • Pro ($9 per user/month), Business ($15 per user/month), and Enterprise (pricing on request) plans.



19. Freedcamp




An easy to use Jira alternatives, Freedcamp helps you plan your project’s schedule through calendar and milestones. You can organize your tasks as a standard to-do list or visualize them through Kanban boards.


Manage files, hold discussions with your team members, create invoices, and upgrade to add extra tools for invoicing, CRM, and more. In addition, Freedcamp also allows to track issues associated with your projects to timely resolve them.



  • Project Templates: for duplicate projects and tasks, don’t get into the hassle of creating things from scratch. Use the native templates to get things done faster
  • User-friendly interface: intuitive and easy to use interface which makes it convenient for users to readily understand the functionality
  • Visual Workflow: all the major tasks and their progress visualized through a Kanban board, along with easy drag and drop functionality


Key Features

  • Organization Wiki: all your team’s data stored in a central location to store and instantly retrieve whenever required
  • Issue Tracker: track and manage your project issues through Freedcamp and get rid of them systematically
  • Milestones: keep track of your project’s significant events through milestones and give your team something to look forward to
  • Custom Branding: create custom URLs with distinct projects to create your unique identity
  • Invoice Management: by using your time tracking entries, generate invoices and bill your clients accordingly



  • There are multiple plans Freedcamp comes with to help you choose the best one. These are – Free, Minimalist ($1.49 per user/month), Freelancer ($3.49 per user/month), Business ($7.49 per user/month), and Enterprise ($16.99 per user/month).



20. TargetProcess


Target Process


TargetProcess is another Jira alternatives that can help you grow and implement the agile process within your organization with it’s easy to use the visual project management platform. It uses the ideal Jira approach of the sprint, scrum, agile, and Kanban approach.


You can easily implement your own framework as well with TargetProcess to achieve the business short term and long term project goals. You can see the portfolio and value flow of your entire organization’s project progress.


You just need to gather the ideas from the stakeholders, industry experts, and your customers with its Service Desk. With this app, you can submit, track, comment and vote for ideas even if you are not using TargetProcess platform.



  • Multi-Level Portfolio Dashboard: You can have transparency in your projects with multi-level stats and goals. You can achieve a complete vision of your company’s progress
  • Value Workflow: Create multiple Kanban boards with TargetProcess to track the delivery of the work and achieve strategic goals
  • Defined Workspaces: Allow your teams and departments to personalize with the dedicated workspaces with each group


Key Features: 

  • Workflow and Process Customization: Adapt your tool with process and workflow customization with TargetProcess app within your organization
  • Value and Cost Measurement: Enable your team to evaluate how they contribute to the project cost and value.
  • Conflict Resolution and Process Tracking: Keep a thorough track of your all processes to see the overall performance and improve your ROI.
  • Roadmapping and Milestones: You can keep track of your work with visual product planning with the help of Roadmapping and setting milestones.



  • You can try TargetProcess for free. However, the paid plans are starting at $20/month for each user.



21. VersionOne




VersionOne is a cool Jira alternative as an enterprise software platform. It is designed for the teams using DevOPs and agile framework. This platform supports many different project management methodologies such as Kanban, Scrum, LeSS (Large Scale Scrum), SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and Hybrid approach.


This platform provides a keen insight into your project progress. It enables teams at enterprise level to deliver software with more productivity. It gives you an overview of the product development elements like product planning, sprint track, and planning, release reports, etc. VersionOne is another close alternative of Atlassian Jira.



  • Simple UI: It is an interactive project management software with simple user experience
  • End to End Visibility: You can easily keep track of the entire project from start to finish.



  • Team Kanban: Get the ease of creating and assigning tasks with the Kanban boards.
  • Team Collaboration: Easily collaborate with the team by sharing information and get live updates.
  • Release and Iteration Tracking: This is the key feature for the software development teams to track their product updates with release notes.
  • Agile metrics and analytics: Keep a track of your project with the key metrics for the project used in agile teams.



  • You can try VersionOne with the Free signup. The paid plans are starting at $29/month per user.



22. Binfire




Binfire is a comprehensive PM software/ Jira Alternatives that is mostly used to take care of software and engineering processes and teams.


This application provides a feature to the managers where it allows them to create their own custom virtual office in which different remote personnel can collaborate and work with their colleagues more effectively than before.


In its history, Binfire has been known to accommodate project collaboration among remote teams on three different continents.


Let’s look at some other design aspects of Binfire software:



  • Easy to use: It is quite easy to understand this software use without prior knowledge.
  • Faster onboarding: Your team can easily adapt and start using the Binfire project management software.


Key Features

  • Personal dashboard
  • Task Management
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Project status report
  • Kanban Boards
  • Activity stream
  • Dashboards
  • Workspace management
  • Workspace calendar
  • Project template
  • Interactive Gantt chart
  • Burndown chart
  • Event Planning



  • Subscription starts at $5 to $15/ user/ month, depending on the plan you choose



23. Basecamp




One of the most effective project management software that is a powerful Jira alternatives on this list is Basecamp. This application is quite incredible because of its ability to gather teams or entities with different roles towards a more general or common goal.


This is a collaborative tool that helps the managers to keep their team together so that they can successfully finish the work they started, together.


One other thing that you must know about Basecamp is that it doesn’t matter if your team members are scattered in various time zones all over the planet, because of its ability to improve your team, collaboration, agility, and productivity with the various project management tool it offers.



  • Powerful design: Basecamp has improved a lot in terms of design and functionality.
  • Easy to organize: This software lets you organize your complex projects easily.


Key Features

  • Universal search
  • Simple task management
  • A portal for clients and customers to view tasks and communicate
  • Task reporting
  • Messaging platform
  • One hub to share files and documents
  • Automatic check-in questions for stand-ups
  • Group chat & direct messages



  • A free trial is available
  • Subscription prices are fixed (Either $99/ month or $999/ year)



24. Clubhouse




One of the best Jira alternatives in this list is Clubhouse. This application has an amazing interface that is both easy to use and quite intuitive for anyone who wishes to use it. In other words, you will have all of the features that you have using Jira without the old and dusty UI.


Let look at some design aspects and functionality of Clubhouse software.



  • Iterative design: It let you prioritize and schedule your work with more customization.
  • Good load speed: To work on Clubhouse is quick and more efficient than other software.


Key Features

  • Stories
  • Progress reports
  • Integrations for GitHub, Bitbucket and many others
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reporting dashboards
  • Extensive API



  • A free trial is available
  • Subscription starts at $8.33 or $8.50 depending on your choice of being billed monthly or annually


If you still find yourself unable to decide and feel doubtful about which tool to initiate your Jira transformation with, then take a look at the pricing table below for the paid plans that compare how cost-effective each of these tools is in comparison to Jira.


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  • nTask is the new choice for today’s Agile teams

    Unlimited issue tracking, team management, task management, and more.


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