19 Best Reminder App(s) for iOS & Android Users

Best Reminder Apps

Oh boy, where do I begin! To be honest, an app reminded me that I have to finish this brief write-up today.

Given that work from home is the ‘new normal’, the need for such apps has become important.

The one thing that you always have on you is your phone – this ensures that remind me apps help you to get things done.

Now there are a bunch out there. But fret not, we have done the digging for you.

Why Use These Apps Instead of Relying on Your Memory to Get Things Done?

There are many reminder apps available in the market that you can choose from!

We have ranked the reminder apps based on the factors mentioned below.

These 19 top apps were selected on the following criteria

  1. Free Version Availability (* If / Any)
  2. Number of Features
  3. Popularity Factor
  4. Integrations with Other 3rd Party Apps (* If/ Any)
  5. Ease of Use

Types of Reminder Apps

There is a range of different types of reminder apps, and each has its own unique features and benefits.

Some common types of reminder apps include:

Calendar reminders:

These apps automatically add events to your calendar so that you never forget an important meeting or appointment.

They can be particularly useful for people who work full-time and have multiple commitments on the same day.

You can get an hourly reminder app, daily task reminder app, weekly reminder app, monthly reminder app and even set yearly goals too.

Timer goals:

These apps help you set a reminder for tasks, such as cleaning your home or completing a project.

Once the deadline is reached, the app will alert you with audio or visual cues to keep you focused until the task is completed.

Text message reminders:

This type of reminder sends text messages directly to your phone with instructions about what needs to be done next.

It’s ideal if you’re often away from your phone (for example, during class), but still want some peace of mind when it comes to completing tasks.

The Absolute Best Reminder Apps

We have included both reminder apps for Android and reminder apps for iOS. Let’s take a brief look at each ‘remind me app’:

1. nTask


nTask is one of the top free reminder app for web, iOS, and Android devices. It is used by more than 100,000 individuals and teams to stay in their project’s game and not miss any deadlines.

This application offers robust features to become productive and organized, both personal and professional life, in an efficient manner. Users can set reminders and notifications by creating a task and setting its due dates. The good thing about this app is that it allows you to set both planned dates and actual dates.

Once the deadline is approaching, or if the task is overdue you will get the in-app web and mobile notifications, plus reminders in email and on the desktop. nTask gives you the ability to set reminders and notifications as per your preference through the settings panel.

nTask makes it easier to collaborate with your team on projects and gives you updates on budget management.

Key Features

  • Available on web, iOS, and Android devices
  • Planned and actual due dates
  • Task statuses
  • To-do list and task progress
  • Task assignment
  • Team collaboration
  • Gantt charts
  • Project Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Integration with Zoom, Zapier, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Slack


  • Basic Free Plan
  • Premium plan at $3/user per month
  • Business plan at $8/user per month
  • Custom Enterprise plan
  • App Logo
  • nTask is the Best Reminder App for Android, iOS & Web.

    Manage all your tasks, projects, meetings, deadlines and more in one place. Sign up today!

2. Wunderlist


Wunderlist is the kind of app that makes you believe in the age-old phrase: ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.

It’s a simple-looking app that doesn’t boast an elegant interface. However, once you start using it, the number of options alone blows your mind.

With Wunderlist you can do much more than just make to-do lists. This cool daily reminder app enables you to attach photos, PDFs, and more to your tasks.

It’s a must-try.

Key features

  • Folders
  • Share Lists
  • Comments
  • Compatible with All Devices.
  • Due Dates.
  • Reminders
  • Mail to Wunderlist


  • Basic – free
  • Paid plan starts at $5 per month (free trial available)

3. To-Do Reminder with Alarm

To Do Reminder

Next on the list of best reminder app is a tool that gives everything away with its name, To-Do Reminder.

This app has a lot going on. It features a dark mode, integrations with Facebook, Google Calendar, birthday, an anniversary list, and listen to this! – voice commands are the best way of getting things done fast.

Setting a reminder has never been easier!

Key Features

  • Voice command
  • Upload to Drive
  • Day and Night mode


  • Free

4. Todoist


Todoist is perhaps the most popular app on this listicle – and with good reason.

Its sleek, smart, and loaded with features. The Quick Add option lets you set reminders in a flash. If you wonder how to use a reminder app, it’s fine, you don’t have to.

With Todoist, you only need to have a mobile phone and two thumbs.

Here’s why people love this app: it “gamifies” your reminders by using a ‘streak system’. Plus, get this, it ‘learns’ how you spend your time and which reminders are recurring.

It prioritizes your reminders for you!

Key Features

  • Quick Add
  • Task view
  • Priorities
  • Delegate tasks
  • Task and project comments


  • Basic – Free
  • Annual subscription: $3 per month for the premium package
  • Annual subscription: $5 per month for the business package

5. ClickUp

Clickup reminders

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform to help you stay on top of everything—from daily to-dos to complex projects, even your business’s entire workflow. With adjustable due dates, a flexible Reminders tool, and a centralized place to view them all, ClickUp’s feature-rich experience ensures that no task falls through the cracks.

Teams of any size and across industries rely on ClickUp to stay ahead of the curve with Reminders you can manage from a browser, desktop, or mobile device. Create Reminders from anywhere in ClickUp, including comments, and load them up with as much detail as you’d like.

Add attachments, assign dates, set recurring schedules, or delegate them to your team in a matter of seconds. Plus, ClickUp is packed with hundreds of functional features and integrates with over 1,000 other work tools.

Key features

  • Over 15 customizable views
  • Task Reminders
  • Delegate tasks and Reminders
  • Assigned comments
  • Universal search
  • Daily summaries
  • Priorities


  • Free Forever Plan for personal use
  • Paid plans start at $5 per user, per month

6. BZ Reminder

BZ Reminder app

BZ Reminder is one of the best reminder apps on Android. Unlike the apps discussed above, it doesn’t have many features in its pocket.

However, the few features it has, have been extremely impressive.

This elegant app is super easy to use. You can color-code your reminders to differentiate between them and give priority to the tasks.

And how awesome is the fact that it supports Android Wear!

Key Features

  • Repeat task
  • Call reminder
  • Birthday Reminder
  • Calendar


  • Basic – Free
  • Paid plan starts from $3.99

7. Google Keep


Talk about the Big Guns of reminder apps in the industry, and there’s a fat chance that 8 out of 10 people will call if Google Keep.

Keep is the smartest daily reminder app out there. The app is so good that it can almost count as a to-do app!

The amazing thing about Google Keep is that it gives you location-based reminders. That means if you have a reminder to go shopping in a particular shop, it will remind you about it when you are in its vicinity.

This very feature places Google Keep in a different league.

Key Features

  • Text, images, and audio input
  • Location-based reminders
  • Easy to use


  • Free

8. Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To Do

Any reminder apps list would be incomplete without the mention of Microsoft To-do.  As expected, Microsoft has shown its magic with this app as well.

Intelligent features like Smart Suggestion, sub-tasks, and periodizing tasks make Microsoft’s To-do app a complete package. The app can be used on any laptop or PC – you can have it on your iPad and iPhone as well.

Moreover, Outlook users can rejoice as it integrates with Outlook beautifully.

Key Features

  • See all your tasks in one view.
  • Updated Today and Week view.
  • See your notifications on the iOS app badge.
  • Print your lists.
  • Change how you add your tasks.
  • See your completed tasks more easily.


  • Free

9. Rembo

Rembo Reminder app

Here’s something different than other reminder apps for phones and desktops.

Rembo is more of a bot than an app. It lets the iOS users have their reminders spoken to them.

This app-cum-bot is like your assistant moving around with you, ensuring that you get things done on time.

The app features jokes, and motivational quotes to add to the fun of using it. Rembo is completely free which makes it the best reminder app for iPhone – as far as the fun element is concerned.

Key features

  • Jokes and motivational quotes
  • Voice output
  • Unique style


  • Free

10. Things 3


Things 3 is a gift to phone users from the German-based company Cultured Code. This is an award-winning app which means, you ought to try it.

Things 3 keeps things simple yet stylish. Does that make sense? No? Well, let me explain…

You can make categories of your reminders, tasks, and even projects. Furthermore, anything can be added to these reminders or tasks ranging from images, audio, and notes.

This app also integrates with your phone calendar and makes sure you never miss a thing!

And here’s the cherry on top; it syncs to iCloud. That means you get interruption-free regular data backups.

Key Features

  • Gestures based add
  • Quick search
  • Project deadlines
  • Multi-view
  • Subtasks


  • $9.99 (iPhone)
  • $19.99 (iPad)
  • $49.99 (Mac) (15-day free trial available)

11. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is hands down the best-named app out there.

The app has a natural language input and a gorgeous interface to go with it. It helps you list down all the reminders with a range of alert tones and notifications to choose from. This really gives you the feel of a personalized app only for you.

Oh, and it integrates exceptionally well with Zoom and Google Hangouts. This way you’ll never miss a meeting again.

Key Features

  • Work on Multiple Tasks Simultaneously
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Integration with Zoom and Google Hangouts
  • Excellent Calendar View


  • Basic – Free
  • Paid plan: $1.99 (iPhone)
  • Paid plan: $2.99 (iPad)

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12. Capsicum


Capsicum is a rather interesting app for setting out reminders, taking notes, and manage your to-do lists.

The app is super smart, and it analyzes the way you work and which reminders are important to you.

It has a few tricks up its sleeve; the Time Travel feature is one of them. It helps you to navigate to a past or future date quite stylishly.

Key Features

  • Monthly, weekly, and daily to-do lists.
  • Migrate unfinished tasks to another day.
  • Quickly jump to a past or future date with Time Travel.
  • Sync events with Apple calendars.
  • Daily notes.


  • $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

13. Any.do


Any.Do is a popular reminder app for Android and iOS users. The best part is its cross-platform compatibility, which means that you can switch from iOS, Web, and other platforms to Android or vice versa.

As far as the reminders are concerned, you can easily set tasks by creating to-do lists appended by the time of the day. The tool also offers geolocation tagging to push gentle reminders whenever you’re near a store or a place that was added to your list.

Let’s say you have to take an office break at a favorite café, Any.Do will send reminders when you are in close proximity to that area.

Overall, it’s a great app with plenty of features for iOS, Apple Watch, web, and Android users alike.

Key Features:

  • Create reminders specific to geolocation.
  • Uses a personalized approach to sending reminders when in close range of a specific location.
  • Cross-platform compatibility for Android, iOS, Web, and Apple Watch users.
  • Create lists of everything you need to do easily.
  • Do automatically sorts all reminders into chronological order.


  • Do pro starts at $2.99 per user with unlimited features.

14. Clear

Clear Mac Task management app for Mac

Clear is lined up with a spick n’ span intuitive user interface – hence the name: Clear comes into play.

The program’s interface looks like an ordinary piece of blank paper. However, there’s a lot more to it than whatever meets the eye.

Create reminders, tasks, and to-do items and cross them once they’re complete. Missed reminders are highlighted via a distinct color combination.

Create unlimited lists for anything you need to do during the entirety of the week. This app also introduces gesture input. Reminders are repeated automatically for periodic tasks. They can be turned off at per users’ convenience.

Key Features:

  • Available to iOS and Android users
  • Create unlimited lists and set auto-reminders for periodically occurring activities.
  • Introduces gesture input for creating notes, to-do list items, and much more.
  • Comes with a wide range of gorgeous color schemes. Apple’s retina display technology takes it all to the next level.
  • Auto syncs to Apple Calendar for all tasks and lists.


  • $4.99 per user/ per month.

15. TickTick


If you want an incredible task management application wrapped around a magnificent to-do list application, then TickTick is the tool for you. The application is equipped to take care of teams and businesses of all types and sizes and helps them to track their tasks and collaborations easily.

The application helps you to manage all of the tasks and processes included in the project development process, and also to manage the emails, deadlines, and files related to the project, all from one single location.

The application is very diverse and is available for more than 10 different platforms like Android, iOS and Windows, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the incredible product features that TickTick has to offer to its clientele.

Key Features

  • Using the application TickTick, you can easily and effectively stay organized to perform all of your tasks and processes related to your personal and professional life.
  • With these effective to-do lists, you will never miss a deadline ever again. The app helps you to set to-do lists and timers so that you can easily perform your work and relax afterward.
  • The application also made it easy to collaborate with all of the relevant people in your work life and personal life, so that you are not disturbed while you are working and you are always there to talk to those people whenever they need you.
  • You can also set a habit for yourself in the application, and then the app helps you to maintain this good habit to increase productivity in your life.


  • There is a free version of TickTick available for use if you want to check it out before making a purchase.
  • The paid pricing of this incredible to-do list application starts at $2.4/month.

16. ProofHub

Proofhub home

ProofHub is a project schedule, and work management software with task reminders being one of the core features. It allows teams to stay on top of their schedule and makes it easier for them to keep up with deadlines. 

The application lets you keep your events, tasks, and milestones organized in one place. You can set automatic reminders for events, tasks, or milestones in order to make sure that you never miss out on anything important. ProofHub’s Calendar view provides you a bird’s eye view of all the events and tasks related to your projects in one place. 

Not just that, ProofHub also provides you with efficient task management and team collaboration solutions. You can plan projects, assign tasks, set due dates, and keep track of progress effortlessly. 

Key features 

  • Multiple project views 
  • Gantt Charts 
  • Start and end dates 
  • Automatic reminders 
  • Manual and automatic time tracking 
  • Proofing tool 
  • In-built chat application 
  • Project reports 
  • Discussions and Notes 


  • Essential Plan at $45 (no per user fee) 
  • Ultimate Control Plan at $89 (no per-user fee)

17. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is one of the best free reminder apps for Android and iOS.

It keeps you on track and increases productivity by allowing you to get that to-do list off of your mind.

You may choose how you want to get reminders, and the straightforward interface is simple to use.

Mobile, email, text, instant messaging, and Twitter are all ways to receive notifications.

Additionally, your account may be synced across all of your devices, including your desktop computer.

Reminders popping up all over the place guarantee that you never forget critical responsibilities.

Another really useful aspect? To-do lists and assignments may be shared with others using Remember the Milk, helping you complete tasks more quickly.

Key features 

Keep track of all your favorite recipes in one place

  • Add favorite ingredients, shortcuts, and tips to your recipe book
  • Save recipes to your notes for quick reference
  • Get notified when new recipes are posted
  • Browse by cuisine, dish type, or occasion


  • Remember The Milk will always have free accounts available. You can upgrade to a Pro account for only $39.99 per year

18. TwoBird


TwoBird is mostly an email program, but it also has tools for managing your schedule and keeping track of key activities.

You don’t need to move between applications to stay organized because the app links your calendar, notes, and reminders to your inbox. Any email or note can have a reminder put on it so that it shows up in your inbox at a later time.

A built-in calendar is also available to assist you in staying organized. You may quickly review the events of the day and the week and add a comment to any of them to provide further context (so that you remember the agenda).

Key Features

  • Twobird is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to pay bills and utilities.
  • Pay bills and get money deposited directly into your bank account instantly.
  • Manage all your finances in one place with our simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Stay informed of your current payments, account balances, and history.
  • Get free 24/7 customer support.


  • TwoBird is a free platform and they aim to keep it free for everyone to use.

19. CARROT To-Do 

CARROT might be a medication reminder app. You can use it to remind you when to take your meds. This app is currently only available on the App Store; Android users should look elsewhere. 

Above all, this is not your average reminder software. CARROT will regularly remind you to stay in your schedule after you have made one. As a consequence, this program is great for people who procrastinate. 

While using this program, all you have to do is enter your schedule, and the system will manage the reminders for you. If you have not marked off your calendar in a specific length of time, be prepared for those pesky reminders. Overall, CARROT is an excellent reminder tool for people who want to stay on track with their goals. 

Key Features 

• An amazingly easy to-do list that also serves as a virtual pet
• Unlockable app updates, such as reminders, mini-games, and even an actual kitten
• Thirty-six terrible tasks to perform
• Over 500 different prizes that change according to CARROT’s mood
• The first four chapters of an epic, multi-chapter saga
• In-app purchases include cheat codes, customization choices, and cat costumes 


 The app is available in the App Store for $2.99. 

Using the Right Reminder App Can Improve Your Memory

We all occasionally forget stuff. It’s challenging to remember everything on our to-do list because of our hectic schedules and chaotic lifestyles. Fortunately, we can stay on track by using reminder apps. You can choose from the ones mentioned above.

The features you need to manage your hectic schedule are all included in good reminder applications, from calendar synchronization capabilities to notification messages.

Even if a free reminder app doesn’t offer the features you want, there are a ton of paid solutions available that offer free trials to help you get started.

Avoid letting your schedule dictate your actions. You can quickly get back on track with the help of a useful reminder app.


1. Is there a reminder app for iPhone?

Yes, there are quite a few. Most of them are free. The most popular apps are Capsicum, Fantastical 2, and Things 3.

2. How do I set an hourly reminder?

By using technology! Get your hands on a reminder app right now on your phone. The apps have more options than just an hourly reminder.

3. Are reminder apps free?

Yes, some of them are BZ reminders, Microsoft To-Do, and Rembo.

4. How do you set a monthly reminder?

You do that by downloading a good Reminder app from Google or Apple PlayStore and then letting the app do everything for you.

5. How can I set reminders on my Mobile?

Most phones today have built-in reminder features. However, its functionality is pretty basic. If you want something more, there are hundreds of reminder apps for Android and iOS.

Wrapping it up

I hope that this list has helped you to make up your mind about the application that suits you best. If it’s not there on the list, feel free to share it in the comments section below and I’ll do another review.

Besides, our readers love sifting through valuable feedback that enables them to make up their minds when confronted with confusing choices.

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