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What is Zapier and how does it work?

Zapier automates the info between the web apps, so you can focus on your most important work. It lets you build the exact workflows you need with software you already use. Zaps connect your apps so that they can work together.

Automate your workflows on nTask with Zapier

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    instant New Task

    Trigger when tasks are created.

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    instant Task Status Changes

    Trigger when a task status is changed

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    instant New Workspace

    Triggers when new workspaces are created.

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    instant News Issue

    Trigger when new issues are created

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    Create Work Space

    Creates a new workspace

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    Create Task

    Create Task

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    Post a comment on Task

    Post a comment to a particular task

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    Insert a new task

    Post an attachment to a task

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    Create To-Do List

    Add a to-do item to a task

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    Add Time tracked

    Add time tracked to a task

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    Create a Meeting

    Creates a new meeting

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    Create Issue

    Creates a new issue

How to connect Zapier with nTask?

  • 01Go to nTask Integration page on Zapier, or click on any ‘Use this Zap’ button below.
  • 02Follow the button link to signup for a new Zapier account, or login if you have an account already.
  • 03Now, connect nTask and the other app you want to connect with Zapier.
  • 04Follow the given steps to create a Zap,i.e., Zapier automation.
  • 05Test your new Zap for a number of times.
  • 06You are good to run your Zapier automation with nTask.

Make a Zap

Create a new task on nTask for a new event on Calendly

Add new BitBucket issue on nTask as an issue

Create a task on nTask for a new note on Evernote

Create a new task on nTask for new opportunity added on Salesforce

Add a new message on Slack channel for a task on nTask

Create a task on nTask for a new Google calendar event

Connect with thousands of more apps…

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