10 Employee Time Tracking Software

employee time tracking software

Are you looking for an effective way to track employee time and boost productivity? Look no further!

This blog will provide you with a comprehensive list of the top 10 employee time tracking software that can help you monitor and manage employee hours easily.

Employee time tracking

made easy!

From comprehensive time-tracking solutions to free options, we have it all covered. Read on to find out which software fits your needs best! 

What Are Employee Time Tracking Software?

Employee Time Tracking Software is a powerful tool that helps businesses improve their productivity and efficiency by accurately tracking employee time.  

This type of software allows employers to monitor how much time employees spend on specific tasks, as well as which areas they are spending the most time on. By using this software, businesses can quickly identify areas where employees may be wasting time or are not being productive.  

Employee Time Tracking Software also helps employers to identify trends in employee behavior, allowing them to better manage their staff and make adjustments accordingly. With these insights, companies can use the data from the software to optimize their workflow and ensure that employees are working to their fullest potential. 

How Do Employee Time Tracker Software Work?

Employee time tracking software is an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes. It helps employers accurately track the hours their employees work and monitor employee productivity. But how does this type of software work?  

At its most basic level, employee time tracking software allows companies to record and store employee timesheets.  

The software is designed to make the process of recording time easy for both employers and employees alike. Employees can clock in and out using a computer, laptop, or mobile device, and the information is automatically logged onto the system.

Doing so eliminates manual data entry, ensuring accuracy and reliability in reporting employee hours worked.  

Need For Employee Time Tracking Software

Having an accurate and reliable employee time tracker system is essential for any business that wants to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced market.  

Employee time tracking software can help employers keep better track of their employees’ hours, allowing them to more effectively manage payroll costs and ensure that everyone is working the right amount of hours on their assigned tasks.  

This type of software also allows managers to monitor the productivity levels of their staff and make sure they are meeting their goals. 

Time tracking software can also reduce errors in payroll calculations by automating the process and making it easier to ensure accuracy.

It can also provide detailed reports and analytics to help businesses analyze employee performance, identify areas of improvement, and compare employee performance across multiple teams.

Employee time tracking software provides employers with a complete view of their workforce, enabling them to make informed decisions about staffing needs and labor costs. 

Features To Look For In Employee Time Tracking Software

• User-friendly Interface – Look for a time tracking software with an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate and use. 

• Accurate Time Tracking – Choose a system that accurately tracks employees’ start and end times, as well as any breaks taken throughout the day.  

• Automated Calculations – Search for a system with automated time calculations to avoid manual errors in payroll processing. 

• Reporting Capabilities – Look for a time tracking software with comprehensive reporting capabilities to analyze labor costs, attendance data, overtime payments, and more.  

• Integration with Other Software – Ensure the system can easily sync or integrate with other existing programs you may already be using such as HR systems or payroll providers.  

• Mobile App Availability – Select an employee time-tracking software provider that offers mobile apps so employees can clock in remotely if necessary without needing access to a computer at work. 

10 Best Employee Time Tracking Software Of 2024 

Discuss the features, pros & cons, pricing and ratings (g2, capterra) 

1. nTask


nTask is an employee time tracking software that helps businesses and individual professionals manage their work hours more efficiently. It offers a range of features to help streamline the process of recording and analyzing information about how employees spend their time on the job.  

With nTask, users can set up customizable timesheets, record daily logs, monitor staff performance and productivity levels, generate detailed reports, leverage integrated analytics tools, and gain insights into team progress.  

The software also provides a range of automation features that reduce manual input requirements and save employers valuable time in managing projects effectively. Furthermore, Task allows seamless integration with third-party applications such as payroll systems for automated invoicing processes and accurate payouts. 

Key Features 

• Provide comprehensive data reporting on employee attendance and rate of productivity 

• Offer customizable time tracking options, such as manual entry or automatic clock-in/clock-out 

• Monitor employee hours worked to compare against quotas or contracts  

• Generate invoices accurately by calculating overtime and vacation pay based on time entries 

• Create payroll reports with equipment utilization data for improved job cost accounting analysis  

• Allow employees to record notes about their work for project planning review  

• Automatically generate alerts when an employee is approaching the maximum hours allotted in a period  


• Facilitate the timecards approval process through automated notifications 

• Automatically update vacation or sick leave balances while recording absences 

• Identify inefficiencies in the scheduling processes by highlighting peak activity periods 

• Allow managers to view the daily schedules of multiple teams at a glance  

• Enable flexible working arrangements through remote access  


  • High learning curve due to occasional project requirements at users’ end 


  • Premium $3/month
  • Business $8/month 
  • Enterprise custom/month 



2. Proofhub

Proofhub home

Proofhub employee time tracking software is an efficient and reliable tool that helps companies keep track of how much time their employees are spending on each project.

This software allows employers to monitor projects in real-time, so they can check how productive each member of the team is throughout the day.  

Additionally, managers can also categorize tasks according to various parameters such as types of work, departments or any other criteria they may want to use in order to analyze which projects are being completed more efficiently and quickly.

By using this software, companies can easily monitor employee progress and help them increase productivity levels by providing better insights on task timelines. 

Key Features 

• Track total hours by each employee with detailed timesheet reports  

• Monitor employees’ activities in real-time to ensure the accuracy of work  

• Automatically log working hours through Proofhub’s unique HRMS system  

• Set alerts and notification reminders for tasks and projects  

• Offers secure online access to timesheets from anywhere, anytime 

• Filter data according to set parameters such as project, job code or worker profiles  

• Create multiple approval channels and assign users accordingly  

• Smoothly collaborate with external clients while tracking their time separately  

• Billable hour feature allowing businesses to track billable & non-billable hours 


• Real-time monitoring of employee work hours and tasks  

• Automated reminders to keep employees on task and accountable  

• Seamless integration with other commonly used project management tools  

• Easy setup and user friendly design, making it ideal for teams of all sizes   

• Accurate time tracking logs with comprehensive reports to track productivity trends across the board  

• Ability to assign tasks, set due dates and monitor progress  

• Customizable access settings so managers can ensure that employees are only viewing appropriate content when clocking in/out.   


• Intuitive User-Interface: The user interface of Proofhub can be less intuitive and complex at times, making it difficult to use.  

• Limited Language Support: Currently, the product is only available in English which can limit its usability for non-English speaking audiences.  

• Lack of Third-Party Integration: There are few third-party integrations available with the software, making it unable to meet complex project management needs.  

• Limited Automation Opportunities with Free Version: The free version of the time tracking software does not have automatic features such as task scheduling or repeating tasks which can make it difficult for some users.  


Essential $45/month
Ultimate $89/month 


4.0, 4.1  

3. Desktime


Desktime employee time tracking software is a great tool for organizations to monitor their employees’ work hours.  

It provides visibility and intelligence into staff performance, enabling businesses to more easily identify areas of improvement and maximize productivity. The software records the time spent on projects, tasks, meetings, and more activities so that companies can easily evaluate their team’s performance.  

Desktime also offers advanced analytics capabilities which enable teams to better understand how their company’s resources are being used and make more informed decisions about scheduling and resource allocations.

The user-friendly interface ensures that data entry is straightforward with minimal disruption to an organization’s workflow. Moreover, Desktime’s reporting features allow managers to quickly generate reports for analysis or evaluation of progress over any given period of time in order to streamline operations even further. 

Key Features 

1. Dashboard: Desktime provides a comprehensive dashboard with an overview of employee time tracking, allowing users to quickly and efficiently monitor their team’s performance.  

2. Real-Time Tracking: Desktime offers real-time tracking of when employees log in and out, as well as the total number of hours worked each day or week. 

3. Automated Reporting: The software automatically generates multiple reports on employee productivity, attendance records, overtime information, and more.  

4. Task Management: Desktime also allows users to create tasks for employees to complete which can then be monitored and tracked within the software itself.  

5. Time Off Requests & Approvals: Employees can submit requests for time off from within the software interface which managers or supervisors can then approve directly online without having to manually process each request one by one.  


• Allows employers to track and monitor employee time in real-time  

• Helps managers easily and accurately calculate payroll  

• Graphical reporting designed for easy analysis and understanding of employee data  

• Generate customizable reports on attendance and productivity for personal or team performance evaluation   

• Offers powerful project management tools such as task lists, Dependency Management, Resource Allocation & Forecasting  

• Automated reminders are sent to employees when their shifts start/end or breaks begin/end  

• Employees can log hours from any device with a modern web browser via the cloud-based solution   


• May create a sense of distrust or micromanagement among employees

• Requires employees to consistently log their time, which can be time-consuming and may lead to errors 

• Can lead to privacy concerns, as the software may track employee activity outside of work hours or on personal devices 

• May not be suitable for certain industries or types of work, such as those with flexible schedules or remote work arrangements 

• Implementation and maintenance of the software can be expensive for companies, especially for smaller businesses or startups 

• Can be perceived as a tool for evaluating employee performance, which can lead to stress and anxiety for workers

• May not accurately reflect an employee’s productivity or work quality, as it only measures the amount of time spent on tasks


Pro $7/month
Premium $10/month
Enterprise $20/month 


4.3, 4.3 

4. Teamwork 

teamwork app

Teamwork employee time tracking software is a comprehensive solution to help businesses track and optimize their employees’ working hours.  

With its user-friendly interface, the software allows businesses to record accurate time entries, keep tabs on multiple projects at once, monitor overtime hours, and even set up notifications for upcoming deadlines.  

Additionally, Teamwork helps managers create effective workflows by setting team targets and objectives for different departments or teams within an organization.

The system also provides detailed data on employee productivity so that employers can ensure their workforce is always working efficiently.

Key Features 

• Automatic time tracking: Automatically track hours worked and assign tasks to team members with this comprehensive time tracking software. 

• Easy timesheet approval: Streamline your timesheet approval process with an integrated workflow system that simplifies the task of approving employee hours. 

• Employee scheduling: Create and manage employee schedules, giving you the flexibility to adjust staff levels quickly and easily as business needs change. 

• Task management: Delegate tasks, keep track of their progress, and share information from one central hub with easy-to-use project management tools. 

• Reports and analytics: Generate reports on employee productivity, overtime usage, and efficiency metrics to help drive better decision-making in your organization.  

• Mobile access: Give employees mobile access to their timesheets so they can view or enter their data even when they’re away from the office. 


• Enhances collaboration by allowing team members to communicate with each other easily 

• Automates tedious tasks such as time tracking, leave requests, and scheduling 

• Streamlines operations by providing a central platform for task organization and reporting  

• Allows managers to track employee performance in real-time  

• Restricts access to sensitive information on a need-to-know basis 

• Enables employees to submit timesheets quickly and accurately  

• Gives managers the ability to remotely monitor employee progress throughout the project  

• Collects data that can be used for analytics which helps optimize productivity 


• Difficult to use for inexperienced or nontechnical users 

• Limited customization options 

• Cost of a subscription can be expensive for larger organizations 

• Loss of control over employee data can cause security concerns  

• Potential problems with accuracy when manually entering data  

• May be missing features that are needed in certain industries 


  • Starter $5.99/month 
  • Deliver $9.99/month 
  • Grow $17.99/month 


4.3, 4.2  

5. Clockify


Clockify is an employee time-tracking software that helps organizations and businesses manage their employees’ work hours more effectively.  

It streamlines the process of tracking, monitoring, and analyzing employees’ working time and allows managers to ensure all team members are performing at an optimal level.  

Clockify comes with a web-based dashboard that provides detailed insights into total working hours as well as lunch breaks, meeting times, breaks, overtime payments and other related information.  

With automated reports generated in real-time, HR professionals can have up-to-date data on employee performance to make informed decisions about salary adjustments or labor cost.

Furthermore, Clockify enables companies to sync their existing payroll systems with its software for better accuracy in generating paycheck records which makes it a powerful tool for simplifying HR operations overall. 

Key Features 

1. Time Tracking: Clockify offers an intuitive time-tracking system that allows users to easily log their hours and monitor project progress in real-time.

2. Project Management: Clockify offers a range of project management features including task lists, deadlines, assignees, estimated effort time logging, and more.  

3. Invoicing: Clockify simplifies client billing by allowing users to generate invoices directly from the app based on logged working hours making sure nothing goes unpaid or unaccounted for.  

4. Multi-Platform Accessibility: All features offered by Clockify are available across multiple platforms like PCs & Macs using web browsers plus Android & iOS mobile devices.  


Comprehensive time tracking: Clockify offers easy-to-use tools to track employees’ time accurately. 

Flexible integration options: Clockify can be integrated into multiple platforms, allowing businesses to customize how they handle employee time tracking. 

Automated data collection: Clockify automatically collects and organizes relevant data from employee time tracking, making it easier for businesses to manage their workforce.  

Reports and analytics: Clockify provides a range of detailed reports for analyzing performance, productivity levels, hours worked by each team member, and more.  

Tracking options: A variety of powerful features including manual/automatic start/stop timers, auto-fill timesheets & task list management make it easy to keep track of employee hours.  

Time off tracking & scheduling: Allows businesses to easily manage paid leave requests and set up customized vacation rules with detailed reporting available on the portal dashboard.  


Limited user permissions: Clockify is designed only for time tracking and does not have sufficient tools to manage employee roles, security settings, and other administrative features. 

Reduced customization options: Clockify’s customization options are limited compared to other software which can reduce the ability for businesses to tailor their time tracking experience. 

Free plan with limited features: The free version of the software has a number of limitations when it comes to what data points are tracked and how employees are managed.  

Manual input requirements: Employees must manually enter their own information in order for Clockify to accurately track their working hours, which can be labor intensive. 


Basic $3.99/month
Standard $5.49/month
Pro $7.99/month
Enterprise $11.99/month 


4.1, 4.2  

6. Timecamp


Timecamp is an employee time-tracking software that offers an easy-to-use and reliable solution for businesses of all sizes.  

It features automated task tracking, powerful reporting, effortless billing, and invoicing, as well as a host of other valuable features.  

Timecamp allows business owners to easily monitor their employees’ progress from anywhere in the world. Its intuitive dashboard clearly displays how much time each employee has spent on each task.  

Employees can also benefit from Timecamp’s advanced scheduling system which enables them to see the tasks they are expected to complete at any given hour and ensure that obligations are fulfilled in a timely manner without sacrificing the quality of work.

With Timecamp, businesses can significantly reduce manual errors and increase efficiency while keeping payroll costs low at the same time. 

Key Features 

• Real-time visualizations of employee hours: Timecamp provides graphical representations of user activity so you can quickly assess how productive they are. 

• Automatic timesheets: Automatically generate detailed timesheets with all your employees’ time and attendance data in one place. 

•  Accurate tracking of projects & tasks: Easily track the accurate amount of time spent on each project or task to optimize workflow and improve project completion accuracy. 

•  Billable hours tracking: Track all billable hours for individual employees for accurate billing purposes. 

•  Idle detection & reminders: Get alerted when an employee has been idle too long and send out friendly reminders to keep them productive. 

•  Inactivity alerts: Set custom alerts to inform supervisors when an employee hasn’t been active for a specified amount of time, making sure that no working day goes unrecorded.  


  • Easy-to-use user interface with simple navigation 
  • Automatically calculates employee hours and overtime 
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities for clear insight into project progress  
  • Ability to assign tasks to individual employees, making it easier to track employee performance and progress  
  • Calculates billable hours automatically based on set rules
  •  Flexible export options allow data download in multiple formats including CSV, PDF, or Excel  
  • Integration with Quickbooks allows users to seamlessly sync their time-tracking data with accounting information  


  • It can be costly for small businesses as free basic plans are limited in features
  • Certain features such as project billing and payroll functions can be difficult to set up 
  • It may not offer the same level of customization that some other employee time-tracking software solutions do 
  • Can be hard to integrate with existing systems and databases  
  • The interface can be confusing for inexperienced users and takes some time to learn 


Basic $6.99/month
Pro $9.99/month
Enterprise custom/month 


4.7, 4.3 

7. Workpuls


Workpuls is an employee time tracking software that helps managers to better understand and manage their team’s productivity.  

It allows employers to keep track of their staff’s time, attendance, tasks, and activities from a single platform. With this software, employers are able to set up automatic alerts for when employees are not at work or have clocked out late.  

Additionally, the program provides detailed insights into overall team performance as well as individual employee tracking history which helps managers make more informed decisions about resource allocation and scheduling.

Workpuls also enables users to generate accurate payroll information with its ability to export data in multiple formats while providing integrated analytics solutions such as attendance reports and activity-based filters.  

Overall, the software helps businesses save time by automating mundane administrative tasks while providing unprecedented visibility over employee activity levels so they can focus on higher-level activities that lead to growth and success. 

Key Features 

1. Time and Attendance Tracking: Workpuls provides automatic time tracking, clock-in/out reminders, and attendance monitoring to ensure accurate recordkeeping of employee hours spent working.  

2. Leave Management: This feature lets administrators easily manage employee leaves like vacations, sick days, holidays, etc.

3. Scheduling Tools: This feature enables managers to quickly create weekly schedules for their teams with shift-swapping capabilities.  

4. Activity Monitoring: Workpuls provides detailed reports on each user’s productivity levels based on their activity levels such as which websites they visit or apps they use while working in order to optimize and improve efficiency within a team.  

5. Task Automation: This feature streamlines workflows by allowing users to automate repeatable tasks, set deadlines for projects, and assign specific tasks more efficiently throughout teams.


• Workpuls provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use system for tracking employee time, making it easier for managers to monitor when employees log in and out of the office. 

• The platform is extremely user-friendly and can easily be utilized by employees with minimal experience. 

• Automated processes make it easier to accurately record employee attendance times, allowing employers to quickly identify discrepancies or trouble spots that require additional attention or investigation. 

• Employees can quickly access their attendance records as needed, as well as any current activity logs that are being monitored by their employer’s systems in real-time.   

• The system also offers detailed reports on employee performance and productivity that allows employers to accurately track progress over time, which can help with future forecasting or budget planning needs 


• Workpuls provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use system for tracking employee time, making it easier for managers to monitor when employees log in and out of the office. 

• The platform is extremely user-friendly and can easily be utilized by employees with minimal experience. 

• Automated processes make it easier to accurately record employee attendance times, allowing employers to quickly identify discrepancies or trouble spots that require additional attention or investigation. 

• Employees can quickly access their attendance records as needed, as well as any current activity logs that are being monitored by their employer’s systems in real-time.   

• The system also offers detailed reports on employee performance and productivity that allows employers to accurately track progress over time, which can help with future forecasting or budget planning needs 


Starting $4.80 



8. Beebole

beebole timesheet

Beebole employee time tracking software is a reliable and easy-to-use web-based tool that helps organizations track the hours employees have worked.  

It allows for accurate time recording, whether that be in real-time or on an ongoing basis with automatic updates for managers.  

Beeble also allows for overtime tracking and simplifies payroll management throughout the organization by providing smart mobile apps compatible with phones and tablets so employees can log their work hours on the go.

Other features include task tracking, performance management reports, collaboration tools, customizable rules, and integrations with popular accounting systems. By using Beebole’s employee time tracking software, companies are able to better manage their human resources while reducing administrative workloads. 

Key Features 

• Easy Setup: Beeble employee time tracking software offers an effortless setup process, allowing users to quickly and easily set up the system within minutes.  

• User-Friendly Interface: Beeble features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for administrators and employees to track time spent on various tasks. 

• Automated Reporting: Beeble allows users to generate informative reports in just a few clicks as well as set up automated reports that can be sent on a regular basis.  

• Employee Management Tools: Beeble provides employers with the tools needed to manage their staff such as vacation and sick leave tracking, scheduling preferences, workloads, and more.  

• Integration with Other Software Services: Beeble is able to integrate with third-party services such as Quickbooks, Salesforce, and more for seamless data transfer from one platform to another.  

 • Security-Focused System: To ensure data accuracy and integrity, all information stored in the system is secured using encryption protocols. 


• Intuitive platform design: Beeble’s user interface is designed to be both sleek and simple, making it easy for users to clock in and out. 

• Cloud-based tracking: Beeble stores all employee data securely in the cloud, giving admins quick access to records whenever they need them. 

• Automated reports: With real-time analytics and reporting capabilities, Beeble can generate detailed insights into team performance quickly and easily. 

• Time off requests: Employees are able to submit time off requests directly through the software with managers able to review, approve or deny these requests within minutes. 


• Inability to integrate with other software systems: Beebole’s time tracking system is a stand-alone product, which lacks compatibility with other productivity or accounting applications.  

• Limited customization capabilities: Beebole allows only basic customizations such as logo and branding options, leaving users unable to further customize their experience.  

• No alert/notification system: Beebole doesn’t offer any feature for sending automated alerts or notifications when work is completed, creating potential delays in payment processing.  

• Lack of reporting features: Reports are highly restrictive and limited in scope, meaning that users can’t see the full data set in actionable ways. 



9. TimeHarvest

TimeHarvest is an employee time-tracking software that helps businesses track and manage their employees’ time. It allows employers to easily monitor hours worked, set up automated timesheets, and generate payroll reports in real time.  

TimeHarvest helps businesses save time managing their workforce by automating tedious manual processes.  

It also offers features such as tracking missed punches, unlimited pay rules, PTO management, overtime calculation, and reporting capabilities on both a daily and weekly basis.

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, TimeHarvest provides an easy-to-use solution for all your employee time management needs. 

Key Features 

1. Comprehensive Time Tracking: TimeHarvest allows users to accurately track their time on various tasks and projects, including start and end times, duration of tasks, total time worked, and the number of hours spent.  

2. Project-based Dashboard: Users can access a comprehensive dashboard that displays an organized overview of all the projects they are working on so that they can easily manage their tasks for better productivity. 

3. Automated Reports: TimeHarvest provides automated reports that include data about employee hours worked in a certain period as well as project-specific details such as overall progress or individual task statistics.  

4. Flexible Billing Options: TimeHarvest offers several flexible billing options with different features such as flat rate invoicing and pay-as-you-go models to suit the needs of any organization’s budgeting processes.  

5. Accurate Payroll Calculations: With accurate payroll calculations based on each employee’s daily work activities, users can make sure they are paying their employees correctly and accurately at all times without any manual workload. 


• Easy setup and navigation: TimeHarvest is extremely user-friendly, is quickly installed, and is very easy to use. 

• Detailed reporting system: Generate customized reports that allow you to track employee time and attendance more accurately.  

• Flexible tracking methods: Employees can log their hours using a web browser, mobile app, or desktop software.  

• Integration with payroll systems: Directly import tracked data into your existing payroll systems with ease.  

• Automated reminders: Create automated reminders to notify employees when they forget to clock in or out of work.  

• Accurate accuracy tracking: Keep accurate records of employees’ timesheet entries for easy reference later on. 


• Can be expensive and difficult to implement in some businesses  

• It can be challenging to get team members on board with using the software   

• The software has a steep learning curve and may require additional training for employees   

• Software updates can be slow, meaning that features may not always remain up-to-date   

• It is possible to face compatibility issues with existing systems or databases held by the company  

• There are limited customization options available 


Pro $12/month 


4.3, 4.1 

10. ClickUp 

ClickUp App

ClickUp is an employee time-tracking software that allows teams to easily monitor and manage the time spent on various tasks.  

It features a simple, intuitive UI and powerful automation so that users can easily access their data for analysis. It is easy to set up and use, allowing managers to accurately measure productivity within individual team members or across the entire organization.  

With its comprehensive analytics capabilities, ClickUp can generate detailed reports of time-tracking metrics such as total hours worked by each individual.  

This data can be used by managers to better allocate resources or adjust workloads accordingly to ensure maximum efficiency and keep staff engaged with their work. 

Key Features 

1. Easy Set-Up: ClickUp allows users to get up and running quickly by providing an intuitive set-up process that guides users through the application in minutes.  

2. Automated Time Tracking: Employees can easily track their time spent on tasks without manual input, as ClickUp automatically logs activity as it’s happening so users don’t miss any important details. 

3. Accurate Billing: Team members can easily view accurate reports of how much time they are spending on each task or project, which helps ensure that businesses are billing their clients accurately and promptly for work completed.  

4. Robust Reporting: Business owners can access detailed reports that analyze employee productivity to help them make better decisions about staffing resources and budgeting needs.  

5. Cloud Storage & Backups: All information is securely stored in the cloud with regular backups to ensure teams never lose data even if something unexpected happens with hardware or software malfunctions down the road. 


• Automates time tracking processes with minimal user input 

• Offers detailed reports and metrics to measure employee productivity and efficiency 

• Data is securely stored in the cloud for easy access when needed 

• Built-in project management tools integrate into existing workflows seamlessly  

• Easy to learn user interface encourages employees to quickly get up to speed on using the software  

• Flexible pricing plans tailored for businesses of any size   

• Offers a mobile app for convenient access from anywhere  

• Includes customizable notifications, reminders, and alerts 


• Expensive: ClickUp’s pricing tiers are among the most expensive on the market, which can be prohibitive for small businesses. 

• Limited customization options: ClickUp does not offer much in terms of customizable features and settings, leaving users with less control over their time-tracking system. 

• Inconsistent performance: Users have reported that the software is unreliable at times, with slow loading speeds or unexpected bugs.  

• Lack of integration options: While there is some level of integrations available in ClickUp, it does not support as wide a range of third-party providers compared to other software solutions. 


Unlimited $5/month 
Business $12/month
Business Plus $19/month 
Enterprise Custom/month 


4.1, 4.6 

How To Select The Employee Time Tracking Software For Your Needs? 

Finding the right employee time tracking software for your business can be a daunting task. With so many options available in the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is best suited to your needs.  

To make it easier, here’s a guide to selecting the right employee time-tracking software for your needs – and why you should choose nTask as your solution.  

When selecting an employee time tracking software, consider the features that you need. Do you need something that will record hours worked by each employee?  

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to track different types of projects? Does your organization have specific requirements, such as regulatory compliance or reporting requirements?

Once you have identified the features you need, it’s important to consider ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

With nTask, we offer an all-in-one project management platform with integrated time-tracking capabilities at an affordable price point.  


Employee time tracking software can help businesses save time and money, as well as increase productivity.

With the right software, companies can easily track employee hours and meet project deadlines.  

There are many options available on the market today, so it’s important to do your research and find the best fit for your business.

By investing in a reliable time tracking system, you can ensure that you have a comprehensive view of employee hours and optimize workplace efficiency. 


What is the best employee time clock software? 

Choosing the best employee time clock software for your organization depends on several factors, including the size of your business, your reporting needs, and integration requirements.

Popular time clock software options include nTask, TimeClock Plus, Deputy, TSheets, and Replicon. Reading user reviews or speaking with a specialist can help you decide which software best suits your needs. 

What is the best free employee time tracking app? 

nTask is one of the best free employee time-tracking apps available.

It provides a comprehensive range of features to monitor employee hours and attendance, track vacation and sick leave, manage billable/non-billable hours, and more. Plus, it’s easy to use for both employees and managers alike! 

How do I track work hours in Excel? 

To track work hours in Excel, start by creating a table with columns for the date, number of hours worked and job description.

Enter the data for each day you have worked in its respective column. You can use functions such as SUM to add up all hours in your table if you need to calculate your total time worked over a certain period of time. 

Does Google have a Timeclock app? 

Google does not have a dedicated time clock app, but there are many third-party tools available that can be integrated with Google services to monitor and track employee hours. 

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