22 Best Timesheet Software for Employee Time Tracking in 2024

Best timesheet software

Time tracking is imperative for any company or business to help with budgeting and billing but also to ensure that work is done productively and that time is not being wasted.

With helpful timesheet software, this mundane task can be made easier and streamlined with other applications for the overall effective running of your company.

What is Time Tracking In a Timesheet Software?

Time tracking software is predominantly designed to allow individuals and businesses the ability to track the time, whether through time measurements or intervals, of how long it takes workers to perform tasks.

Depending on which tool you pick, software either only focuses on the time taken to complete a task, other software however encompasses a comprehensive project management service.

Time tracking software incorporates digital clock-punching features to measure how long a worker takes to complete a specific task or project.

The usual way time tracking tools work is that a user or worker selects the task they are working in, in the project, they are contributing towards and starts the timer. The timer will record how long it takes the worker to complete the task until they stop the timer.

Time spent on a task is usually then logged for future reference on some sort of timesheet. Certain tools allow users to edit logged time or even log future hours.

Project management tools that have a time tracking record these times and add them to reports and other locations such as graphs or dashboards. This allows project managers a better insight into how their workers are completing tasks and where time is being spent.

This data can be used in a multitude of ways. Invoices, reports, shift scheduling, and payment services all can benefit from this time recording.

Different Timesheet Software Time Tracking Features to Consider

Depending on the type and size of your business and the underlying reason you wish to use time tracking software, there are different features you should keep in mind when selecting the tool best fit you.

Features such as screenshot options for managers allow managers to keep track of how employees are progressing and working. The screenshot is usually blurred in the interest of hiding personal information, but the information is available allowing managers to determine whether an employee is engaged in personal or work activities.

Other features include being able to see a record of the keyboard and mouse activity of employees during their working hours.

Moreover, through GPS tracking certain tools allow you to monitor workers’ movements and enable you to require employees to snap selfies when they arrive at or leave locations.

Following on from GPS tracking, some tools allow for geofencing. This feature allows you to receive reminders when you are near or leaving a work location.

Moreover, with this, if ever an employee forgets their sign-in time the geofencing will allow them to check this data. Alternatively, geofencing can also automatically clock an employee in and out of work depending on their location.

Certain features, especially regarding GPS and geofencing require mobile apps. Some time tracking tools also are available on mobile applications and thus do not rely on a web browser, thus making the possibilities more inclusive of other features.

There are also reporting features available on certain time tracking software or even the vaster project management software that hold time tracking tools.

How to Choose Between Time Trackers?

The solution you choose depends on why, when, and what your company or business is looking for in tracking time.

When you are fully aware of the purpose behind time tracking for your company you will properly be able to determine which elements in a time tracker are important for you and which tools you need to integrate into your software to allow you the full benefit of the service.

Another consideration that is important to investigate is how much you are willing to spend on this kind of tool.

Moreover, you will want to consider the software currently being used in your company or business to determine whether the tool you select will integrate well.

22 Best Timesheet Software Available Online

Now that we have covered the basics behind time tracking and the features you need to consider when picking the tool best suited for you, let’s look into our top picks for the best timesheet software:

1. nTask


Our top pick for the best timesheet software is nTask. nTask is a project management software that provides everything you need to run your tasks and projects all in one platform.

The tool allows for easy online collaboration and is built around your needs. With nTask, all of a manager’s responsibilities and activities are seamlessly incorporated to make your life easier.


  • nTask allows for planning and budgeting
    • Options to track non-billable resources, initiatives and tasks within your project allow you to optimize your operations
    • Flexible provisions are available for T&M costs
    • You can set up reminders to be sent right to your inbox for when projects are nearing project depletion.
  • nTask allows for tracking of your projects, timesheets, meetings, etc all in one place
    • Automatic web timers allow you to set recurring tasks
    • The nTask mobile app allows you to track more effectively and stay updated even on the go
    • There are also options to update time entries manually to allow you to time track according to your needs.
  • Reporting options
    • One-click timesheet report submissions are available allowing teams to submit timesheets to managers and allowing remote teams to simplify this task
    • Easily assign a project manager to each of your projects on the tool
    • Team members can manually send timesheets for approval allowing you to avoid any potential bottlenecks
    • Team members also have the option to correct any errors in the times reported by withdrawing the sent timesheets
  • Your timesheets and tools are all integrated and sharable through nTask.


  • Basic plan for free
    • Issues tracking
    • Timesheets
    • Meetings
    • Unlimited tasks
    • Unlimited workspaces
    • Limit of 5 members per team
    • 100 MB storage
  • Premium $3 per month
    • Everything provided in the basic plan, plus
    • 5 GB storage
    • Projects
    • Gantt
    • Bulk Actions
    • Custom filters
  • Business plan for $8 per month
    • Everything provided in the premium plan, plus
    • 10 GB storage
    • Save custom filters
    • Risk management
    • Custom roles and permissions
  • Enterprise plan/Customizable plan
    • Everything in business, plus
    • Custom onboarding
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Dedicated cloud
  • App Logo
  • Skyrocket team productivity with nTask, it’s free!

    Manage all your tasks, projects, meetings, timesheets and more in one place. Sign up today!

2. Monday.com


Monday.com provides a single platform where workers can plan, track, and accomplish tasks in a collaborative space.

The software is a project management tool that provides teams a platform where they can work more efficiently and deliver project outcomes on time.

A favorite among project managers and teams, Monday.com is user friendly and easy to implement into the day to day of project management.

Moreover, because of its simple design and easy to use features, teams can get into the flow of using the software in half the time as compared to other tools that have complex features that take time to understand.


  • Switch timers on and off or enter time manually
  • Mobile app allows time tracking on the go
  • Manage your project and track time all in one app
  • Flexible reports allow you to see time data as you wish
  • Can be integrated with other tools


  • Basic plan for $9 per month per user
  • Standard plan for $12 per month per user
  • Pro plan for $19 per month per user
  • Customizable enterprise plan

3. Time Doctor

Time doctor

Time Doctor is a remarkable timesheet software with various tracking features in it. Launched by Staff.com in 2012, Time Doctor covers time tracking and employee monitoring.

Time Doctor is an automated tool for time tracking, allowing you to generate timesheets and helps visualization by creating reports.

The tool also claims to increase productivity. Time Doctor allows for automatic timekeeping. Workers will click a start timer button which will allow the tool to track how they are spending time on the task in real-time.


  • You can track your and your employees’ time and see what is done throughout a workday.
  • Time Doctor creates timesheets and allows for payroll setup
  • You have the option to align projects and budgets
  • Time Doctor allows you to view screenshots to determine real-time progress.
  • Time Doctor also creates daily and weekly reports breaking down employee engagement in detail
  • Distraction alerts let you know when you are getting distracted and keep you on track
  • The tool can take screenshots of employees’ computer screens as well as track mouse and keyboard activity levels
  • Time doctor can integrate with other project management software
  • Even offline progress can be monitored with Time Doctor
  • All information is private and secure


  • Basic plan for $7 per month per user
  • Standard plan for $10 per month per user
  • Premium plan $20 per month per user

4. Zoho Projects

Zoho projects

Zoho Projects is more oriented towards project-oriented teams and can work as a timesheet software. The tool along with time tracking has a strong focus on project management.

Zoho provides multiple software solutions for different needs but we will focus on Zoho Projects and it’s time tracking solution.


  • Zoho Projects allows for team member’s hours to be tracked and logged onto timesheets.
  • Timesheets allow for billing, determining a project’s progress as well as identifying bottlenecks
  • Convert your timesheets into invoices with the invoice integration feature
  • Comparative planning allows you to compare estimated and actual time spent by your team on tasks
  • The calendar in Zoho Projects allows you to see future tasks, milestones, and even bugs.


  • Free plan
  • Standard plan $3 per user per month
  • Express plan for $4 per month per user
  • Premium plan $5 per month per user
  • Enterprise plan $6 per user per month

5. Paymo


A Project management app, Paymo also integrates time tracking software into its tool.

Paymo provides a comprehensive overview of your team’s performance by streamlining project management, time billing, and work reporting all in one platform.


  • Paymo allows you to track the time taken to complete a task by providing an option to start and stop an in-built clock in the platform
  • Employees can log the time taken on a given task
  • Multiple time entries can be added into one screen
  • Working time can be tracked through Paymo’s desktop application
  • Paymo also allows you to track everything an employee does on a computer and link entries with other ongoing projects


  • Small office plan for $11.95 per month per user
  • Business plan for $18.95 per month per user

6. Tick

Tick Timesheet software

Tick allows you to track your time against a budget. This tool offers basic time tracking with Basecamp integration.

Tick allows for the time management software to be turned into an effective communication tool as well.


  • Enter your worked time on timecards.
  • Once a timecard is entered you can add notes, use reporting, and even get budget feedback.
  • Tick has in-built timers that allow for easy time tracking. You have the option of multiple timers as well.
  • Tick offers instant budget feedback and allows for employees to see the project and task’s budget. This allows for everyone to be aware of how much work is left to be done.
  • Being able to Integrate on different devices, time tracking becomes easy on the go.


  • 1 project plan for free
  • 10 project’s plan for $19 per month
  • 30 project’s plan for $49 per month
  • 60 project’s plan for $79 per month
  • Unlimited project’s plan for $149 per month

7. Toggl


Next up on our best timesheet software list is Toggl. It integrates with different project management systems and is a time tracking and employee timesheet tool.

Toggl’s functions are easy to use and simple in design allowing yourself and your team members to actually use the software and not shy away from it.


  • Toggl uses one-click timers
  • Never forget to track your progress with tracking reminders
  • Toggl integration options allow for time tracking to become part of your already set up systems
  • Option to input manual time entries
  • Possible calendar integrations allow for time entries to be input into your calendars
  • Reporting options allow you to review how to optimize your processes
  • Options to compare project progress with project dashboards
  • Toggl allows for you to assign billable rates according to the time you log in
  • Toggl also syncs with devices so you can time track on the go.


  • Starter plan for $10 per user per month
  • Premium plan for $20 per user per month
  • Customizable enterprise plan to suit your needs

8. ClickTime

Clicktime timesheet software

ClickTime is a time tracking solution that allows companies to track time in billable form and monitor employee progress.

ClickTime also claims to be able to improve productivity through the different features the tool offers.


  • ClickTime makes time tracking easy with timesheets that are simplified for easy use
  • Advanced project reporting features allows you to know whether a project is progressing according to plan and budget
  • Integration possible with other project management tools
  • Timesheet approval options
  • Payroll integration


  • Starter plan for $12 per user per month
  • Team plan for $16 per user per month
  • Premier plan for $28 per user per month
  • Customizable enterprise plan

9. Hubstaff


Purely a time tracking software, Hubstaff focuses on time tracking and employee monitoring.

Easily integrate with your current software, Hubstaff is an automatic timesheet tool that makes employee payment simple.


  • Time tracking through automated timesheets allow you to easily invoice clients and pay employees
  • Online reports allow you to optimize your company’s performance.
  • Screenshots and URL tracking allow for you to monitor productivity levels in your team
  • Time tracking can be done on the go with GPS tracking, allowing time to be monitored even when on work sites away from the office
  • Geofencing allows for you to never forget to update time with automated start and stop according to when your team gets to work
  • Create payrolls easily
  • Employee attendance tracker and team scheduling facilities
  • Offline time tracking options
  • Integrate with other software
  • Track holiday requests and time-off requests
  • Create better estimates and have a proper overview of projects with reports


  • free plan for single users
  • Basic plan for $7 per user per month
  • Premium plan for $10 per user per month
  • Enterprise plan for $20 per user per month

10. Tsheets


Tsheets was specifically created for time tracking on the go. Tsheets allows for time tracking from any device.

Therefore, Tsheets is perfect for remote teams or field sales and support teams.


  • Mobile app to track and submit time directly
  • GPS data allows for real-time tracking
  • Geofencing allows for automatic time updates upon location
  • Scheduling options, employers can update and publish schedules visible to employees from their devices.
  • Time clock kiosk with biometric facial recognition allows for accountability and attendance of employees
  • Alerts and notifications remind and update both employers and workers of time tracking
  • Customizable reports according to your needs


  • Elite plan for $10 per user per month
  • Premium plan for $8 per user per month

11. Rescue Time

Rescue time

Rescue Time is a time tracking and distraction blocking software that allows you and your team to work more productively and efficiently.

Rescue Time provides automatic time tracking allowing for detailed and comprehensive reports to be created without manual labor.

Rescue Time does not claim to be an employee monitoring software, complete control of the tool remains with the user.


  • Track time spent on apps, websites, and documents.
  • Provides detailed reports allowing you to analyze trends and get insight as to your worker’s habits
  • Offline time tracking options available with one-click timers
  • Focus time blocks pop up to block distracting websites so your employees don’t waste time
  • Can be integrated with other applications you use
  • Option to create goals and set real-time alerts


  • Time management software from $6 per month per user

12. Harvest


Harvest is easy to use and simple time tracking tool that allows for employees to log their work time effectively and the tool allows for fast invoicing and expense tracking, making the whole process comprehensive and streamlined.


  • Easily track time and expenses
  • Creates timesheets and converts the data into a more understandable summary for your ease
  • Creates intuitive visual reports
  • Billable time can be created into invoices that can be sent to clients


  • Free plan for 1 person and 2 projects
  • Pro plan for $12 per person per month

13. Timesheets.com

Timesheet dot com timesheet software

Timesheets.com is a simple timesheet software. The tool allows you to track time either automatically or manually input time.

Timesheets.com provides integrated expense tracking, scheduling tools, and HR tools.


  • Time clock for payroll
  • Features offered have security features attached for your convenience
  • Allows for time tracking for billing and job costing calculations
  • Flexible time entry options
  • GPS time tracking is available
  • Phot timestamps allow for you to save a photo of employees with every timestamp
  • Requests and supervisor approvals all in one platform


  • Freelancer plans for free
  • Standard plan for $4.50 per user per month
  • Nonprofit plan for $3.60 per user per month

14. Clockify


Clockify is a time tracker and timesheet app that allows you and your workers to track work hours during different projects.


  • Option to track time using a stopwatch or enter time manually
  • Can track time on projects
  • Can create billable hours
  • Create timesheets to have time tracked in one location
  • Dashboards allow you to have an overview of where time is being used and see what your team is up to
  • Create reports for a detailed view of the progress and productivity of your team
  • Works across different devices


  • Completely free

15. TMetric


With TMetric timesheet software you can track your time simply and accurately allowing you to focus on other tasks and not waste time in tedious admin work.


  • Time tracking with a timer or option to enter time manually
  • Option to bulk edit time entries for more accurate recordings
  • Idle detectors
  • Offline mode available
  • Tracks websites and apps usage
  • Creates detailed reports
  • Integrates with other applications


  • Free plan
  • Professional plan for $5 per month
  • Business plan for $7 per month

16. Everhour


Everhour is a time tracker perfect for teams and SMBs due to its impeccable time and project management features. With Everhour, you can set project budgets, track work hours, vacations and days off, invoice your clients and analyze various reports.

Everhour is packed with various integrations with project management and accounting tools such as Asana, Trello, ClickUp, Basecamp, Xero, Notion, Todoist, Monday.com, and many more.


  • Time tracking: time clock app, timesheet app, attendance tracker, work hours tracker
  • Billable and non-billable hours that can be used for payroll
  • Expenses tracking and invoicing 
  • Advanced reporting features


  • Free plan
  • Lite plan – $5/month (annual billing)
  • Team plan – $8.50/month (annual billing)

17. Ayoa


Ayoa is a task management app with an aim to improve creativity at work while improving productivity as well.

The software Ayoa provides time tracking facilities while also enhancing communication between workers. Therefore, the app is great if you are working in a team as it allows communication and collaboration.

Moreover, Ayoa can help you visualize you and your team’s work and allows you to follow how your tasks are progressing.


  • Mind mapping
  • Gantt timeline view
  • Visual task management
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Instant messaging
  • Ability to integrate with other software
  • Restrictions and security options
  • Track performance
  • Manage priorities


  • Basic plan for free
  • Pro plan is for $10 per month
  • Ultimate plan costs $13 per month
  • A customizable enterprise plan is available

18. TimeCamp

TimeCamp Timesheet

Managing timesheets is much easier with smart TimeCamp software.

But it’s not just another tool offering ordinary hours logging. TimeCamp is an automatic time tracker that records working hours and turns the data into comprehensive timesheet reports showing the team’s performance.

It helps you save the time that otherwise goes to waste by manually filling out timesheets and enable you to manage timesheet approvals.

Key features:

  • Project tree structure with tags
  • Billing rate
  • Timesheet approvals
  • Comments and feedback
  • Lock timesheets
  • Attendance module
  • Computer activity tracking
  • Custom user roles
  • Timesheet approvals


  • SOLO – free plan for single users,
  • Basic – starts at $5.25 user/mo,
  • Pro – starts at $7.50 user/mo,
  • Enterprise – for teams bigger than 50+ users, custom one.

19. BeeBole

beebole timesheet

Next up on our top timesheet software is BeeBole. It is easy to use time tracking and timesheet management software that can help in managing it on Google Suite. It offers a Google Timesheet app and useful for Office 365 too.

BeeBole gives you more flexibility in time tracking with real-time reporting. It gives you the ability to manage holidays and absences.

It can be used as an insight and business intelligence tool to get a view on your team efforts.

Key Features:

  • Easy time tracking
  • Timesheet approval
  • Attendance and absence management
  • Time report and auditing
  • Automated reminders
  • Multilingual app
  • Payroll manager


  • Free 30 Days free trial
  • Paid plan at €6.99 per user/month

20. Avaza


Avaza is a unified project and work management software for teams. The platform offers a range of features all within one solution to help keep your team on the same page.

One such functionality of Avaza is its timesheets and time tracking capabilities.

Avaza time tracking and timesheets functions provide an easy online time tracking solution that not only lets you and your team track the time they spend on different tasks but also use those tracked time to simplify billing and reporting.

The application is unique in that it allows you to track on any device. You can start tracking on your phone but close the timer on your tablet or other devices. Therefore, allowing you to track time no matter the device or location.

Key Features:

  • Billing portal
  • Budget management
  • Accounting features
  • Approval process control
  • Automatic time capture
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Calendar management


  • A Free plan is available
  • The Startup plan costs $9.95 per month
  • The Basic plan costs $19.95 per month
  • The Business plan costs $39.95 per month

21. Scoro


Scoro is a popular work management software that aims at providing its users with the ability to streamline their projects, automate billing, optimize utilization, and simplify quoting.

The tool comes equipped with a range of features for end-to-end work management including features such as time tracking, work, and task scheduling, collaboration tools, and more.

Key Features:

  • Cost-to-completion tracking
  • Collaboration tools
  • Budget management
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Contact management and database
  • CRM


  • The Essential plan costs $26 per user, per month
  • The Work Hub plan costs $37 per user, per month
  • The Sales Hub plan costs $37 per user, per month
  • The Ultimate plan is customizable. Contact Scoro’s sales team for pricing.

22. OfficeClip


OfficeClip Timesheet, Expense, and Time-Off tracking tools are designed for managing employees and projects in various organizations. It allows the creation of timesheets and expenses for multiple clients and projects and has an easy-to-use interface.  

This time-tracking software is an ideal solution and will provide you with all the required assistance to monitor employee time and project status, generate reports, track expenses, billing, invoice to track time-offs, and much more. This time recording app will help you know if your team is productive or not and whether they are making efficient use of time or not. 

Key Features: 

  • Clock-in Clock-out system: In/Out timesheet feature will ensure accurate tracking of time along with hours spent on a project, work details, and breaks. 
  • DCAA Compliance: This feature ensures filling up the timesheets as per the recommendations and guidelines set up by the DCAA. The DCAA-compliant timesheets help to prevent fraudulent billing. 
  • Integrations: Smooth integration with QuickBooks and ADP payroll system. 
  • Tracks Time-Offs: Track employees’ time-offs and calculate accruals for each leave category for smooth payroll processing. 
  • Billing and invoicing: Send and track invoices via our customer portal. You can also export timesheets and create invoices within the same module for billing purposes. 


  • The Standard edition is Free forever to use with unlimited users and time. 
  • The Online/Hosted version starts from $3/user/month 
  • The Installed version starts from $24/user/month 


We hope this list helped you to get an overview of some of the hottest timesheet software available right now.

Don’t forget to match up your company and project requirements before doling out cash on any of the aforementioned products.

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