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How To Use The KonMari Method For Efficient Project Management?

KonMari method is a minimalist approach to tidying things. the method can be effectively applied in your office setting to help you improve your performance. Read more…
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    Netflix’s 2019 series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo gave birth to our inner organizer, our very own Marie Kondo. The series was not only a commercial success but also gave rise to a whole movement of the systemic organization.


    The infamous KonMari method hooked us all and sucked us into this whirlpool of organization and micromanagement. People promptly started incorporating the method in their lives to create more space and get rid of the unwanted.


    KonMari method effectively declutters your surroundings and organizes everything in order. All of us, on some levels, have felt inspired by the efficiency of the method. Thousands have adopted the KonMari method to get rid of non-essentials, and efficiently manage their surroundings.


    While most of us have adopted and applied the method in our homes, how to use the KonMari method in the office? How efficient is the KonMari method in our offices? Is it as useful in project management as it is in organizing clothes or cutlery?


    Before we deal with the main issue, let us dive into the fundamentals of the KonMari method.


    What Is The KonMari Method?




    KonMari method was introduced by Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant. She has published four books on the art of organizing.


    Her most popular book Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Uppublished in 2011 gave rise to a cultural phenomenon, inspiring people to get rid of the excess and focus on the essentials.


    Moving on to the million-dollar question, what is the KonMari method?


    KonMari method is a method of organizing stuff around you. The method uses a minimalist approach to organize stuff.  The method puts emphasis on Tokimeku which literally translates to ‘flutter, throb, etc.’, meaning one should only keep the things that ‘spark joy’.


    Kondo’s method relies on getting rid of things that do not add value. When using the method, you must pile up everything in one place and then go by each item one-by-one. Identify the items that make your heart flutter and discard the rest.


    You have to move category-by-category. For example, all your clothes make up one category, books fall under a separate category, and so forth.


    KonMari mindset encourages tidying up by category and not by location. So, the emphasis is on ‘what’, not ‘where’.


    At this point, we would like to clarify that the KonMari method does not suggest throwing away your possessions or getting rid of the essentials rather it recommends keeping the things that actually matter and whose existence in your life actually makes a difference.


    Moving on to the next step, how to do the KonMari method?


    How To Do The KonMari Method?


    Follow the points listed below to implement the method in your life:

    • Discard unnecessary stuff
    • Change your mindset
    • Organize everything in one go rather than taking small steps
    • Declutter your storage; only keep the items you use regularly
    • Organize by category
    • Do not organize items haphazardly
    • Store similar items in one place
    • Identify if an item ‘sparks joy’ or not


    With the help of this method, you can not only declutter your house but can also purify your thought process and focus on the truly important things.


    You can also implement the same principles in your office. By following these simple steps, you can manage your office work as efficiently as you manage your household items.


    Using The KonMari Method In your Office


    Coming back to the questions we mentioned earlier i.e. how can you use this method in your office?


    If you are planning on organizing your office work using the KonMari method then you should start with the following steps:


    1. Tidy Your Desk




    The hordes of files, papers, and stationery scattered across your desk are visual evidence of your messy, chaotic mindset. First things first, make sure that your workplace is neat, clean, and organized.


    You can make organization easy by making it a team session. Gather all your team members and organize your desks together. Going by Marie Kondo’s methodology, you have to work category-by-category.


    Categorizing office items is not as difficult as you would think. To make things simple and easy, you can divide things into books, papers, pens, memos, etc. Once you have identified the categories, you can start with one category. For example, organize all the books in the office and then move on to the next category.


    Marie insists that you move in an orderly fashion, do not pick stuff at random. Proceed with order so that you can save your time, effort and actually get things done.


    Finding things that spark joy in your office might seem like an impossible feat but believe us, it is not as difficult as it seems. To identify those items, find out how often you use those things.


    For example, a paper clip you use frequently will be an important item while a file, you haven’t opened in ages needs to go into the paper shredder.


    2. Declutter Your Desktop




    Once you have tidied your environment, the next step is to bring the same neatness and clarity to your desktop.


    We are living in a digital age your desktop has to be as clean as your workspace since you spend almost half of your day in front of your PC. You cannot ignore the organization of digital items and leave them hanging.


    To stay on top of your A-game, organize your files into different categories and place documents in the order of priority. For example, you can categorize files into different folders. All the files belonging to one project can go in one folder, similarly, you can make more folders for other projects.


    You can also create subfolders for different types of attachments i.e. videos, pictures, word files, excel files, etc.


    Implement the same strategy in your inbox. Delete spam emails, adverts, and such. Flag important emails so that they do not get lost in the sea of unimportant emails.


    It is important to prioritize your files so that you can identify what’s important and promptly work on the stuff that needs your attention.


    3. Organize Your Projects Using The KonMari Method


    Now that you have decluttered your workplace and your PC, you need to do the same with your projects.


    Apply the method to your projects by dividing big projects into smaller chunks. You can, then assign each task to a specific team member. You can also set deadlines so that the project is completed on time.


    When organizing your projects and assigning tasks to your team member, give them the freedom to choose a task that sparks joy or help them find the motivation to complete the task.


    Do not force tasks on your team members, you might be able to get done with the project but will lose the fire that pushes him/her forward to keep moving forward.


    Make sure that all your team members feel the ‘flutter’, the ‘throb’ while doing their tasks. That way, they will be able to complete their tasks in time and will also become more efficient and productive.


    Does The KonMari Method Work?


    We will now look into the benefits of the KonMari method in project management:

    • Helps you get rid of unwanted tasks
    • Helps focus on the actually important tasks
    • Imbibes a new mindset in your coworkers
    • Team activity builds camaraderie
    • Sparks creativity via decluttering and organization
    • Visually satisfying
    • Helps prioritize tasks
    • Removes excessive items
    • Enhances productivity
    • Improves efficiency


    So, does the KonMari method work? Yes, it definitely does.


    Final Thoughts


    KonMari method is an efficient way of organizing your workplace. With the help of this method, you can make yourself more organized and focus on high-priority tasks first.


    Proper management also helps relieve stress. Once you have a decluttered and clean environment, you will be able to find everything easily and will also be able to process things quickly.


    Implement the method in your office today and enjoy the orderly presence of things that ‘spark joy’ in your life.


    Let us know how the method helped you efficiently manage your projects in the comments down below.

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