9 Best Project Management Apps for iOS and Android in 2020

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Fred Wilson explores 8 of the best project management apps for iOS and Android in 2020.


The right project management apps can make your tasks a whole lot easier. Almost every year new project management apps are launched; some are a hit while many go into the oblivion. Project Management apps work well if they are differentiated by their services or by several integrations in one app suite,


In this review, we’ll be covering 8 of the best project management apps for iOS and Android in 2020.


Best Project Management Apps for iOS and Android in 2020


Here is a list and detailed analysis of the best project management apps currently being used by the top blue-chip conglomerates in the world:

  1. nTask
  2. Monday.com
  3. HubStaff Tasks
  4. Asana
  5. TeamWeek
  6. Trello
  7. Basecamp
  8. MeisterTask
  9. Casual PM


Comparison Chart of Best Project Management Apps in 2020


Project Management AppPlatformTeam SizePrice
iOS, Android, Web-BasedSmall, Medium & LargenTask has a basic (free) version as well as paid plans,
Premium Plan: $3.99 per month,
Business Plan: $11.99 per month,
Enterprise: Contact the nTask support team to get a quote.



Web-Based, Android, iOS, Mac, WindowsSmall, Medium & LargeBasic Plan: $49/month,
Standard Plan: $59/month, Pro Plan: $99/month, Enterprise: Contact the Monday.com team.



Web-Based, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome ExtensionSmall, Medium & LargeFree Plan,
Basic Plan: $7/user/month,
Premium: $10/user/month,
Enterprise: $20/user/month.



iOS, AndroidSmall, Medium & LargeBasic: Free of Cost,
Premium: $13.49/monthly,
Business: $30.49/monthly,
Enterprise: Contact Sales.

Team Week


iOS, Web-BasedSmall, Medium & LargeTeamWeek has a free plan, in addition:
Premium: $9/user/month.


Trello Logo


Web, iOS, AndroidSmall, Medium & LargeBasic free plan,
Business plan: $9.99/user/month,
Enterprise: $20.83/user/month,


Basecamp Logo


Web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, iPadSmall, Medium & LargeBasic free plan for personal use,
Business plan: $99/month flat fee.


meistertask logo

Web, iOS, Android, Mac, WindowsSmall and Medium-sized businessesBasic free plan,
Pro plan: $4.19/user/month,
Business: $10.39/user/month,

Casual PM

Casual PM Logo

Web, iOS, and AndroidStartups and Medium-sized businessesFree plan.


Here is the detailed review and comparison of each project management app:


1) nTask




nTask is an online free project management app that’s built around your needs, and it’s free.


From making checklists to managing projects, collaborating with project teams, scheduling meetings, sharing files and more, nTask lets you do everything using just one tool. nTask is a state of the art project management app.


We won’t exactly call it a “hybrid” program, but it does seem to blend several components nicely. nTask offers collaboration tools via in-app messages & Slack integration followed by time tracking, multi-task management, and recurring activities.


For a quick overview of basic features, users can sign up for a Free Basic Plan.


Price: Free (*Available Via Basic Plan), $3.99 Premium Plan Per User/Per Month, $11.99 Business Solution Per User/ Per Month


  • App Logo
  • The confidence and flexibility you need with a project management software

    Manage tasks, teams, projects, meetings, and more with nTask. It’s free – no questions asked.



2) Monday.com


monday projects


For teams with varied groups of individuals within a team using this project management app to coordinate everything from detailed printing requests, web and online projects to translation flow. Monday.com makes all of this easy to execute and collaborate on.


It is extremely easy to create a “Board”, add participants and follow-up on any progress on multiple tasks with ease.

You can easily attach different file formats and tag users to have a look at them to ensure that they are updated on the latest work within the team.


Email notifications ensure that all team members are notified of all the important tasks at hand, making it a wonderful project management app.


One of the major cons of this app is that it does not offer a repeating task or scheduled task option.


Price: Basic starts at $49/month, Standard plan starts at $59/month, Pro plan starts at $99/month

3) Hubstaff


hubstaff project


Hubstaff starts at $7 per user per month and focuses almost exclusively on time tracking features.


This project management app splits the focus by adding employee monitoring capability, such as keystroke monitoring. The interface for most users is user-friendly. The percentage of movement and work is available, so you kind of have an idea of whether a specific worker is idle or not.


Hubstaff can capture 3 random screenshots every ten minutes which keeps the employees on their toes. Overall, we believe Hubstaff is a time tracking, payment management, and employee monitoring app, it does a great job.


We found Hubstaff to be the easiest to use and responsive app. One major con is that working with Hubstaff can get on your nerves because of the activity system in place.


Price: Basic starts at $5/user/month


4) Asana




For lots of reasons, project management app enthusiasts love Asana. Asana is a top project management app that supports team manage all kinds of tasks. Flexibility and the capacity of these tools make the initial set up time worth it.


Asana specializes in workflow management, but it also controls and facilitates task management. Having said that no one should consider Asana as a full-on project management app.


So, what is Asana? It differs mainly from a traditional project management app namely due to its lack of structure. In the case of Asana, there are as many custom ways of using the app as there are predefined ways.


Before introducing Asana to your entire organization, a group of administrators needs to make a final decision on how Asana will be utilized and implemented within the organization.


Asana is available on the web and via the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.


Price: Basic (free), Premium ($13.49 per person per month), Business ($30.49 per person per month) & Enterprise.



5) TeamWeek


teamweek project


TeamWeek (now called Toggl Plan) serves small and medium-sized teams in need of better workflow management.


It is an easy to use visual planning app for project management. It provides quick information about tasks, teams and the timelines involved. It includes helpful color codes, checklists, and notifications, with a drag and drop feature.


TeamWeek is easy to use and there are tons of support documents to facilitate your learning of the project management app. TeamWeek allows users to view all the parts of a big single project together, tasks and the assignees.


Price: Team up to 5 people ($0/month), $35/month (Team up to 10 people). You can view all the pricing plans on the TeamWeek website.  


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6. Trello




Trello is easy to use, flexible and one of the top web-based project management apps available in the market.


It’s ideal for companies of any size and for almost any industry. Trello may be used on desktop or mobile as well. You can easily manage your projects on the Kanban boards and make your own workflows easily.


The core browsers supported by Trello are Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE. Moreover, it provides multiple integrations most importantly with Microsoft Teams. You can collaborate on your tasks and projects with your team from any location. Trello can ideally be used for your personal to-do list app and even for big professional projects.


Price: Basic (free), Business ($9.99 per person per month), Enterprise ($20.83 per person per month)



7. BaseCamp




Basecamp is probably the most well-known project management app available in the market.


It allows you to manage projects that act as a central point for all things and contain features such as notes, to-do lists, files attachment, and many more. It is quite a user-friendly application to manage your projects and offers a 30-days free trial period with no credit-card commitment required. After that, the Basecamp plan is priced at $99 per month (flat fee with as many users).


You can utilize project management apps like Basecamp for any team size. You can use it as a team communication tool to collaborate on your projects with Basecamp. In the paid plan, you get 500GB of storage, project templates, unlimited team members and project creation, priority support, and advanced client access.


Price: Basic personal with limited features (free), Business plan ($99 per month).


8. MeisterTask


Meister Task


MeisterTask recently hit our radar as a handy project management app for mobile users. It offers a seamless user experience for project managers on the iOS platform.


Starting with the project management aspect, users can create projects; add teams to it, and allocate tasks to initiate the workflow. Followed by that, you can create multiple project boards to simultaneously overlook different project timelines.


To further add to productivity, MeisterTask allows users to work in offline mode. The next time they get an internet connection, all their work is synced to its latest state. Yes, these features are available for use on the iOS platform. And there’s plenty more where that came from.


Price: Basic Free plan, Pro plan at $4.19 per user, Business plan at $10.39 per user. 



9. Casual PM


Casual PM


Also known as ‘Casual’, this application is a blend of simple, but effective, project management tools. And yes, besides a robust desktop edition, there is an iOS version too for users on the go.


Aside from project management, Casual is also reportedly used by a large user community in the event planning industry. For instance, Starfinder Co. needed a simple tool with an organic learning curve. They surveyed the market and chose Casual.PM because it has the robustness of features that make teamwork and collaboration a gentle breeze.


As far as the actual project management aspect is a concern, you can plan tasks, create them, and deploy work by creating flowcharts. It’s a very unusual approach to creating tasks, but it does wonders for many users who aren’t tech-savvy.


The iOS dedicated app comes with a dashboard view of visual tasks and ongoing projects. You can also access other essential features to keep the workflow functionality going on.


The only setback to Casual.PM is a bit of complexity that kicks in when setting up big projects. However, if your projects are not too lean on details, this app is perfect.


Price: Free




Project management apps are a lifesaver for organizations that want to get productive and meet their project goals. Do you have any project management apps suggestions? Share them with us in the comments.



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