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13 Best Applications and Tools for Startups to Grow Quickly

Want to grow your startup using the most suitable tech stack? Check out this post where we analyzed the best apps and tools for startup you can start using today for quick expansion.
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    The organizational paradigm is booming with the advent of new businesses around the world almost every other day. When we talk about companies transitioning to new technologies from scalability points of view, one cannot deny the importance of tools for startups.


    To that effect, we have a handy list of different tools for startups and applications that businesses can use to expand, grow, and increase productivity tenfold.


    So, let’s dive into it. Read on…


    13 Applications and Tools for Startups


    Here is a list of tools and applications for startups that we are going to highlight in this post.


    1. nTask


    nTask Do it Right New Home


    First of all, a startup always needs project management software to enable risk mitigation & handling, task management, time scheduling, etc. For such activities, these companies require a robust tool that centralizes everything without causing the users to switch back n’ forth between different applications.


    This is where nTask comes in; it’s one of the best tools for startups looking to grow fast.


    nTask is an incredible task management and time management tool that helps project managers and the project development teams alike in their daily professional activities.


    And trust me, time management and project management are very important features that you need as a business that is just starting out because you need to find your center and when you do that, the rest is going to be easy.


    Also, the application provides features like risk management and meeting management, that help in weeding out the scope creeps and the risks associated with your newly founded business, and also manage all of the meetings that you have with your team members and the stakeholders.




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    • Manage your startup all in one place

      Create tasks, meetings, projects, timesheets, and boards. Sign up today!


    2. Clarity


    Clarity fm


    The next name on our list of tools for startups is Clarity.


    In the ever-changing market of today, it doesn’t matter that you have just started your business or if you are a seasoned veteran; everybody needs advice at some point in their professional journey. That’s where Clarity comes in.


    The application is the place where you receive valuable pieces of advice from many different industry experts that are working in various branches of the paradigm.


    This advice and the overall connection help you to stay connected with many different experts around the globe and also helps you to sharpen your focus and think differently about your business strategies to generate more value.



    • You can use the service for as low as $1/minute on phone calls with the experts


    3. Mindmeister




    Mindmeister tool for startups is an incredible mind-mapping solution for your brainstorming sessions to generate more ideas to grow your business.


    The application also helps you to collaborate and communicate with your team members, allowing you to turn your mind maps into amazing workable slideshows.



    • The basic plan of the application is free but if you want to purchase a subscription that has some incredible features to facilitate you and your team, then you need to pay $4.99


    4. Just In Mind


    Just in mind


    If you are a brand-new business owner looking for an incredible prototyping solution for all of your web and mobile applications then you need Just In Mind. The application has fully interactive prototypes that can bring life to all of the static designs that you have sitting in your library just waiting to shine.



    • The application’s Professional subscription is available to purchase at $19/month


    5. Product Hunt


    Product Hunt


    If you are a startup and you need to set the stage for your application to shine from day one, then Product Hunt is the platform for you. For context, the reason we referred to Product Hunt as a “platform” is that it’s more of a centralized hub for all things tech.


    As one of the best tools for startups, Product Hunt showcases different tools and software on a daily basis, and their audience is an interested crowd of tech-savvy geeks. So, your product is going to get the publicity it needs, pretty well here.



    • You can signup on the platform for free and showcase your product, but that publicity is going to cost you some pennies in the long run, so be ready for that.


    6. Press Kite




    We see every day in the organizational paradigm that some of the most amazing startups which are creating quite a buzz in the market have no press kit for their business to provide to the journalists and as a result that buzz dies down pretty quickly.


    If you are in that position then you need Press Kite. The application helps you to send your press kit to your desired journalists so that you can enjoy the much-needed press coverage to enhance your business outreach.



    • The application has 3 different price plans and the starting price is $9.


    7. Hootsuite




    Moving on with our list of tools for startups, Hootsuite comes off as a social media marketing tool that has an easy UI and affordable price plan. In return, you can grow your online business without draining your budget pool dry.


    The application also helps you to measure your ROI on all of your social media outreach campaigns and marketing ads, so that you can track how much money you are spending against the value you are receiving from that money being spent.



    • The paid pricing of Hootsuite for your startup starts at $19/month.


    8. Google Analytics


    Google Analytics


    Google Analytics is an incredible online tool that helps you to track the online traffic that is coming to your website or your online platforms on a daily basis.


    The application also helps you to track the strategies that are working or not, resulting in your money being spent on the right things that are actually going to make you money.



    • The service is free if your online presence doesn’t exceed 5 million impressions per month.


    9. SquadHelp


    Squad help


    Starting a business is hard and one of the things that make that journey arduous is naming your business. If you are also suffering from that, then you need SquadHelp.


    The application helps you to name your business and also helps you to name your service or product you are providing, and also the books that you are writing or an app that you are developing.



    • The application is currently priced at $199/contest.


    10. Balsamiq




    Balsamiq is a great tool to have if you need to get rid of bad user interfaces from your overall project or product. The application also helps you to build different websites and software that are intuitive and easy to use.



    • The application has different price plans but the most affordable one is priced at $9/month


    11. Beta List


    Beta list


    Beta List is a pre-launch system that helps you and your start-up business to reach the glory it deserves. The application helps your business to gain the traction it needs to shine in this ever-changing market.



    • The paid pricing of Beta List starts at $129.


    12. Cloudways




    Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that helps your business to gain substantial growth in the overall market and also lets you take care of your website hosting needs.



    • The application can be yours for as low as $10/month.


    13. MailChimp


    Mailchimp - tools for small business


    MailChimp is a favorite when it comes to digital marketing. Don’t believe us? Just remember that the application was used to send over 205 billion emails in a single day during 2015. That says a lot.


    This is also why it is a highly recommended tool for startups that need to send thousands of emails a day to increase the outreach of their business.



    • The paid pricing of MailChimp starts at $9.99/month.




    These were our top picks for the best tools for startups that you can use to grow your up-and-coming business. If you think that we didn’t mention an important application in the article, then do let us know and we will check it out asap.

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