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    Introducing nTask for Android and iOS

    Project management has come a long way. After a continuous journey of trials and errors, it has evolved into frameworks, best practices, and well-made instruments. We’re excited to announce nTask for Android and iOS phones. Among the numerous tools out there that can make a project manager’s life easy, you may want to look into […]

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    2 MIN READ

    Introducing Team Management in nTask

    According to various recent surveys, the top three requirements that project managers look for in software are reliability, ease of use, and integration. It all sums down to offering team management in nTask through viable options. Project managers need reliable tools that make project management not only easier but also trackable, in a way that […]

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    How to encourage feedback learning at work?

    When you think of feedback learning at work, those yearly assessments and feedback forms flash across your mind. Although these annual performance reviews are helpful, it can also be helpful for managers to look beyond them. Employees want their work to be recognized. They want to know how they’re doing and if what they do […]

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    3 reasons why unplanned meetings do more harm than good

    Meetings are an intrinsic part of professional life. Meetings provide employees the opportunity to share ideas, network, improve their understanding of each other, and update employees and management alike on new developments. However, when meetings are unplanned, they disrupt the entire work environment. Without a set meeting agenda, it is difficult to know whose attendance […]

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    5 ways to improve your quality assurance

    Quality assurance (QA) not only confirms the quality of your software but also ensures smooth business operations. Effective quality assurance allows businesses to begin to trust your name as a symbol of quality and recommend your products to others. Imagine that your QA department fails. Complaints begin to flood in. Your products receive bad reviews […]

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    Integrate nTask with Slack – a step-by-step guide

    We are super excited to announce that now you can also integrate nTask with Slack, the powerful team messaging tool that makes work more productive through conversations and file exchange. nTask and Slack put together to give you added flexibility in creating tasks, projects, and teams. So, let’s get started. Overview Now that you have […]

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    10 ways to boost cross team collaboration for greater project success

    Cross-team collaboration is a critical component of project success. Now that teams often consist of many individuals in different time zones, effective teamwork and the ability to collaborate effectively is one of the most necessary skills for project success. Here are 10 ways to ensure your cross-team collaboration is successful: 1. Use the right tool(s) […]

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    Meet the all-new nTask: Task Management Software for Teams

    We are so excited to share with you the all-new nTask – Task management Software; a revamped tool for project managers. According to research, two-thirds of all the companies from around the world are communicating with clients using a project management software or a standard collaboration tool. Until a few years ago, project management applications […]

  • Using Simple To-Do List to Solve your Biggest Problems
    2 MIN READ

    Using Simple To-Do List to Solve your Biggest Problems

    Between the internet, cell phones, and all sorts of other technology, business today is entirely different than it has been. Projects are bigger, results are faster (even for the competition), and the corresponding workload associated with a successful company is larger than ever. To be sure, even relatively simple tasks require ample attentiveness and multi-faceted […]

  • Agile Project Management for Non-Software Projects Why and How
    2 MIN READ

    Agile Project Management for Non-Software Projects: Why and How

    Even though the concept of agile project management is usually associated with software development projects,  it offers the same value when managing non-software projects. The amazing thing about agile project management is that while it drives governance and discipline in every phase of the project it can easily handle changes along the way. Agile project […]