• Customer-data-platforms
    7 MIN READ

    13 Best Customer Data Platforms For Agile Teams

    Customers have always been an integral part of every business. They are valid drivers of your growth and success. Thus, having an optimized and seamless customer data platform is pivotal for every organization. With the advancement of technology and increased digitalization, many platforms have emerged to effectively manage customers. Thus, handling your customer database and […]

  • 7 MIN READ

    What Is a Project Plan in Business?

    No one likes working in a mismanaged, confused, unfocused and unorganized environment. True, right? Planning is the core principle of a project. So, are you confused about what a project plan is in business? Well then, you’ve come to the right spot. As tempting as it might sound to be overly spontaneous and impromptu with […]

  • top-workforce-management-software
    7 MIN READ

    Top 8 Workforce Management Software Of 2022

    When working within an organization, you have to keep regular checks on the employees and their work. Not only that, but employers also have to keep an eye on payroll systems, employee scheduling, onboarding, tracking, and much more. Since managing the workforce is such a complex and demanding job, one cannot simply rely on manual […]

  • measure-ecrum-effort-points
    7 MIN READ

    Scrum Effort Points – What Are They and Their Importance in Story Point Meetings

    Newton is the SI unit of force, the current is measured in amperes, and the temperature has three measurements; Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin. Don’t worry, we won’t teach you Physics today, but think about it, we have standard units to measure almost everything on this planet, so what about our efforts? Are our efforts measurable? […]

  • scrum-master-role
    7 MIN READ

    The Role and Importance of Scrum Master in Daily Standup Meetings

    Scrum Master role, like the one heading daily standup meetings, is not to be trifled with. In fact, the part pushes a lot of weight on the individual, especially since he is responsible for many things and has to manage everything on his own. Scrum master is the person who ensures that all Scrum guidelines […]

  • web-development-management-software
    7 MIN READ

    7 Best Web Development Management Software To Use In 2022

    Creating a website is one of the most basic and prime elements. As a web designer, sometimes you might feel overwhelmed with many tasks and their complexities. Therefore, to keep everything aligned, web development software is a must. Now you must be wondering if there a really a web development management software available? Well, yes. […]

  • hire-a-virtual-project-manager
    7 MIN READ

    9 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Virtual Project Manager To Grow Your Business

    Are you already planning to hire a project manager? Or, are you wondering if a virtual project manager can help you successfully execute your dream project? Whatever is on your mind, we can help you navigate further if you are dealing with these questions. Project managers can help you with the delicate and timely execution, […]

  • organizing-marketing-campaigns
    7 MIN READ

    Organizing Marketing Campaigns with nTask – Your Favourite Project Management Tool In Action

    Marketing Campaigns have been a part of the business world for a long time now. However, with rising competition and inventions, organizing marketing campaigns that are not only attractive but also result-driven is hard. Whether, it is Nike’s “Just Do it” or Wendy’s “Where’s the beef”, brands have been coming up with tons of creative […]

  • workflow-diagrams
    7 MIN READ

    A Quick Guide to Creating Awesome Workflow Diagrams for Your Projects

    Sometimes your usual ways of working might not be enough, it might not reap the results you want or fail to fulfill the demands of the stakeholders the way they want. In times like these, all you need is a workflow diagram. Sometimes having a simple workflow diagram might be the answer you are so […]

  • do's-and-don'ts-of-project-cost-management
    7 MIN READ

    10 Do’s & Don’ts of Project Cost Management

    Been stuck in a position where your calculated numbers just don’t add up? Unexpected costs, events, and miscalculations can take your project down the hill in no time. This is where project cost management jumps in. Cost management helps you to mitigate the risk of any surprise costs and budget constraints. However, you must know […]