• cost-estimation-in-project-management
    7 MIN READ

    Cost Estimation in Project Management – An Introductory Guide for PMs

    Big surprises in the budget are never something we are all fond of. It just puts the whole project off track and demotivates the team, too, more like reverse gear. Thus, cost estimation in project management is essential for predicting the project’s scope. The big difference of a project with and without cost estimation is […]

  • address book software
    7 MIN READ

    Keep It Organized with Top 9 Online Address Book Software for CSRs And Agile Teams

    The sole focus of a CSR’s job is engaging clients and making as many sales as possible. They have to get in touch with as many prospects as possible, be it over the phone, email, or social media to market their company’s goods and services and attract as many clients as they can. This feat […]

  • time-tracking-for-freelancers
    7 MIN READ

    4 Best Time Tracking Tools for Freelancers

    Time is the most critical factor that you can’t overlook as a freelancer. You live and die by the time you promise the assignment or the project to your client, and if you don’t deliver the required work over to the client, then all of your hard work goes to waste, and there is no […]

  • how-to-choose-collaboration-software
    7 MIN READ

    How to Select the Best Collaboration Software for Your Business

    Collaboration should make work easier. Unfortunately, there are times when it does the exact opposite. If that’s the case, it’s a sure sign that your current collaboration tools and strategies aren’t effective. Make sure that you invest in the best collaboration software for your business to make collaboration more successful and convenient. Nowadays, businesses are […]

  • professional-service-automation-software
    7 MIN READ

    Professional Services Automation Software – What are they, and who benefits from them?

    As we see in the market nowadays that much different software can perform project management processes for you, some can time track your entire team’s tasks and techniques. Some can even help you collaborate with all of your team members from around the world. This is all well and good, but if you want to […]

  • project-closure
    7 MIN READ

    8 Steps to Ensure Speedy Project Closure on a High-End Deadline

    Starting with a project is easy but wrapping it up effectively is tiresome and challenging. When it comes to project closure, we procrastinate or don’t do it all. Truth be told, we mostly don’t find time and energy to properly put the whole project to bed. So, we tend to skip it. However, project closure […]

  • manage-a-marketing-team
    7 MIN READ

    How to Manage a Marketing Team as a Project Manager?

    The rapid evolution in the structure and processes of digital marketing has left project managers with constant thought on how to manage a marketing team while squeezing out its full potential. This is a rather compelling yet critical matter. The modern digital era has changed the working environment considerably, and it keeps on evolving. Such […]

  • go-no-go-decisions
    7 MIN READ

    Go/No Go Decision – What Is It and How Does It Work in Project Management?

    Project management is a tricky business, the slightest negligence on your part can set off a chain reaction ultimately ending in failure. To make sure everything is prim and proper through and through, you can use the Go/No Go decision. Go/ No Go decision determines whether a project is worth all the effort and investment […]

  • agile-methodology-stages
    7 MIN READ

    6 Agile Methodology Stages You Need to Be Aware Of

    Agile methodology is becoming more and more important and popular in modern workspaces. The complexity of projects and the need for continuous modifications have shifted the project management methodology from traditional to agile. However, to thrive agile methodology in your organization, you need to have an adaptive and flexible team to sudden changes and new […]

  • project-based-learning
    7 MIN READ

    What Is Project-Based Learning (PBL)? Your 2022 Getting Started Guide

    Albert Einstein once said, ‘I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.’ and that forms the very core of project-based learning. Practice and actual implementation are at the heart of this approach. Project-based learning involves active participation from individuals. They learn by actually interacting and engaging […]