The 33 Best Project Management Blogs to Follow in 2024


Project management is evolving with time. With the numerous tools, technologies, applications, and frameworks that are shaping project management for the modern world, it is important to stay ahead.

Project managers need to consistently learn new techniques and best practices to optimize their work processes and project cycles. However, with so much information, tips, and tricks on the internet in the form of articles, blogs, videos, and infographics, it can be a tad bit difficult to decide which sources of information to follow and trust.

Here is a list of the 33 best project management blogs we have hand-picked for you so you can work towards more efficient project deliveries in 2024.


First on our list of the best project management blogs is This site is all about making project managers more successful. It is a community created for project managers related to all industries.

This blog offers expertise and information from a wide range of project management experts and professional. It includes how-to articles, information related to certifications and much more.

2. A Rebel’s Guide to Project Management

Created and run by Elizabeth Harrin, an expert in project management, this blog gives a woman project manager’s perspective. She decided to begin her blog journey after the realization that there were not enough women to write about project management.

Harrin attempts to help people, especially women to deliver projects confidently. She provides news updates, opinions from her own insights and experiences as well as covers project management events.

3. Productivity Land

If you’re looking for one blog that you can look up to for advice regarding productivity and project management software in particular, look no further than Productivity Land.

Frank and Steve test out different apps and tools, write in-depth reviews, articles, lists and more. Productivity Land can be your trusted go-to source to search for all the tech you need to up your project management game.

You will enjoy reading their detailed unbiased reviews that adhere to strong editorial guidelines.

4. Capterra Project Management Blog

Capterra is a useful blog that gives extensive information on project management tools as well as statistics and figures. Along with reviews and insights, Capterra stands provides articles, reports, and guides to help you find the right software in over 500 categories to make project management easier.

5. Yodiz Project Management Blog

Yodiz is one of the best project management blogs for you if you are looking for a site that has comprehensive information about Agile project management. This site is a source of knowledge regarding Agile frameworks and relevant information on project management or software development. It is an all in one source for everything with reference to Agile (Scrum, Kanban, Lean).


If you are looking for tips, tricks, and quick hacks to navigate through your project management, PMStudent by Margaret Meloni is the blog I recommend.

Her background in IT Project Management and PMO Leadership enables Margaret to understand that managing projects can be difficult. PMStudent is a great resource if you are looking for quick solutions to common problems faced during the project development cycle.

P.S. Margaret is also a frequent guest on The Project Management Podcast where she talks about productivity, project management, collaboration and more.

7. Age of Product – Agile best practices

If you want to learn about the tools, practices, and insights on Agile product development, look no further. Find all the information you need on Scrum, Kanban and Lean Startup, dual-track Agile and relevant best practices on this blog.

8. nTask Project Management Blog

Discover the trending scoops and must-knows of the world of Agile Software development and Management, by paying nTask blog a quick visit each week. The nTask blog features insightful information for agile teams, project managers, developers, and potential entrepreneurs on productivity, collaboration, management tools, and project management. Fred Wilson is the writing specialist for nTask Blog.

9. The Lazy Project Manager

This blog is run by Peter Taylor, who is the author of two best-selling books on ‘Productive Laziness’ – ‘The Lazy Winner’ and ‘The Lazy Project Manager’. This blog is created for project managers who may be working a little too hard in their field. Taylor, through his blog, suggests easier ways of getting projects done while balancing work and life.

10. PM Basics – Project Management Blog

Through this blog, Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy provides tips and tricks on project management, in-depth articles on best practices and approaches, leadership as well as Agile frameworks. It is especially useful with tips and advice for beginner project managers with out-of-the-box methods. So, if you are an aspiring project manager, this blog is for you.

11. The Tao of Project Management

John Carroll is the author of The Way of the Project Manager. His book focuses on a Taoist approach to surviving in the project management industry. The articles in this blog are based on this book and are great resources for anything you need to know about project management.

12. Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice

This site has one of the most brutally honest titles regarding project management, which, rightfully so, captures our attention. However, there is more to this blog than just a catchy title that has gotten us enlisting it among the best project management blogs.

Written by Kiron Bondale, who is a proud owner of multiple accolades and years of experience in the project management arena, this blog is a resource documented straight from his vast experience of working with various projects. Kiron understands first-hand the ease of project management practices in theory and equal difficulty in implementation.

Based on his knowledge, he tries to impart information in a way that focuses on prevailing frameworks and models, focusing on different elements especially related to Agile, all the while giving an insight to ideas and discussions by other authors and project managers.

13. The Green Project Management Blog

This clean and green blog has been cited as one of the top 25 ranked project management blogs. Written and maintained by project managers having years of project management experience, this is one of the best project management blogs you can bookmark today to learn lessons straight from experience.

These lessons can be utilized to learn the basics of project management and troubleshoot everyday practical project management problems through the tools and techniques that promote efficiency and cost effectiveness in your projects.

Other than blogs and article series, you can get your hands on free and paid e-books and guides on this site that can prove to be major assets in your project management journey.

14. Gina Abudi

This project management blog, written by Gina Abudi, has to be one of the richest project management resources out there that you can safely buckle up as one of the best project management blogs.

Here’s why: Gina is the President of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) Massachusetts Bay Chapter Board of Directors, which is in the top 6% of all chapters worldwide by size and one of the largest in the United States.

Other than keynotes at corporate events, conferences, and forums on project management, process management, and management/leadership topics, Gina shares information and experience through her blog as well as LinkedIn discussion groups.

She has numerous blogs stemming from categories including team building, business process management, leadership, change management, HR and many more.

15. The Digital Project Manager

This attractively designed, colorful project management blog is a winner due to its fun interface that definitely does not compromise on the treasure of information it has to offer. With a huge variety of posts regarding project management in the form of:

  • podcasts,
  • how-to guides,
  • guides on project planning and management tools,
  • resources for Agile project management,
  • communication,
  • change management,
  • risk management,
  • time management, and more

What’s more? This blog also offers training pertaining to different areas in the project management field. Go on, and save this now as one of your best project management blogs.

16. Project Management Tips

No matter what our skill and experience level, we all need a handy tool for tips and tricks to use in our daily project management activities.

This blog, written by a number of well-groomed project management professionals, provides information on multiple aspects of project management including basic concepts, project planning, reporting, issue resolution, risk management, data visualization, new trends in project management and a lot more.

Just type in the relevant word in the search box on the main page and find a number of blogs and resources showing tips and tricks relevant to your project queries.

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17. Project Lab

The Project Lab is primarily a consultancy that works with businesses and provides project management professionals and business analysts. Instead of offering articles, tips and tricks about project management generally, their blog exhibits documented information regarding project management scenarios in the form of case studies.

Each case study presents the situation at hand and how it was approached. The best part about these case studies is that instead of writing in depth detail in ultra long articles, the Project Lab gives a concise yet interesting detail with animated images.

This saves time and you get to learn more in less time. Bookmark this project management blog to keep learning about the practical side of the project management industry through real life accounts.

18. Musings on Project Management

John Good Pasture has over two decades of experience including program management and project coaching.

In his blog, John sheds light on a number of various project management and team building facets in a short but fun manner that definitely intrigues the reader not only to stay on the article but to have a glance at more resources. Instead of throwing around a strong, formal list of vocabulary suited to experienced professionals, each article is written in an informal, conversational tone that leaves the reader comfortable no matter a novice at project management or a veteran solution provider.

Do check this best project management blog to gain valuable information that will not only help you clarify project management ambiguities but also give you ideas to improvise along the way.

19. ProjectSmart

If you are a project manager that has a knack for research but does not enjoy jumping from one site to the other, check out ProjectSmart as a wholesome resource for your major project management queries.

This is one of our best project management blogs owing to its sleek and professional interface, a huge array of resources under various categories including but not limited to project management best practices, team building, project planning and requirements gathering, risk management, and project monitoring.

Use its powerful search tool to look for an article and find resources that fit your need to become one of the top project managers in your field.

20. The IIL Blog

IIL is one of the leading organizations globally to offer consulting, training, coaching and customized course development for various companies. With contributions from multiple project management professionals and experts with knowledge dominating the project management industry, the IIL offers a rich blog that is yet another resource for looking at the different shades of project management.

We would term it as one of the best project management blogs that will come your way as it offers you enough resources to broaden your knowledge on project management in general, Agile practices, leadership, Six Sigma and digital know-how to for effectively planning and delivering projects.

With insights to offer on so many fronts, this site is one of your go-to resources for all your project-related queries.

21. Susanne Madsen

Susanne Madsen, is project leadership coach, trainer, and consultant with two decades of experience on a global level. She is the author of The Project Management Coaching Workbook and The Power of Project Leadership. She also connects with her community through her blog, webinars, podcasts, and videos.

Having vast knowledge in her field of practice, she offers advice, tips and tricks that help the reader, listener and viewer clarify concepts, spot the missing pieces and gain insight on the different perspectives on various project management domains.

With so much knowledge to gain in the form of different channels, this blog should not miss your list of the best project management blogs.

22. Apiumhub Blog for Agile Project Management

If you’re tired of the random division of blogs on the internet, Apiumhub blog is your savior! It’s a tech platform which features multiple categories of informative blogs that you can choose according to your liking.

The AH blog consists of highly informative content on all kinds of elements associated with software development. Just select the category you want to read on and start exploring!

23. How to Manage a Camel

The Camel Blog features a range of project management concepts. It covers all the latest trends in project management, including news and updates. Guest submissions are interesting and readworthy.

If you’re someone new to project management or need career counselling tips, The Camel Blog is the place to go. The blog also focuses on personal development tips and techniques.

24. Project Bliss

Project Bliss is a literal bliss for the project management fanatic inside of you. It is one of the best project management blogs you can read right now. The brainchild behind Project Bliss, Leigh Espy, has more than 15 years of experience leading successful projects.

Leigh jots down how-to articles, tips on how to grow your business, and other guides for beginners. To put in simple words, it’s a reliable resource if you’re looking for instant advice on project management.

Leigh’s years of experience is a great source of knowledge. It puts a lid on all the doubts you can have about the authenticity and effectiveness of content shared.

25. Project Management Hut

A project management blog that covers almost everything related to Project Management. From Agile project management to change management, PMBOK, and more – PM Hut covers everything. The project management blog is a treat if you’re looking for specific niche content.

26. Mike Cohn’s Blog

With many shiny credentials to bag, including one of the founders of Scrum Alliance, Mike Cohn’s blog is a go-to resource for Agile and Scrum teams. The blog has categories addressing each element of agile and Scrum. This includes user stories, product backlog, and sprints, to name a few. His work helps software development teams to install agile and Scrum in their organization and get things done faster.

If you’re a project management learner looking for some solid piece of information on teamwork and project success, this is the place to go to.

27. DZone Agile

DZone Agile is a place that puts together Agile guidelines and news, along with a touch of the latest technological trends to give their readers a little more than traditional Agile talk. It is one of the most sought after project management blogs because of the diversity of topics it brings along. Here, different contributors come together to make a resourceful site, acting as a guide for everyone.

That’s not it. DZone also offers many other categories from the world of technology, like artificial intelligence, big data, security, VPN, and lot more.

Also check out our articles on DZone by heading over to my DZone profile here.

28. Finding Marbles

Finding Marbles should be the next project management blog on your list. It’s a blog owned by an Agile and Lean expert, among her many other achievements, Corinna Baldauf. She shares her real-life stories and experiences to help project managers find solutions for their problems. Hence, the name – Finding Marbles.

The engaging writing style, along with compelling advice, Corinna’s work will make you hooked to her articles. Further making project management simpler, and faster for you. You can also find books on project management, written by Corinna to get valuable insights on popular project management methodologies.

29. Project Smart

Another valuable resource with a massive library of categories, Project Smart is the blog you go to for learning everything about project management. The blog’s focus is to provide a knowledge base for project managers. It helps to address a wide range of issues faced during a project, and help them improve their project performance over time.

30. PM Column

PM Column is an online magazine for digital project managers. It aims to inspire project managers in the first place and supports them in their endeavors. The magazine is full of insights into the profession that goes together with original artwork you can’t find elsewhere.

The site provides whitepapers, tools, guides, and forums to project managers to help them make out what project management is all about. So, helping them make smart decisions leads to better outcomes.

31. ProofHub Buzz

If you are looking for expert tips and advice on project management, work culture, and team productivity ProofHub Buzz is the perfect place. The blog features content from the duo of Vartika Kashyap, who has been featured multiple times in LinkedIn Top Voices, and Sandeep Kashyap, the founder, and CEO of ProofHub – a leading project management and team collaboration software. The blog covers topics that revolve around Leadership, Productivity, Management, Work Culture, Team Building, Motivation, Self-Improvement, and Workplace challenges.

32. Sciforma

Software vendor Sciforma sure knows something about Project Portfolio Management. After all, they’ve been supporting various organizations worldwide in their digitalization process and their PPM growth journeys for 3 decades now. If you are looking for fresh insights about what it means to work as or within a PMO today, tips on how to pick the best tools for your organization and unleash your software’s potential, and expert advice on change management, their blog is a go-to.

33. Nifty

Nifty is an excellent project management blog that gives you comprehensive insights into project management, scrum, and agile processes. It also provides you with useful information about topics such as product roadmaps and how to increase productivity at work. It’s an all-in-one hub for everything related to project management.


So, above are some of the best project management blogs which will help you gain your knowledge and career growth in the project management industry. If I am missing out on any worthy PM blog, feel free to reach me out at:

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