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Introducing nTask: Perfect Task Management Software for Teachers

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Teaching is a fast-paced, all-encompassing career that a very small percentage of the population is willing to attempt the pressure and responsibility of educating. So, in order to make teachers’ jobs and students’ learning experiences as easy and enjoyable as possible, nTask offers an easy, simple, and effective way to organize all the daily happenings of the classroom. By streamlining all the classroom elements, especially the overwhelming ones, nTask allows the teachers to perform their duty of teaching in the best way possible.

Specifically, the following nTask features are sure to help teachers

Class Assignments & Quizzes

Teachers can announce and manage all the class assignments and quizzes to their students. Teachers can also keep in touch with their students regarding the evaluation of the given assignments and quizzes.

Official Meetings with Colleagues

Teachers often need to hold official meetings with their colleagues, very frequently. nTask meeting feature can be very handy for arranging and leading such meetings, in an effective way.

Announcements and Follow-ups

Teachers can use nTask to make important announcements to their students on any matter. After an announcement, teachers can also follow-up the response of their students on that particular activity.

Record of Classroom Activities

Teachers can easily maintain a complete record of all the important activities, performed in a class. This is can be very useful for future record and follow-ups.

Use nTask in the Classroom

nTask’s technical benefits are impressive, but they don’t tell its whole story. Take a look at just some of the software’s in-classroom uses.

nTask Presents an Unparalleled Value for Teachers

As if nTask’s ample benefits afforded to teachers weren’t enough, the one-of-a-kind task management software for teachers is available for free with limited features. To get the best value out of nTask nTask is ready and waiting to be purchased for a bargain price and anyone else who wants to be organized and efficient professionally and personally.

It’s of the utmost importance for clients not to assume that nTask’s unparalleled value means that it’s lacking in features. On the contrary, the software’s developers respect and admire customers, and simply want to provide them with the best possible product for the lowest possible price.

nTask makes your teaching career stress free, simpler and more productive.

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