Task Management for Teachers

Meet Megan,

an English class teacher and a cat-owner

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Megan had a hard time with
  • Organizing her class coursework
  • Keeping track of class progress
  • Collaborating with other teachers
  • Communicating with her students
  • Scheduling meetings with parents
  • Making time to groom her cat
Megan used nTask, a task management software that fits her needs. Now she can:
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  • Schedule class coursework beforehand
  • Create to-do lists for each day and week
  • Access all class files on the go
  • Track each student’s performance
  • Keep track of teaching resources
  • Easily update task information
  • Organize and maintain lectures and slides
  • Cross collaborate with other subject teachers
  • Maintain digital copies of all class material
  • Assign assignments and projects to students
  • Track time spent doing routine tasks
  • Make more time for her cat
With nTask’s powerful features, Megan saves

8 hours
Finding student records

Buying stationery items

20 hours
Managing class assignments

The platform that works for everyone, with everyone

Say goodbye to overdue tasks and shuffling between tools to do things. nTask is here.

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