Task Management for Interior Designers

Meet Frank,

an interior designer and a new father

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Frank had a hard time with
  • Organizing his schedule
  • Importing and maintaining client information
  • Keeping track of upcoming and pending tasks
  • Collaborating on various projects
  • Scheduling meetings with clients and his team
  • Making time for his wife and newborn
Frank used nTask, an online task management tool to get things done. Now he can:
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  • Better meet project deadlines
  • Assign, monitor and track tasks to completion
  • Access all his files wherever he is
  • Share information with all team members
  • Keep his ideas and research in one place
  • Keep track of meetings and appointments
  • Document meetings and all discussions
  • Track the project’s progress
  • Improve project budget with client feedback
  • Manage all documents digitally
  • Make progress reports for the board
  • Spend more time with his wife and son
With nTask’s powerful features, Frank saves

24 hours
Writing down notes

Amount spent on stationery

20 hours
Collaborating with friends

The platform that works for everyone, with everyone

Say goodbye to overdue tasks and shuffling between tools to do things. nTask is here.

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