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The platform smart teams use to do more

nTask is a smart project management platform that’s built around your needs, and it’s free.

The task management software for everyone

From students to professionals, everyone trusts nTask to get things done smartly.

  • NGONGO’s

    An all-in-one tool to manage your NGO including budget, teams and communities.

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  • projectManagersProject Managers

    Manage your projects, tasks, issues and risks management with nTask.

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  • marketingMarketers

    Manage your content, social media and other marketing activities with simple nTask tool.

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  • designersDesigners

    Manage your creative and graphics design work with nTask collaboration tool.

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  • freelancersFreelancers

    Collaborate with your clients and team with nTask to stop missing deadlines.

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  • designerInterior Designers

    Let nTask organize tasks so you can leverage creativity for your next project

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  • homemakerHomemakers

    From groceries to planning your next trip, have it all sorted out beforehand

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  • StudentsStudents

    Never miss out on your assignments or projects again with nTask FREE task management tool.

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  • lawyersLawyers

    Cases, clients, documents and everything you need, all in one place.

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  • doctorsDoctors

    Manage all clients, clinic and staff information and keep track of every activity

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  • teachersTeachers

    Your teaching and student planner, class calendar and more all in one place.

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  • journalistJournalists

    Create, curate and manage stories and all details seamlessly, as they happen

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