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What’s Unique in nTask’s Meeting?

If you are wondering as to what makes nTask unique as compared to other similar apps, then take a look at the following features:

Set Agenda

Define an agenda of a meeting to educate its participants about the items that need to be discussed during that meeting.

Discussion Points

Note down all the important points of a discussion during a meeting.

Finalize Decisions

Keep a complete track of all the vital decisions made and approved during a meeting.

Minutes of Meeting

Get a detailed overview and report of all the key points and activities of a meeting.

Follow-up Actions

Get a list of all the important follow-up actions, which need to be performed after the conclusion of a meeting.

Recurring Meetings

Repeat a particular meeting, as many times as you want, at any time in future.

Add Meetings Directly as Calendar Invites

nTask’s meeting module automatically integrates with all major email calendar apps. It’s as simple as creating a meeting and hitting “Send”

Productive Meetings are Only Possible with nTask

Meetings are the important part of today’s world. This is especially true in the corporate and business world. Although meetings are held for different reasons, but not every meeting is productive unless it is handled with great care. So, if you want to conduct productive meetings with positive outcomes, nTask is what you are looking for. Many products in the market claim to help you in this area, but nTask’s approach is different. From setting agenda to conclusions of a meeting, nTask contains everything for conducting a productive meeting. Just schedule and conduct a meeting with nTask and you will make the best decision of your life.