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Slack with nTask

Task Creation

Create Tasks Directly from Slack Channel

From any Slack channel, type /create task ‘Task Name’ to quickly create a new task on nTask.

Project Creation

Create Projects from Your Slack Channels

Simply type /create project ‘Project Name’ to easily create new projects in nTask right from Slack app.

Task Collaboration

Post Task to Slack Channel

Easily post your tasks from nTask to any Slack channel to update your team on the progress.

Project Creation

Instant Notifications

nTask will send real-time notifications on task and project updates to your selected Slack channel.

Get Started with nTask & Slack

Make sure that you have a Slack account.

Follow the integration setup flow to authorize Slack app to connect with nTask.

Type /create in Slack channel to see the slash commands available for nTask.

In nTask app, select the Slack icon in task or project to configure notifications to Slack channel.

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