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Taskboard section allows you to view your tasks. All the personal and team tasks are listed in this section.

Task board has two views; List and grid. Default view of task board is grid view. You can easily switch between list and grid view using respective toggle buttons. View selection is not session based.

Add task option is shown at the top of the task board. You can easily add tasks by clicking on + icon after adding Task name in the given field.

You can view and edit task details by clicking on respective task. Task detail panel will open where all the details are shown.
Task Status:

Every task can be assigned status by selecting any option from dropdown on top of panel. Options available are; Not Started, In Progress, Review, Completed and Cancelled. By default, task status will be ‘Not Started’

Assigned To:

You can easily assign tasks to any member in your global list by selecting member name in assignee dropdown. The names of assignees appear with task on the Task board.

Shared/Individual Tasks:

You can create individual tasks by clicking on ‘Create individual Tasks’ icon on the Task panel.


Every task can be prioritized by setting its priority. Options available are ‘High, ‘Medium’ & ‘Low’.

Title and description:

These fields show you details of what the task is about.

Due date:

You can set a due date of task by setting any future date in this field.

Repeat task:

You can set repeat task reminder by selecting any option from dropdown. Options available are Never, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly. If you want to stop task repetition, you can select ‘Never’ option. By default, ‘Never’ option will be selected.

Upload File:

You can upload file with any task by using ‘Upload file’ option. Click on ‘View Files’ icon to download or delete files.

Link Task:

Click link task option to view tasks list and marking it as checked. Checked tasks will be shown on top of list. User can click on task to view link task details.

Task Effort:

You can log hours and minutes, you have spent on task. This helps in analyzing if time spent on any task is as per planned.

Copy Task:

Copy Task icon is shown along task status on task board. You can create copy of any task by clicking on this icon.

Delete Task:

Any task can be deleted by clicking on Delete task icon at top right corner of task panel. Once a task is deleted, its notifications are also deleted. The deleted task will be archived at user level but will remain in database and can be resumed by admin on request.

Star Task:

You can mark important tasks as starred, by clicking on star icon on task panel. Tasks will be marked starred and shown on task board as well. Starred task is at personal level.

Task Color:

Colors can be applied to tasks according to your choice by selecting any color from the color palette. Click on color icon on task details panel and color palette will be shown. Selected color is applied on respective task on the task board as double ended color tag.

Add Project:

You can add any project to task by selecting from project’s dropdown or by adding a new one.

Add Checklist:

You can add checklist of tasks to be executed for any task. You can mark any task as ‘Done’ by clicking added checklist item. This checklist helps you to track task progress. You can delete any checklist item using remove icon.


You can comment on a task. This helps team or users in keeping task discussion active.

Activity Log:

You can view all task updates by clicking on ‘Activity Log’ icon on task panel. Task updates are sorted by date and time.

You can create meetings for a task using this option. Meetings can have different frequencies i.e Once, Daily, Weekly, Quarterly and Monthly. Meeting start and end time and date can be set as desired.

Update Meeting Schedule:

You can update meeting schedule using this option. All past meetings will remain as it is and future meetings will be updated. Whenever you add a meeting schedule, an email is sent to all attendees to update them about meeting.

Minutes of Meeting Form:

Click on any meeting in the list to open MOM form. MOM form helps you easily document minutes of meeting in a standard template form. You can add discussion points, follow-up actions, attendees, meeting location, agenda and decision points in it. Submit for review: After adding all details click on ‘submit for review’ to send MOM URL via email to all attendees for review before publishing the meeting. Publish Meetings: Click on ‘Publish’ button after finalizing MOM form. Mom will be published in a read only format and email will be sent to all attendees.

Search option is also available to search tasks by title.

Task board section helps you in sorting tasks easily. You can view any selective task using filters option. You can sort tasks by Task status, priority and assignment.

You can view and update your profile in ‘My Profile’ section. Also, you can view your activities throughout task board in ‘My Recent Activities’ panel.

You can send an invitation to friends and family via email, so that they can experience best task management as you do.

In this section, you can change your nTask account password and add/remove external accounts as well.

Click on notifications bell icon to view notifications panel. Click on ‘view all notifications’ to navigate to Notification page. Notifications about Task assignment and all task updates are listed on this page. Click on any notification and you will be redirected to respective task. Filter option is also provided to sort notifications according to task names. Notifications can be filtered according to type i.e. All, Alerts and activities.

Quick access toolbar is provided at the left side of task board.

Custom Filters:

You can save custom filters by clicking on ‘Save’ button in filter panel. All saved filters appear under filter option on quick access toolbar. You can click on any custom filter to view filter results. Click on ‘Clear’ option on quick access tool bar to clear filter results.

Scheduled Today:

You can view all tasks for which meeting is scheduled for today using ‘Scheduled today’ option.


You can add project to a task and can create new projects as well using ‘Add project’ option. All the projects created by you and added in the tasks assigned to you, appear here on quick access toolbar. You can delete any project using ‘Delete project’ button. Only empty projects can be deleted.

Click on any project in Quick access toolbar to open project view. Project view provides a pictorial view of a project and tasks added in it. Progress bar is shown against each task and its color is according to status color. You can view task completion percentage and task effort on progress bar. Total project effort is calculated according to task efforts and it is shown at the top of project view. You can close or refresh project view by using respective icons at the top right corner of project view.