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Customized Work Management
at Different Levels
The custom fields in nTask can be applied to different modules and levels with full customization options. Choose from the various field types and enable productivity like never before. Now you can build anything you can imagine in nTask work management platform.

Build Your Dream Workflows

Customize your tasks, projects, risks, and issue management workflows by using our tailor-made custom fields. Create, organize, track, and develop processes that can drive business growth using nTask.

  • Customized data record
  • Group fields in sections
  • Apply fields to all workspaces
  • Suitable for any industry

Make Anything Possible to Manage

Using nTask can create numerous possibilities to develop and organize work you want to manage productively. Custom fields can be used across all the modules offered in the app, and be used at any workspace with the fields you have created.

  • Text (single line or paragraphs)
  • Checklist
  • Dropdown
  • Dates
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Add Data Fields That Are Important

Now you can make simple calculations using nTask custom fields for determining costs, revenues, lead scoring, profit, and any other value you in your workspace view.

  • Number
  • Formula
  • Rating
  • Country
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Track Your Data Easily

nTask enables you to create and track your data without any hassle. Now you can use nTask for data entry, contact management, client management, CRM, progress tracking, and so much more.

  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Website URL
  • Money field
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Add Reminders & One-Click Data Export

Break the clutter, and add only those custom data fields that are important to your business. You can create different fields for each department in your organization separated by workspaces or teams. Moreover, you can add reminders and export all your data in to an Excel sheet with just one click.

  • Import & Export Data
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Custom Reminders 
  • Manage Fields
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nTask Custom Fields Are Designed for Your Use Case

Our app is used in different industries to customize workflows that best fit the individual business and teams’ requirements.

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    Project Management

    Create agile work processes, set status, and add scrum points.

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    Content Marketing

    Assign content task to your team, and manage documents with ease.

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    Organize contact information, keep chat records, and intuitive lead management.

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    Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management

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    Engineering Management

    Manage processes, issues, risks and customized PM for engineering firms

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    Keep track of your timesheets, and manage clients.

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