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Trello vs Asana – Who Wins the Battle?

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    If you’re on a lookout for a project management tool, you may have heard that you need to choose the one that ‘fits’ perfectly with your individual or team needs. Easier said than done, choosing the right project management tool is no child’s play. In the hunt for the perfect tool, you might have been faced with a decision to choose between two of the leading software in the market, Trello vs Asana. But, with hundreds of blogs featuring the comparison of these two, you probably ended up being more confused than before.


    Lo-and-behold, as the most comprehensive review of Trello vs Asana is here!


    Although it’s supposed to be a Trello vs Asana comparison, we’d like to introduce you to an alternative for both of them – nTask! If you feel like both Trello and Asana do not fit with your needs, maybe nTask works perfectly for you (hint: it does! 😉).


    We’ve reviewed each tool in detail, narrowing down the focus to key features, pros and cons, and the value they provide against their plans. So, let’s begin:


    Trello vs Asana vs nTask – a comparison


     Features Trello Asana nTask
    Gantt charts 😩 😩 🙌
    Recurring tasks 😩 🙌
    Meeting Management 😩 😩 🙌
    Issues Management 😩 🙌
    Risks Management 😩 😩 🙌
    Kanban Boards Coming Soon
    Task Comments 🙌
    Time Tracking 😩 😩 🙌
    File Attachments 🙌
    Search Filters 🙌
    Free Version 🙌
    Pricing $9.99 $9.99 $2.99


    Trello: Best suited for lightweight Kanban boards 😊


    Released in 2011, Trello provides Kanban boards to users for project management. With a layout resembling a pinboard, Trello makes task management easy by allowing users to create personalized boards.


    Within these boards, unlimited lists can be made, which further consist of small cards that act as individual tasks. Movement of these cards from one category to another helps in workflow visualization.


    The tool comes with customized options to arrange the cards the way you want – assign tasks, set due dates, set priority levels, upload attachments etc. – to provide maximum control.


    Key Features


    The key features provided by Trello are:

    • Personalized Kanban boards
    • Comments within tasks
    • File attachments
    • Priority levels
    • Assign tasks
    • Due dates
    • Color labels
    • Drag and drop functionality
    • Email notifications
    • Personalized access to boards
    • Third-party application integrations




    Let’s have a look at what Trello offers against each of its plans:


    Plan Features
    Free Unlimited boards
    Unlimited lists and cards
    Unlimited members
    Unlimited checklists and attachments
    File attachments up to 10 MB
    Business Class $9.99 per user/month
    File attachments up to 250 MB
    More control over members of the boards
    Custom board backgrounds and stickers
    Ability to control private and public boards
    Priority email support
    Enterprise $20.83 per user/month
    Two-factor authentication
    Personalized onboarding assistance
    Priority email and phone support
    File encryption
    Intrusion management
    Custom security review

    Moving forward, let’s see what are the pros and cons of Trello:



    ✅ User-friendly interface
    ✅ High customization
    ✅ Free forever version
    ✅ Easy workflow management
    ✅ Easy tasks management



    ❌ No Gantt charts for reporting
    ❌ No calendar
    ❌ Not optimal for large teams or projects
    ❌ Limited functions available with the basic version
    ❌ Recurring tasks are missing
    ❌ No issues and bug tracking
    ❌ No risks management
    ❌ No built-in time tracking functionality


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    Asana: Best suited for basic project management 😊


    Considered as one of the first choices for project management, Asana has been able to gather quite an audience in the past few years. Coming with a robust set of features, Asana seems apt for streamlined team communication and effective team management.


    The tool uses a good old traditional way of managing tasks through lists. You can manage tasks, checklists, assign due dates, set task priorities, and share details with team members – all in one place.


    Asana also provides a specific set of features to effectively implement agile methodologies, like sprint project planning and backlog management.


    Key Features

    • Tasks and subtasks management
    • Kanban boards
    • Project timeline
    • Due dates and priorities
    • File attachments
    • Milestone tracking
    • Sprint management
    • Backlog management
    • Issues and bug tracking
    • Multiple integrations




    Asana offers the following plans:


    Plan Features
    Basic Free Version Up to 15 team members
    Unlimited projects
    Unlimited tasks
    Calendar view
    Status updates
    Premium $9.99 per user/month
    Unlimited projects and tasks
    Task dependencies
    Advanced search and reporting
    Business $19.99 per user/month
    Resource management
    Custom fields
    Priority support
    Enterprise (custom pricing) Data Export and Deletion
    Advanced Security Measures
    Advanced Admin Controls
    Data Backups
    User Provisioning and Deprovisioning


    Now, let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of Asana:



    ✅ Advanced tasks management
    ✅ Easy team communication
    ✅ Easy progress tracking
    ✅ Effective for large teams and projects



    ❌ No built-in time tracking features
    ❌ No risks management
    ❌ No meeting management
    ❌ Limited features in the free version
    ❌ Can be overwhelming for first-time users


    nTask: The best Agile Project Management Software 👑


    As we said earlier, although it’s supposed to be a Trello vs Asana comparison, you need a project management tool that fills the gaps left by Trello and Asana. Therefore, we have nTask for you! A feature-rich project management platform best suited for individual and small teams’ needs.


    nTask comes with powerful features of task management and allows users to track, monitor, and communicate project performance conveniently through one platform.


    Coming with elaborate functions of meeting management, nTask helps in the successful execution of your professional meetings without any hassle.


    The tool also tries to mitigate user frustration by providing a friendly interface and clutter-free look, helping in quickly getting a hang of the software without any technical difficulty.


    Key Features

    • Projects and tasks management
    • Recurring tasks
    • Meetings management
    • Issues and risks tracking
    • Timesheets
    • Comments within tasks
    • Powerful search and filter tools
    • Alerts, notifications, and reminders
    • Gantt charts
    • Integration with Slack
    • Multiple workspaces




    Plan Features
    Free Unlimited tasks
    Unlimited meetings
    Up to 5 projects
    Up to 5 workspaces
    5 MBs file attachment size
    200 MBs of storage space
    Team timesheets
    Risk Management
    Issue Tracking
    Pro $2.99 per user/month
    Unlimited workspaces
    Unlimited projects
    Unlimited team members (pay as you grow)
    200 MBs file attachment size
    Unlimited storage space
    Unlimited tasks & meetings
    Team timesheets
    Risks & Issues tracking
    Enterprise (custom pricing) Dedicated Account Manager
    Priority Support
    First Update Rollout
    Tailored Pricing Plans
    Custom Reports and Branding
    Custom Workspace URL
    On-prem Installation
    Advanced Machine Learning (Coming Soon)



    ✅ Clean, user-friendly interface
    ✅ Comprehensive meeting management features
    ✅ Issues and bug tracking
    ✅ Risks management
    ✅ Built-in Gantt charts for timely reporting
    ✅ Free forever version and affordable upgrade



    ❌ Kanban boards for workflow visualization is currently underworks
    ❌ Integration with multiple apps is underworks
    ❌ Gantt charts presently have limited functionality
    ❌ The feature of chat within tasks not available, however, comments can be made


    nTask Features Missing in Trello and Asana 💅🏻


    It gets interesting from here! Although Trello and Asana are considered to be one of the top project management tools, they still lack some of the advanced features that nTask provides. These are:


    1. Comprehensive Meeting Management


    Workplace meetings are an integral part of the work culture. An effective project management software must come with powerful meeting management module to successfully execute professional meetings.


    Both Trello and Asana lack comprehensive meeting management features.


    Through nTask, you can schedule meetings, develop a meeting agenda, and circulate it among your team members prior to the due date. You can also jot down discussion points that are to be discussed during a meeting.


    Furthermore, you can also decide on the follow-up actions that need to be taken after the meeting.


    2. Risk Management


    Being able to identify potential risks associated with projects is an important component of project management software. Trello and Asana are yet to come up with risk management functionality to track and manage the likelihood of their occurrence.


    Coming with elaborate risk management features, nTask facilitates timely identification and assessment of risks. You can also assign a relevant probability of each risk with projects and then assign them to team members for minimizing their impact.


    3. Bug/Issue Tracking and Monitoring


    In Trello, you need powerups for issue tracking and monitoring. In contrast, nTask comes with a built-in issue management module that makes identifying and resolving issues easy.


    You can select the severity of issues and assign them to relevant team members for resolving them on time. You can also set priority levels and due dates on each issue to keep the team updated.


    4. Built-in Time Tracking


    A project management tool should be able to intelligently track the time you and your team members are spending on particular tasks.


    This smart feature is missing in Trello and Asana. Although Asana comes with an option to integrate with multiple time tracking applications, the functionality is not built-in.


    On the other hand, nTask comes with auto-generating timesheets which can be shared with anyone.  These timesheets also help in calculating the time utilized by resources on individual tasks and to calculate payroll based on the hours worked.


    5. Gantt Charts


    For developing project schedules and project timelines, Gantt charts are required. This essential component is missing in Trello, whereas nTask generates Gantt charts of individual projects to track and monitor the project schedule and all the related project activities.


    Our Final Verdict


    Both Trello and Asana come with their fair share of strengths and weaknesses in this Trello vs Asana roundup.


    The winner – nTask 🏆


    Based on our analysis, nTask is the right choice for you if you’re looking for a multi-layered tool fulfilling all your project management needs without any complex add-ons or integrations.


    What are your thoughts on this Trello vs Asana showdown? Who do you think wins the title of the “Best Project Management Software?” Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. Is Asana owned by Google?


    No, it is not owned by Google. It was founded by Facebook co-founder: Dustin Moskovitz, and another ex-Google engineer: Justin Rosenstein.


    2. How do I get the best out of Trello?


    Here are some of the steps that you can follow to get the best out of your Trello application.

    • Create your Trello Board according to your project requirements
    • Make your Trello Board user-friendly for all of your stakeholders and team members to monitor
    • Decide who is responsible for the maintenance of the board
    • Make room for change and adapt your Board as processes change
    • If you are not sure about a process then you should use a template to get some idea of how it’s done


    3. Does Asana Integrate with Trello?


    Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you integrate Asana with Trello.

    • Create Asana tasks from newly created Trello cards or from cards that have been moved
    • Create Trello cards from new Asana tasks
    • Add Asana tasks from new Trello labels
    • Create Trello cards for new Asana tasks


    4. Does Asana have time tracking?


    Asana doesn’t have time-tracking embedded in it, but if you want your Asana application to have that feature then you have to integrate with Everhour.


    Everhour is an amazing time-tracking software that enables the managers to track all of the tasks and processes being performed by their team members.


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