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8 Project Management Conferences to Attend in 2020

Looking to attend project management conference this year? Check out the best 8 project management conferences happening in 2020.
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    Project Management conferences are a great way to get acquainted with like-minded people, to strengthen your knowledge and stay up-to-date.


    There are organizations popping up everywhere; entrepreneurship is on the rise. Young and aged people alike are stepping into and stepping up the game of being the CEO of their new companies. It is important to keep pace with the momentum of the status quo. Or perhaps take it a step forward by coming up with your own new ways to do things a better way.


    There already are new strategies and ways to manage, and lots of knowledge to be gained from the experts in the field. There are tricks to be learned and perfected. You can find all these things in one place in the form of conferences.


    Some of these conferences have an early bird of a joining fee as well. So you might want to mark these on your calendar. Keep an eye out for the commencement date.


    Here’s a list of the conferences to attend in 2020 to gather the crème of knowledge about project management. We have made a deliberate effort to add conferences for any-level manager.



    1. PMI Sweden Passion for Projects


    PMI Sweden



    • Sweden (Clarion Hotel & Congress, Malmö Live)



    • 9-10 March 2020


    For this year the focus will be on organizing projects in a transformative world. Want to hear professionals, inspiring speakers and experts from various divisions share their knowledge on that topic? Are you the sort of person who likes to change and keep pace with the changing world then this year’s PMI Sweden Conference is for you. Experts on program management, portfolios and project management will be there to add to your knowledge and inspiration. It will be held at the Clarion Hotel and Congress in Malmö Live.


    They have limited seats available and they have a separate fee for registration and courses.


    2. PMO Symposium


    PMO symposium



    • Orlando, Florida (Resort at ChampionsGate)



    • 8-11 November 2020


    Meet the frontrunners of management at the PMO symposium. Leaders who wish to deliver and novices who wish to learn and integrate tend to this. They have senior decision-makers from across the globe ranging from governments to big names in organizations too. Speakers from the likes of Google, NASA, Microsoft and Amtrack, and Mayo Clinic grace their presence.


    3. APM Power of Projects





    • Edinburgh, London, Manchester



    • 17 March 2020, 21 May 2020, 24 June 2020


    This conference invites everyone into their circle for a chance to learn and grow. This conference is not restricted to high-end professionals. Your degree level, background or nationality does not matter. If you are interested in projects then this is your place to be. This conference gives you a chance to focus on people, the projects and how to be the best at it.


    They are an award-winning PM conference and are a chartered body for project management. This is a great space to be to learn how to be a leader and the skills required for it.


    4. EMEA Congress





    • Prague, Czech IA



    • 14-16 June 2020


    If you are looking to learn or hone your skills to carry out your responsibilities effectively as a project manager then EMEA Congress is a must-attend. You will be participating in both traditional and non-traditional activities.


    You learn the ways to add to your experience for handling more projects in a more productive way. At the end of the three days, you will leave with new insights. You will hear people from leading organizations that would only add to your inspirations.


    Attending EMEA Congress 2020 would assist you in developing your skills, networking and staying up-to-minute.


    5. Global Scrum Gathering


    Scrum gathering



    • New York City, New York



    • 11-13 May 2020


    This is the place to be for people who work with agile teams and drum away.  This event takes place twice every year—in North America and then in Europe.


    You’ll find yourself engrossed in sessions and talks with experts in the field. If you like change and wish to add innovation to your team practices; you can find it all here. Just like your agile work, you will find yourself reinvigorated at the end of this happening gathering.


    They also offer scholarships; make sure to check it out and reserve your spot.


    6. Running Remote Conference


    Running remote



    • Austin, USA



    • 20-21 April 2020


    One of the largest and leading project management conferences to attend is Running Remote Conference. This conference is designed to especially cater to your needs as a manager who is dealing with a remote team.


    You can learn skills to build a remote team, how to effectively communicate and work with it. You learn all the tips, tricks, strategies and up-to-date tactics to utilize and manage your distant resources productively.


    7. ACMP Change Management Conference


    ACMP change mgmt



    • Anaheim, CA, USA



    • 3-6 May 2020


    If you are one of the many professionals who support growth and positive changes then join thousands of other like-minded participants to share and communicate. You will be attending conference sessions and networking with experts and practitioners.


    For this year’s conference, the keynote speaker is Lazlo Bock, a member of Google’s management team. Here’s a great chance to get an insight into how Google manages its team.


    8. AIPM National Conference





    • Melbourne, Australia



    • 22-24 November 2020


    Now at its 42nd year of arranging this conference AIPM national conference is a platform for experts and emerging leaders to voice their experiences. This is where the future of management is shaped. This conference allows participation for people at all levels of management skills.


    This year’s conference is being held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center.


    Let us know


    We would love to know if any of these Conferences catch your attention and whether you are planning to attend any of these. Let us know your expectations of these events.


    Share your experiences, insights and take-away from these events if you did attend them. We would love to read and respond to your comments and send feedback at

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