Stories related to personal productivity, team success and cross-functional project teams.

best sales tools, online sales tool

9 Best Sales Tools to Boost Your Sales in 2019

Owning a business is pretty cool but only when you make it profitable. Some people might disagree with this statement ...
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remote working, remote work

10+ Best Remote Working Tips for Instant Productivity Boost

The year is 2019 and we are still chained to our desks because of an old mindset that productivity can ...
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business metrics

60 Important Business Metrics Your Company Must Know

Businesses aim to build a successful product, or service, to sell and make their customers happy. This can be achieved ...
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case study work (1)

How to write an effective business case study?

Wanting to know how your business is going to turn out in the future, has become a mandated requirement these ...
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How to improve remote team productivity

Managing a Remote Team – 7 Awesome Tips

Productivity embodies a lot of things. Most of which come from self-motivation and dedication. If you want to know how ...
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tips to time management

6 Tips to Time Management for Maximum Productivity

When it comes to tips to time management, I love how Jackson Brown Jr. put it all together. He said, ...
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benefits of working as a team

7 Benefits of Working as a Team for Successful Project Management

October 3, 1951 – When it comes to the prime example of why teamwork is important, I’d like to recall ...
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How to Be More Productive? 10 Productivity Tips to Stay Focused

In today’s digital age, it’s difficult to stay focused and avoid distractions. With so many different social media platforms and ...
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best productivity blogs

The 10 Best Productivity Blogs to Read in 2019

Productivity blogs & other related content gained infamy with the advent of the internet. Things were a little different several ...
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pomodoro technique, best pomodoro apps

Pomodoro Technique + The 6 Best Pomodoro Apps & Timers for Work

As a project manager, if you are lacking behind deadlines, you should give the Pomodoro technique a shot. We are ...
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