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6 Amazing Tips to Boost Team Morale in 2021

We have underlined 6 best factors to help you boost team morale as a project manager. No. 2 is our favorite. Find out why!
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    Whenever we think about successful companies and businesses in the organizational paradigm, we always think that they are just well-oiled machines that are run on increased productivity and generating a ridiculous amount of revenue. But in reality, there is so much more to it than that.


    The most successful companies that are operating in the organizational world are the places that institutionalize the process of keeping their employees feeling more engaged with their work.


    When they do that, the employees unconsciously develop trust or a belief in the overall direction of the company without any force or pressure from the company.


    You might be thinking that if the company or the business is run on such a positivity high, then they don’t need to boost their team morale, but you would be completely wrong.


    Keeping the resources of your company happy, satisfied, and engaged is still a huge challenge for many of the companies around the world, no matter how successful your business is.


    This is because happy employees or the resource in a company is one thing, but when you talk about employee morale, you should know that it works more like a barometer that helps to measure company culture, communication, and overall job satisfaction for the masses.


    However, the role of upper management in boosting the morale of the company is quite tricky. Why? Well, the employees always feel like the upper management is out to get them, and if they are even being nice to them, they think that the management is being fake.


    This is why, if you are in a position where you are a part of the upper management, then you should sound genuinely concerned about the welfare of the employees, otherwise they are never going to trust you.


    So, to show your team that you genuinely care about their happiness and future with the company, here are some amazing tips that you can use.


    6 Amazing Tips to Boost Team Morale


    Here are some of the tips that we are going to discuss in this article.

    • Appreciate an Employees’ Effort When You See One
    • Keep the Team Mindset Creative and Active
    • Make Room for Your Employees to Grow
    • Prioritize One-on-One Meetings
    • Give Proper Feedback to Your Employees About their Concerns
    • Make Sure that Your Employees don’t Sacrifice their Personal Life for the Professional One


    Let’s take a look at all of them in detail and find out how they can help you in boosting the morale of your team members.


    1. Appreciate an Employees’ Effort When You See One




    The first and foremost tip is to make sure that your team members are happy and satisfied with your leadership, you need to appreciate all of the good work that each of your team members is doing.


    According to a study, 92% of the employees believe that when their work efforts are appreciated, they feel more productive and happier in their work roles. That’s huge.


    Furthermore, another research done on this topic showed that when people are recognized for the work that they are doing in the office, they get a sense of accomplishment on a daily basis, while they’re working all those tedious hours for the betterment of the company and generating value.


    Telling the team members which are putting in so many hours to make your business a success can always lead to higher productivity, a boost in company loyalty, and also higher retention rates.


    Let’s take a look at all of the different ways that you can appreciate your team members and their efforts.

    • Public recognition: This recognition is what you receive from your immediate manager or one of your fellow team members.
    • Evaluations and Reviews: This recognition is received when you are obtaining a higher level of achievement with the help of positive reviews and evaluations.
    • Cash Reward: This award is given to you by the company in the form of a pay raise, a price, a paid trip, among many others.
    • Public Recognition: This recognition is given in the form of a formal appreciation of your efforts in front of all of the team members present in the interaction.
    • Personal Fulfillment: This recognition is given by the employee to themselves in the form of personal satisfaction that their work was recognized.
    • Additional Responsibility: Sometimes when the company is happy about your efforts, they make you responsible for more duties because they know that you are capable of doing more.


    2. Keep the Team Mindset Creative and Active


    When you know that your team members perform the same type of tasks over and over again because your company project is like that, what you can do is that you can challenge your employees to be more creative.


    Challenge your employees? Yeah, you need to make their work more exciting, and to do that, you need to have a clearer conversation with your employees and find out how they can make their work more imaginative and challenging.


    When you have suggestions by the employees, you can look them over and whichever you feel appropriate for your team, you tell them that they can perform their tasks like that and spice up their work routines.


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    3. Make Room for Your Employees to Grow




    More and more workforce members all over the globe are millennials right now. And for them, vacation days and more money are not that important than career development and more training opportunities to broaden their personal and professional horizons.


    This is why, if you want your team morale to rise, you need to make sure that you provide ample opportunities for them to learn some new things about the work that they do. And even if you can, then provide opportunities for them to apply for more certifications and to gain more skills.


    This will help them to be happy for a long time in your company because you gave them the opportunity to not only gain more money at the office but also to be more well-rounded when it comes to professional skills.


    3. Prioritize One-on-One Meetings


    Providing certifications and free snacks is all well and good, but most of the employees at the company probably want a more meaningful connection with the management, so that they can be happy and satisfied that the management knows about the concerns that the employees have, and they will actually do something about them.


    So, if you want to make sure that your development team members are performing at their very best productivity levels, then you need to make sure that you prioritize one-on-one meetings with them.


    These meetings will increase morale, and they feel safer while taking risks and speak with an open mind about the stuff that’s bothering them.


    4. Give Proper Feedback to Your Employees About their Concerns




    Feedback is a really important tool that a company can use to answer the concerns of the employees. It is also extremely essential for employees’ growth that they are being given ready feedback about all of the concerns that they have.


    5. Make Sure that Your Employees don’t Sacrifice their Personal Life for the Professional One


    The last thing that you have to do as a high-ranking official in your company, is to tell your employees that when they are off work, they are off OFF-work.


    Most companies think that texting or emailing an employee on their day off is harmless, but they don’t know that when the employee receives that email or text, they immediately turn their mind to their work again, when they should be resting or spending time with their family.


    That’s why, as a manager, you should guide your team in such a way that they complete their work on time and have a care-free time off when they leave the office on weekends or holidays.




    These were some of the best tips that you can use to boost morale amongst your team members and to make sure that their productivity levels rise by the recognition they receive about the work that they do.


    If you think that we missed some important tip or if there is something factually incorrect in this article, do write to us and we will get back to you ASAP.


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