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9 Best JotForm Alternatives to Use in 2021

Despite being an impeccable tool, JotForm often has its shortcomings. Here are the best JotForm Alternatives to ace your project management skills. Read on…
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    When we talk about form building process through an application, JotForm comes up as a very popular app in the industry.


    The application is incredible for creating different forms over a variety of mobile devices.


    Despite being a sleeker and an overall robust application, JotForm is not for everybody. In this post, we are going to talk about 8 of the best JotForm alternatives that you can find on the market in 2021.


    Top JotForm Alternatives to Use in 2021


    Let’s take a look at all of them in detail and find out the difference between them and JotForm.


    1. Pardot


    Pardot by salesforce


    This form-making application provided by Salesforce is an incredible tool that allows you to intuitively build different types of forms to support your work.


    Using this application, the marketing agencies and the front-end developers can create exceptional landing pages that can attract the eyes of the audiences very easily.


    Key Features

    • Landing pages and forms
    • Prospect tracking & analytics
    • Lead capture forms
    • Scheduled social postings
    • Social share buttons to help you share content with friends
    • Google Analytics connector
    • Sales lifecycle reporting
    • Personalized messaging
    • Dynamic content
    • Standard CRM integration
    • Real-time sales alerts
    • Campaign ROI reporting
    • Prospect tracking
    • Lead management
    • Real-time sales alerts
    • Integrates Salesforce, SugarCRM, NetSuite & Microsoft Dynamics
    • connector
    • Easy-to-use segmentation wizard
    • Social profile lookups
    • Intuitive WYSIWYG interface
    • Landing page multivariate testing
    • Search campaign management
    • Optimized sending
    • Integrated marketing calendar
    • Lead scoring & grading
    • SEO keyword monitoring
    • Automated lead assignment
    • Progressive profiling
    • Email rendering & preview functionality
    • Lead nurturing



    • The paid subscription of the application starts at $1,250/month




    FORM dot com


    The second application on the list is The software is an incredible tool that allows you to create, manage, and collect different forms to support your work activities.


    It is a flexible tool that can envelop forms regardless of the size and type of the business. Some of the businesses that use the application are government offices, insurance agencies, healthcare, transportation agencies, manufacturing companies, and much more.


    Key Features

    • Set automatic notification
    • Integration with Salesforce
    • Generate custom reports
    • Offline access to forms available
    • Integration with Salesforce & QlikView
    • Workflow management
    • Importing data from outside applications
    • Conditional task and event management
    • AD Integration
    • Task management helps to set reminders
    • Develop customized forms
    • HIPAA compliance certifications
    • Analyze audit data in real-time
    • Schedule audit reviews automatically
    • Automates work orders
    • Forms can instantly alert users
    • Customizable questions
    • BI Dashboards



    • A free trial of the application is available to be used before you make a purchase
    • If you want to purchase a subscription to the application, contact the company for a price quote


    3. Zoho Forms


    Zoho Forms


    Zoho Forms is an incredible tool that belongs to the exceptional software family provided by Zoho. The company has different project management software tool that allows the manager to track and manage their different tasks and processes, so naturally, this form managing application is epic.


    With this application, you can create, track, and manage different forms on all of your mobile devices. One great thing about this application is that when you are done making these forms and managing them, you can export them and share them with your friends and colleagues alike.


    You can also save these forms in the cloud service that Zoho provides so that when you are not using your own devices, you can always login into the Zoho servers and access your data.


    Key Features

    • Payment Integration
    • Form Analytics
    • Approval Workflow
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Embed Options
    • Webhooks
    • Form Builder
    • Theme Designer
    • User Management
    • Assign Tasks
    • Email Notifications
    • PDF Download
    • Offline Data Collection



    • A free trial of the application is available to be used if you want to test out the application before you make a purchase
    • The paid subscription of the application starts at $10/month


    4. TypeForm




    TypeForm is a survey application and an epic JotForm alternative that allows you to create many different types of Forms, which are both intuitive to create, and extremely fun to fill.


    Key Features

    • Split-device metrics
    • Free access to data API
    • Answer piping
    • Fully customizable respondent notifications
    • Hidden Fields
    • Calculator for scoring & pricing
    • Noun project icon library (coming soon)
    • Pro reports (coming soon)
    • Collaborative workspace
    • Customizable branding
    • Electronic payments
    • Email notifications
    • Projections
    • SSL security
    • Template management
    • Survey management
    • Data import/export
    • Customizable questions
    • Custom fields
    • Web forms
    • Collaboration tools
    • User management
    • Custom survey URLs
    • Build beautiful, cross-device online forms, surveys
    • Data export (.xls)
    • Connect your TypeForm with over 250+ services using Zapier
    • Fully customizable self-notifications
    • Logic Jump
    • Collect payments with Stripe
    • Pro fonts (coming soon)
    • Generate TypeForm on the fly with Build API (coming soon)
    • Automatic notifications



    • A free trial of this application is available to be used if you want to test out the software before you make a purchase
    • The paid subscription of the application starts at $35/month


    5. Wufoo




    One of the best survey software and a great JotForm alternative on the market right now is Wufoo. The application is an incredible tool that you can use to create, track, and manage different forms to help your business.


    It has an intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create forms quickly and without any problems.


    Using the application, you can create a lot of different forms on the internet, and with an attractive theme designer, you can add colors and different logos to your work, so that you can have a professionally designed form that will attract a wider audience.


    Key Features

    • Form Builder
    • Instant Notifications
    • Form Analytics
    • Spam Prevention
    • User Management
    • Theme Designer
    • Code Manager
    • Over 150 Templates & Themes
    • Payment Integration



    • There is a free version of this application which has a limited number of features, but if you want to test out the application before you purchase to get the premium features, this version is epic
    • The paid subscription of the application starts at $19/month


    6. ProntoForms




    If you want the best form making application and an incredible JotForm alternative that has enterprise-level mobility then you have to check out ProntoForms. The application is an amazing tool that was purposely built for organizations and companies that use large field teams to accomplish all of their goals and gather data.


    One of the best features that the application has to offer is that if you lose your internet connection, the application has an offline mode that allows you to work until your internet connectivity is resumed without any hiccups.


    Key Features

    • The application has External data sources
    • Calendar integration is embedded into the interface
    • The user has over 200 form templates to import and use for their projects
    • Optional Analytics add-on
    • Sketch Pad feature for the user to denote something on the form they have created
    • The user can receive notifications via Facebook & Twitter
    • Signature capture feature is also embedded in the application
    • Custom forms
    • Submit reports related to the forms in real-time, using the application
    • The user has an option to connect their application with Dropbox, SharePoint, Salesforce & more
    • The application is robust and works with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone devices
    • Web Portal for full account management



    • A free trial of the application is available to be used if you want to check out the application before making a purchase
    • The paid subscription of the application starts at $15/month


    7. Kissflow




    If you want an effective JotForm alternative that enables different users using the application to take a more human-centric approach to the process of form and workflow creation, then Kissflow is the application for you.


    Key Features

    • You can use the easy wizard for building your workflows in minutes
    • The application is very useful as it is pre-integrated with Google Apps SSO, Mail, Contacts, and Docs
    • Zapier support for integrating with leading SaaS softwares
    • The user has an option to attach documents to workflows from Google Docs, Box, and Dropbox
    • Reliable APIs and webhooks to build your integrations
    • Support for Android, iPhone, and iPad



    • A free trial of the application is available to be used if you want to check out the application before making a purchase
    • The paid subscription of the application starts at $580/month


    8. BlockSurvey


    Block Survey


    BlockSurvey is a private, secure, and affordable form and survey tool. You can collect data with end–to–end encryption and privacy. Also, you can create forms and surveys in a classic, chatbot and single response views.


    Key features:

    • Custom URL- Use your own domain
    • Custom fonts and branding
    • Custom widgets
    • Views – Classic, Chatbot, Single response view
    • Logic Jumps
    • Answer piping
    • Expressions for calculator and quizzes
    • Data Export (.xls, .csv)
    • 200+ templates
    • Workspace for collaborations



    • $7 per month billed yearly
    • $10 per month billed monthly.


    9. ProProfs Survey Maker


    Proprofs Survey maker


    If you are looking for one of the best alternatives to Jotform with advanced reporting capabilities, ProProfs Survey Maker is the best bet. The AI-powered analytics mechanism helps you analyze your survey responses in-depth, like who took your survey, when they took your survey, the nature of their comments, and more.


    Key Features:

    • 100+ survey templates
    • Simple drag and drop option to create surveys
    • White labeling feature for survey personalization
    • Twenty versatile question types
    • Branching and skip logic
    • Net Promoter Score Surveys
    • Integration to third-party tools like Zendesk, MailChimp, SalesForce
    • Option to add scores and polls to your survey
    • Share surveys via social media, email, link, website embedding
    • Create multilingual surveys in 70+ languages
    • Access actionable reports with ready-to-use statistics
    • Create In-App surveys, Sidebar forms, Popup surveys, webforms
    • Get real-time notifications
    • Set survey security settings to ‘public’ or ‘private’



    • 15-day free trial available
    • Basic free plan
    • Essentials plan starts at $0.05/response/month (billed annually)
    • Premium plan starts at $0.10/response/month (billed annually)




    These tools were our top picks for the best JotForm alternatives that you can get from the market right now in 2020-2021.


    If you know about any other software or you think that we missed something in this article, do write to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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