10 Best Employee Management Systems 2021

Want to manage your employees without much efforts and going through long processes? Check out the top employee management systems you can adopt in your organization today.
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    If you are considering HR solutions and are searching for the best employee management system for your organization you have come to the right place.


    In this article, we have researched and gathered the best of the best and put together our top picks for which software you can choose.


    So, let’s get to it!


    What is an Employee Management System?


    An employee management system is aimed at helping you and your organization to manage admin activities easily and efficiently.


    Typical employee management systems combine all work-related and other important personal information of employees onto one centralized platform.


    We will discuss what features and criteria to look for when choosing an employee management system below. These are also the criteria that helped us choose our picks for the best employee management system.


    Top Employee Management Systems


    1. nTask


    Resource permissions


    nTask takes our top pick as the best employee management system. Although the tool is created as a project management solution, with its range of versatile features, usability, and user-friendly interface the tool is a top contender.


    You can use the tool during any stage of an employee’s journey from onboarding to leave to help manage all administrative tasks and activities.


    Key Features:



    • Basic plan available free of cost
    • Premium plan for $2.99/user, per month
    • Business plan for $7.99/user, per month


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    2. Workday




    Next up on our list is the cloud-based employee management tool Workday. The software is a Human Capital Management Suite and is ideal for both medium and large-scale businesses or companies.


    The software can help your organization with the planning, analysis, and execution of your employees and workforce.


    With features including HR, planning, financial, talent, analysis, payroll, and more the tool is a great all-around employee management tool.


    Key Features:

    • Performance management
    • Absence management
    • Ability to monitor processes and workflows
    • Recruiting tools
    • Workforce analytics
    • Talent management
    • Invoicing and payroll solutions



    • You can get a quote on pricing for your organization by contacting their support team.


    3. Oracle PeopleSoft


    Oracle Peoplesoft


    Oracle’s PeopleSoft is a suite of applications to help organizations with complex business requirements. With the applications, you can increase your organization’s productivity, improve cost efficiency, and accelerate business performance.


    PeopleSoft offers solutions for benefits navigation, absence management, payroll interface, performance and recruiting a helpdesk for HR, and more.


    Key Features:

    • Benefits manager
    • Payroll entry
    • Approvals
    • Tax calculation
    • Time off accrual
    • Track time and attendance



    • For pricing check out their website for all available solutions and tools


    4. Saba




    Saba is a talent management solution that was built for technology companies but its versatile feature set is a great choice for various industry types.


    The tool offers traditional talent management features such as course building, goal tracking, learning management, and more.


    Key Features:

    • Performance management
    • HR metrics
    • Talent management
    • Employee engagement
    • Goal management
    • Employee feedback and recognition



    • For more about pricing contact a Saba representative.


    5. PeopleBook HR


    People Book HR


    PeopleBook HR prides itself on being a Human Resources software solution to help modernize HR management.


    The software offers all the tools and features needed to streamline HR activities including payroll management, time and leave management, benefits management, and more.


    Key Features:

    • Employee information management
    • Document management
    • Payroll features
    • Asset management
    • Shift management
    • Performance management
    • Leave management
    • System administration and user roles



    • For pricing details contact the provider


    6. Bullhorn




    Bullhorn is a SaaS software for recruitment process management and is an applicant tracking system.


    The software is perfect for large organizations with its user-friendly interface and customizable features.


    With the software, you can easily automate your recruiting lifecycle and increase efficiency within your team.


    Key Features:

    • Hiring processes tracking
    • Applicant data management
    • Workflow building tools
    • Candidate evaluations
    • Automated resume parsing
    • Scheduling features



    • For a pricing quote contact Bullhorn’s support team.


    7. Zoho People


    Zoho People


    Zoho People is one of the solutions offered in the Zoho Suite. Zoho People is an HR software solution and cloud-based Human Resource Management System.


    With Zoho People, your organization can easily streamline employee-related activities with tools such as timesheets, leave management, employee onboarding, and more.


    Zoho People offers multiple integrations and several customizable templates and therefore earned its rightful spot on our list of best employee management systems.


    Key Features:

    • Employee database management
    • Employee onboarding
    • Time off management
    • Timesheets features
    • HR process automation
    • HR chatbot
    • Attendance tracker
    • HR analytics
    • Performance management



    • You can request a price quote for Zoho projects on their website.


    8. 15Five




    Up next we have 15Five, this tool is a continuous performance management software used by the likes of Spotify and Hubspot.


    The software aims to help companies both get and give feedback with self-review tools, a recognition system, weekly check-ins, and more.


    Key Features:

    • Employee recognition
    • Goal monitoring
    • Negative feedback management
    • Performance management
    • Ad Hoc reports and analysis
    • Strategic planning
    • Skills assessments



    • The basic plan is for $7/month, per user
    • The Plus plan is for $14/month, per user
    • You can also opt for the custom Performance plan


    9. Kissflow




    Kissflow is a workflow software with human resource management capabilities that is cloud-based. With Kissflow you have features and tool which aid in process management from the hiring of employees till their retirement from the organization.


    With multiple in-built integrations and features such as task activity stream, time tracking capabilities, performance management, and more the software is a great choice to manage all things employee management related.


    Key Features:

    • Employee onboarding
    • Applicant tracking
    • Attendance and time management
    • Leave management
    • Employee offboarding
    • Performance management



    • The Starter plan is for $390/month for 20 users
    • The Professional plan is for $690/month for 50 users
    • The Enterprise plan starts at $1500/month for 100 users


    10. Employee Navigator


    Employee Navigator


    Employee Navigator is an all-in-one HR, and compliance software for insurance brokers, carriers, and various managerial departments.


    The tool aims to help make running a business easier with a variety of apps ranging from PTO and vacation tracking to administration and onboarding, and more.


    Key Features:

    • COBRA administration
    • Deduction management
    • Employee benefits administration
    • Online benefits insurance
    • Life insurance administration



    • Employee Navigator has detailed pricing plans including Enhanced, Enhanced Plus, Elite, and Platinum plans. for details of the pricing options check out their pricing page.


    Criteria for Choosing the Right Employee Management System for Your Organization


    Now that you know our top picks for the best employee management software to choose from you may be wondering what things to consider when making the choice. Or even what we took into consideration when curating this list.


    There are certain general criteria you should always consider when choosing any system or software to implement into your organization.


    These considerations include the interface and usability of the software. You want to choose software that has a modern yet user-friendly interface and is simple to understand and navigate thus reducing onboarding time for you and your team.


    You also want to consider the budget you are working with. With the modern world fast evolving you will find different tools available at different price points. Ensure that you consider what your must-have features are and what you can go without. This helps you to decide which tool meets your requirements and fits within your price range.


    Moreover, you want to see what built-in integrations the system offers. Having a tool that integrates with software you are already using helps to streamline your workflows and helps avoid unnecessary costs in purchasing more software or going back and forth between tools and information.


    Apart from these general considerations, as mentioned you want to consider what you can and cannot live without in software. This is to say you want to consider what features the tool offers.


    Keep in mind what you are trying to achieve when choosing software when considering the features of that said tool.


    Features to look for in employee management tools include an employee self-service portal, employee record keeping, monitoring features, progress tracking, etc.




    If you clarify what your needs and expectations are from any tool, you will be able to choose between multiple employee management systems easily.


    We hope this list of the best employee management systems helped with the decision process and you are a little clearer on the options that are available to you.


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