Meet Megan, an English class teacher and a cat-owner

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Megan had a hard time with

  • Organizing her class coursework
  • Keeping track of class progress
  • Collaborating with other teachers
  • Communicating with her students
  • Scheduling meetings with parents
  • Making time to groom her cat

Megan used nTask, a task management software that fits her needs. Now she can:

teacher feature

  • Schedule class coursework beforehand
  • Create to-do lists for each day and week
  • Access all class files on the go
  • Track each student’s performance
  • Keep track of teaching resources
  • Easily update task information
  • Organize and maintain lectures and slides
  • Cross collaborate with other subject teachers
  • Maintain digital copies of all class material
  • Assign assignments and projects to students
  • Track time spent doing routine tasks
  • Make more time for her cat

With nTask’s powerful features, Megan saves

  • writing_notes8 hours Finding student records

    each week

  • amount_spent$200 Buying stationery items

    each week

  • collaborating_friends20 hours Managing class assignments

    each week