Meet John, a seasoned defense attorney with a lot to do

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John had a hard time with

  • Efficiently utilizing work time
  • Collaborating online with clients
  • Keeping track of all workload
  • Managing client documentation
  • Scheduling meetings with clients
  • Updating case information on the go

John used nTask, a smart task management assistant. Now he can:

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  • Easily track billable hours
  • Keep record of work time
  • Access all documents anywhere
  • Schedule tasks for his paralegals
  • Monitor progress of all his team
  • Easily update new case information
  • Keep detailed records of past cases
  • Better communicate with his secretary
  • Track and organize client invoices
  • Improve and streamline critical processes
  • Assign tasks to colleagues
  • Better communicate with his clients

With nTask’s powerful features, John saves

  • writing_notes24 hours Writing down notes

    each week

  • amount_spent$120 Amount spent on stationery

    each week

  • collaborating_friends20 hours Collaborating with friends

    each week