Meet Katie, a pediatrician and a single mom

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Katie had a hard time with

  • Managing an appointment calendar
  • Keeping track of patient records
  • Delegating routine tasks
  • Rescheduling appointments with patients
  • Collaborating with the staff
  • Making time for her wonderful daughters

Katie used nTask, her new task management partner. Now she can:

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  • Easily schedule monthly appointments
  • Get notifications for all activities
  • Access client data whenever she needs
  • Efficiently track all tasks
  • Better collaborate with her staff
  • Easily update patient records
  • Reduce documentation paperwork
  • Organize, track and keep digital records
  • Track each patient’s recovery progress
  • Create treatment plans
  • Keep track of patient billing information
  • Make more time for her daughters

With nTask’s powerful features, Katie saves

  • writing_notes8 hours Finding patient records

    each week

  • amount_spent$525 In salaries for support staff

    each week

  • collaborating_friends20 hours Prescriptions for each patient

    each week