Just Released!

Automation – Task Reminders

You can now set up multiple reminders for tasks. For example, if you want to send reminder emails to task assignees 3 days before the task is due, you can set it up. Multiple reminders can be set up for a single task and there is no limit on the number of reminders for any task.

Custom Work Schedules

Not every team works 5 days a week, some work more, some less. nTask now gives you the ability to set working days and working hours for your team. You can modify them for different workspaces as well.

What’s Coming?

Q1 2023
  • Integration with Integrately
  • Community Forum
  • Dashboards (Beta)
  • Document Manager (Beta)
  • Resource Management
  • Optimizations to Gantt Charts
  • Forms (Beta)
  • Mobile Apps Facelift and Real-time Collaboration
Q2 2023
  • Subdomains (yourcompany.ntaskmanager.com)
  • Guest Users
  • User Groups and Advanced Roles
  • Advanced Automations
  • Notes (Beta)
  • Auto Incremental Task Numbering
  • Task Grouping by Assignee
  • Self-help Whitelabeling
  • Custom Fields Support in Forms
  • Reporting (Beta)
  • Integration with N8N
  • Themes and Dark Mode
  • Timesheets Filters Enhancements
  • Multiboards
  • Gantt Charts 2.0 – Subtasks, Split Tasks, and Linked Tasks
Coming later in 2023
  • Integration with Harvest
  • Public Links for Kanban Boards
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Integration with HubSpot
  • Advanced Integration with Zapier
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