Task Management for Lawyers

Meet John,

a seasoned defense attorney with a lot to do

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John had a hard time with
  • Efficiently utilizing work time
  • Collaborating online with clients
  • Keeping track of all workload
  • Managing client documentation
  • Scheduling meetings with clients
  • Updating case information on the go
John used nTask, a smart task management assistant. Now he can:
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  • Easily track billable hours
  • Keep record of work time
  • Access all documents anywhere
  • Schedule tasks for his paralegals
  • Monitor progress of all his team
  • Easily update new case information
  • Keep detailed records of past cases
  • Better communicate with his secretary
  • Track and organize client invoices
  • Improve and streamline critical processes
  • Assign tasks to colleagues
  • Better communicate with his clients
With nTask’s powerful features, John saves

24 hours
Writing down notes

Amount spent on stationery

20 hours
Collaborating with friends

The platform that works for everyone, with everyone

Say goodbye to overdue tasks and shuffling between tools to do things. nTask is here.

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