Task Management for Homemakers

Meet Natalie,

a homemaker and an avid violinist

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Natalie had a hard time with
  • Getting through chores for the day
  • Creating daily to-do lists
  • Allocating time between tasks efficiently
  • Constantly updating the grocery list
  • Planning a cooking calendar
  • Making time for her violin classes
Natalie used nTask, a task management tool that helps make life simple. Now she can:
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  • Plan for gatherings with friends
  • Manage her past and present to-do lists
  • Access her tasks on the go, anywhere
  • Keep track of her time spent doing chores
  • Be reminded of important days
  • Easily update changes in routines
  • Track progress of home improvements
  • Better organize and manage family events
  • Keep all her important contacts handy
  • Attend violin classes and play for her family
With nTask’s powerful features, Natalie saves

24 hours
Writing down notes

Amount spent on stationery

20 hours
Collaborating with friends

The platform that works for everyone, with everyone

Say goodbye to overdue tasks and shuffling between tools to do things. nTask is here.

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