Task Management for Doctors

Meet Katie,

a pediatrician and a single mom

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Katie had a hard time with
  • Managing an appointment calendar
  • Keeping track of patient records
  • Delegating routine tasks
  • Rescheduling appointments with patients
  • Collaborating with the staff
  • Making time for her wonderful daughters
Katie used nTask, her new task management partner. Now she can:
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  • Easily schedule monthly appointments
  • Get notifications for all activities
  • Access client data whenever she needs
  • Efficiently track all tasks
  • Better collaborate with her staff
  • Easily update patient records
  • Reduce documentation paperwork
  • Organize, track and keep digital records
  • Track each patient’s recovery progress
  • Create treatment plans
  • Keep track of patient billing information
  • Make more time for her daughters
With nTask’s powerful features, Katie saves

8 hours
Finding patient records

In salaries for support staff

20 hours
Writing prescriptions for each patient

The platform that works for everyone, with everyone

Say goodbye to overdue tasks and shuffling between tools to do things. nTask is here.

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