nTask Features

With nTask’s unlimited features, you don’t need to install and use multiple applications on daily basis. Just install and use nTask and do anything you want from one console.

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Why nTask?

nTask is the only app in the market, which helps you to manage the following 3 key features or areas, from a single dashboard:

  • Tasks

    Manage multiple tasks at the same time with utmost efficiency

  • Projects

    Get all your projects done with super ease and simplicity

  • Meetings

    Arrange as many meetings as you want with great productive results

Features of nTask That Take Care of Your Needs

Attach & Share Files

nTask allows you to attach and share as many files as you want with & assign to your friends and team.

Task Effort & Tracking

Streamline all of your efforts in the right direction by tracking effort & time you have invested in an activity.

Task Assignment

Using task assignment option, you can easily delegate & assign tasks or projects to your team.

Task Follow Ups

Lack of follow-ups can lead to work inefficiency. Use this feature to follow-up a task so that it can be evaluated and completed within time.

Minutes of Meeting

This feature allows you to jot down all the important points discussed in a meeting and finally review & publish the minutes of meeting.

Team Collaboration

nTask aligns your team to be more agile and smarter. Let your team take control of their tasks with efficient collaboration and massive productivity.

Project Board

Have a quick glance at the project’s overall progress. View which individual tasks are taking longer than usual and require more attention.

Custom/Advanced Filters

Use custom and advanced filters to extract and refine your queries and search results. Eliminate the overhead of filtering tasks one by one.

Activity Logs

Activity logs enable you to track back all the activities of your account. This helps you in keeping the complete record of all the activities you performed on a particular task.


Forgetting an important task or missing a deadline can be very annoying. Get notified in advance about a particular activity.

Recurring Tasks

Some tasks occur and repeat periodically. Creating such tasks again and again is a daunting task and can exhaust you. Easily reschedule or repeat a particular event in the future.

Task Labeling

Sometimes you need to label a task for different reasons. You might label a task to find it in future with that particular label. Whatever the reason is, labeling a task can be very handy.

Real-Time Comments

Real-time commenting allows you to be more collaborative with your team. Use this feature to share your thoughts and opinions with your team members in a fast and convenient way.

Gantt Chart

Gantt charts help you to monitor and track the progress of a particular activity, such as starting and ending dates. You can use this option to effectively supervise the overall progress of a project.

Progress Meter

If you want the detail on the progress of a project, use progress meter option. Using this option, you can easily monitor the status and progress of a particular activity.