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Top Productivity Podcasts for Project Managers of 2021

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    When it comes to achieving daily tasks or targeting goals and aspirations – be it long-term or short-term, most of us are in a continuous effort of getting more done with the time we have.


    This constant competition with ourselves and in an effort to maintain an edge over the others whether it comes to finding the right job, sustaining a relationship or feeling a sense of achievement has taken a toll on the overall productivity for individuals and teams.


    Our personal strengths, personality, and priorities contribute greatly to how productive we can be. Psychologists have coined a term for this phenomenon as “person-activity fit”.


    We all need to know what works for us on an individual level instead of going with the flow. As they say, there is never a one-size-fits-all approach. We need to work according to our potential and try to maximize that by optimizing the time we have on our hands.


    Reading productivity-related books and blogs and watching relevant shows and documentaries can be great resources to learn about enhancing our productivity. However, another great way is to listen to top productivity podcasts – ranging from a couple of minutes to hour-long audio discussions and narratives.


    The best thing about podcasts is you can listen while you drive or walk or work without losing focus on your activity yet have your brain enlightened with productivity tips and constructive information.


    Here, we have listed down the top productivity podcasts to help you overcome your procrastination and enhance your potential by boosting your productivity.


    1. The Tim Ferriss Show


    Tim Ferriss is a bestselling author and known as the “world’s best human guinea pig. From succeeding with a 4-Hour Workweek to sculpting a 4-Hour Body to becoming a 4-Hour Chef, Ferriss is best known for getting maximum done with minimum efforts.


    His show The 4-Hour Workweek is one of the top productivity podcasts and is being translated into over 40 languages.


    Ferriss’s productivity podcasts revolve around interviews with people and professionals from niche backgrounds or the industry. He then tries to gain insight on the secrets that lead to their success.


    Ferriss talks about meditation, technology, investment and a lot more. Ferriss’s disarming personality and genuine curiosity makes this podcast an entertaining listen.


    2. The Accidental Creative


    The host of this podcast, Todd Henry, has authored books including The Accidental Creative, Die Empty and Louder Than Words. Through this podcast, Henry shares information on how to develop everyday practices effectively in order to stay productive, healthy and dazzle overall in your personal and professional life.


    He does this by interviewing authors, artists as well as business leaders. This podcast provides tips and ideas on how to not only survive but thrive in life.


    3. Kwik Brain


    If you are looking for a podcast that helps you improve your learning yet is fun and dynamic, Kwik Brain is for you. This show aims at helping super help busy people gain information, learn anything and achieve their goals with a minimum amount of time.


    This podcast is led by Jim Kwik who is a brain and memory trainer to elite mental performers that include the world’s leading CEOs and celebrities. His quest for helping others improve their cognitive performance stems from a brain injury in his childhood that left him learning-challenged.


    Kwik tackled this problem by creating strategies himself to dynamically improve his mental performance.


    This podcast is for everyone ranging from students and educators to professionals and entrepreneurs. Kwik shares shortcuts to everything from reading faster, gaining more knowledge in lesser time, improving memory, and maximize your cognitive potential with tools to polish your mind, improve your focus and help the brain achieve its maximum potential.


    4. The Productivity Show by Asian Efficiency


    Inspired by ‘Asian Efficiency’, which falls under the general concept of Asians getting to do achieve more in a lesser amount of time, count this another one of the top productivity podcasts. Initially led by Zachary Sexton, it is taken over by a few contributors, primarily Mike Schmitz, Thanh Pham, and Brooks Duncan.


    The duration of a regular podcast episode can go beyond one hour with interviews or in-depth and detailed discussions. You can learn a lot of tips and tricks to boost your productivity and has a lot of great episodes related to Agile and project management in general.


    5. NPR’s How I Built This


    What sets this podcast apart is that it does not follow the typical route of giving tips and tricks for living a more productive life. Instead, the host Guy Raz uses the lead-by-example method to keep listeners hooked for valuable insight.


    He does this through interviews and discussions with leaders and founders of topmost successful companies. These include Airbnb, Instagram, Chipotle, etc.


    The discussion involves the guests elaborating on how the corresponding businesses were developed, the obstacles and problems they came across and then the lessons learned in the process.


    6. The Productivityist Podcast


    Mike Vardy is the founder of the Productivityist podcast and the creator of time crafting. The host Mike Vardy of this half-hour, weekly podcast talks about achieving goals, time management, creating and maintaining good habits and in general achieving your aspirations.


    Through interviews with CEOs, professionals, entrepreneurs, and authors, Vardy succeeds in keeping the listeners tuned in and growing in number.


    Through actionable tips and useful tools, Vardy’s goal is to help people “define your day, funnel your focus, and make every moment matter”.


    7. The 5 AM Miracle Podcast


    Jeff Sanders is an author and the host of this podcast and begins with the catchphrase “Dominate your day before breakfast!”. This podcast aims at helping you begin enhancing your productivity through waking up early morning with enthusiasm – hence ‘5 AM’, build powerful, long-lasting habits working energetically towards achieving your goals and aspirations.


    Jeff Sanders proceeds with the episodes by either interviewing guests or taking control of the podcast itself, in either case discussing life-changing tips with relevance to healthy habits, rising early as well as personal development and maximizing productivity.


    8. The Productive Woman


    The dynamics of the world are changing rapidly incurring a significant impact on our personal and professional lives. Especially, the lives of women are taking a positive turn with more exposure to education, employment opportunities and making better lifestyle choices.


    However, women still have to struggle with balancing home and work, raising kids and finding time for themselves to rejuvenate amidst the chaotic work-life routines.


    With this podcast, Laura McClellan aims at facilitating and encouraging women to succeed in life be it as home-makers, businesswomen or professionals. Although it is aimed at making lives for women better, the information imparted and ideas shared can equally benefit people regardless of gender.


    9. On Being


    Another podcast led by a woman, Krista Tippet, this one is for those that like to think and explore concepts and philosophies of life. This award-winning podcast “On Being” encompasses exploration and insight into simple areas of life through deep and philosophical questions.


    The podcast episodes involve interviews with philosophers, scientists, religious personnel, psychologists and more. Through this podcast, the listeners can gain different perspectives and have their beliefs challenged inciting them to think deeply about matters discussed.


    10. ProdPod – just two minutes


    If you do not have time for long, elaborate discussions and interviews, take a listen to ProdPod where each podcast lasts only two minutes.


    These episodes cover a wide range of topics including productivity, resilience, procrastination, habits, work-life balance as well as two-minute book reviews. Other topics more focused on your professional productivity comprise single-tasking, multi-tasking, holding effective meetings, presentations and project planning.


    11. The Action Catalyst Podcast


    Another one that makes it to our list of top productivity podcasts is this podcast, hosted by Rory Vaden, who is the co-founder of Southwestern Consulting™ and a New York Times bestselling author.


    In weekly episodes, Rory offers valuable tips and advice on increasing self-discipline and optimizing time in order to achieve your aspirations and goals efficiently, both at work and at home.


    The episodes involve interviews with experts on a range of topics and discussions diving into the do’s and don’ts’ of beating procrastination, doing more, achieving discipline, taking action and ultimately gaining life’s objectives.


    Do you have any recommendations for top productivity podcasts? Let us know in the comments below.


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