30 Team Building Activities That Your Team will Love

team building activities

Business is about building relationships. And the better those relationships are, the better the business will be.

That’s why team building activities are so important – they help build team spirit and skills, making the team better equipped to face challenges and emerge successful.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through 30 fun team-building activities that your team will love.

From classic team-building games to new and innovative activities, there’s something for everyone. So put on your team-building hat and get ready to have fun!

Why business needs team-building games or exercises?

Team-building activities are essential in building a positive team culture. They help to increase productivity and morale and make work more interesting for everyone involved.

The best part? There are plenty of options available online or in bookstores, so find something your team will love and get started! This way, you can guarantee that team-building activities are a part of your company culture from day one.

Fun Team building Activities and Games

Team building activities can be fun and engaging, and they’re a great way to get the team members working together in a positive way. Whether you’re looking for creative activities or games, we’ve got you covered.

Some of our favorite team-building activities include water balloon fights, relay races, treasure hunts, and paintballing. Mix things up by trying different activities each time so that everyone has a unique experience.

Make sure to designate a leader for every activity in order to ensure safety precautions are taken! As always, have fun, and don’t forget to reward your team members for a job well done!

1. Egg Drop

egg drop

If you’re looking for an interesting team-building activity, try egg drop. This game is simple to learn and can be played in a number of different ways. You will need some eggs, a table, and some cups or other containers that can hold water.

The idea is to get as many players as possible into the cup or container while keeping them inside until the timer runs out.

Whoever drops their egg first loses the game. There are several variations available online, so take a look and find one that suits your group’s tastes and abilities.

2. Talking in Circles


A great way to break the ice and get to know each other better is by participating in a team-building activity. Talking in circles is an easy and fun activity that can be done with any group of people.

Basically, it involves everyone taking turns speaking for no more than two minutes, and then everyone else has to silence them for two minutes. This process continues until everyone has had a chance to speak.

This simple exercise creates bonds between team members and helps build trust. It also allows participants to share their thoughts and ideas freely without fear of judgment or ridicule from their peers.

Plus, it’s a great opportunity for creative brainstorming sessions!

3. Two sides of a Coin

Two sides of a coin game is a great team-building activity that can help build communication and cooperation skills. The objective of the game is to get as many coins into your opponent’s bag as possible.

You win by either putting all of your coins into your opponent’s bag or capturing their flag, which is located on the other side of the playing field. Also, this simple game can help people learn how to trust one another. Give it a shot, and you won’t regret doing it with your team mates!

4. Blind Drawing


Blind drawing is the perfect team-building activity because it allows everyone to be creative and expressive. It’s also an opportunity for people to work together cooperatively, problem-solve, and think on their feet.

To make the experience even more fun, choose a fun and challenging theme that will interest your team members. Have each person draw a picture or write something based on the chosen theme while blindfolded.

Don’t forget the fun factor – have some fun challenges set up for the team to complete while blindfolded. You won’t regret team building with blind drawing!

5. Three Truths and a Lie

Three Truths and a Lie comes in simple, fast, and perfect for team building – perfect for any group of people. The game is simple – each team member is given a statement and a truth, and they have to figure out which one corresponds to the truth.

If they get it right, they get to keep the card. If not, they have to give the card to the next player. The game gets more fun as the team gets better at it, as players are given different roles (e.g., judge, reporter) to make the game more engaging.

Make sure to have enough copies of the rules so everyone can play!

6. Frostbite


This unique game requires players to work together to prevent an ice tower from collapsing and freezing them all.

Frostbite is simple to set up – just gather everyone around the table, decide on a playing area, and start the game. Players take turns rolling two dice (one black and one white), which determines how high the tower will be raised each turn.

The goal is to keep the tower as low as possible by moving other players’ pieces out of the way or pushing them off of cliffs. Whoever achieves this first wins the round!

7. Pencil Drop

Pencil drop is a simple game that requires players to collect all the pencils dropped from a high platform into their containers below.

The catch is that participants must avoid getting hit by the falling pencils themselves! This challenging and fun game creates an environment in which teams can collaborate and develop creative solutions.

It’s also an excellent way to build communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork skills.

It can help build trust, cooperation, and communication skills among team members. 

8. Flip it Over


Flip It Over is a team-building activity that emphasizes communication and collaboration. Teams of participants are divided into two groups, and each group is given an assignment.

The first group has to complete the assigned task while the second group watches. Afterward, both groups share their experiences and brainstorm ideas for improvement.

This activity helps employees learn how to work together effectively by exchanging ideas and feedback. It also helps them develop better problem-solving skills by exploring different approaches to the same problem.

Finally, it builds teamwork skills by forcing teams to cooperate under difficult conditions.

9. Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper is an activity that helps participants learn how to effectively communicate and work together. The game involves taking turns adding salt or black pepper to another person’s food.

The goal is for each player to eat as much of the other person’s food as possible before they themselves are eaten. 

This simple game can help people learn how to trust one another, build cooperation skills, and resolve conflicts peacefully.

It also has some fun elements – who doesn’t love trying new foods?! Salt and Pepper team building activities can be a great way for groups of any size to get started building better relationships.

10. Spider Web

Spider web team building activity is one of the most fun and engaging activities you can do with your colleagues. Not only will everyone have a lot of fun, but they’ll also learn some effective skills that they can use in their day-to-day work life. 

First, gather all the materials you need – a string or yarn (at least 30 feet), sticky pads, paperweights, pencils, or pens. Next, divide up the group into teams of 3 to 5 people.

Each team should be assigned two members to hold onto the string/yarn while the other two members pull on it from opposite directions until it forms a large spider web.

Once this is complete, each team takes turns hanging their paperweights from the web using their pencils/pens as weights to keep them suspended in mid-air for as long as possible.

The goal is for everyone on the team to hang at least one weight before time runs out!

11. Human Knot


A human knot is an activity that combines team-building games, problem-solving, and physical challenges. Participants work together to create a loop made of interconnected ropes.

The goal is to untangle the knot as quickly as possible while avoiding obstacles and trying not to fall off the platform.

Human knots are challenging yet fun, and they provide participants with a sense of achievement. They also help build teamwork skills by forcing everyone to come up with creative solutions on the fly.

Plus, they’re just plain interesting – watch participants struggle but eventually succeed in breaking free from the complex network of ropes!

12. Balloon Questions

Balloon questions! They’re a fun, easy-to-do team-building activity that can be used in virtually any setting. And, they’re a great way to build teamwork and cooperation skills.

Simply gather your team members together, filling each bucket with enough balloons (or other small objects) so that everyone has at least one. Then, have everyone take turns asking each other questions about their respective balloons.

It’s helpful to give brief answers – just enough information for someone else to understand the balloon without needing too much detail themselves. 

The goal is for everyone on the team to participate in this lively discussion by answering as many questions as possible. This will help them learn more about each other and develop stronger relationships while having fun!

This activity is also known to build trust and camaraderie. Try it!

13. Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt game

Team-building games don’t have to be all about fun and games. In fact, some of the fun team-building activities are simple ones that can be done in minutes. A scavenger hunt is one of these great activities that works great as a party game or icebreaker.

There’s no limit to the number of teams that can take part, and the fun never stops.

It is a fun, creative way to team building. This type of activity can be especially effective when it’s used in combination with other forms of team building, such as interactive activities or strategy sessions.

Scavenger hunts are also a great way for individuals to get together and have some fun while working on collaborative goals.

As you try out different scavenger hunt ideas, be sure to keep the variety key – your teams will love it!

14. Helium Stick

Team building activities for small groups can be fun, but they can also be time-consuming and frustrating.

That’s why we’ve come up with the perfect solution – a helium stick! This simple yet ingenious tool is perfect for team activities that require communication skills, problem-solving, and strategic thinking.

For example, you can create different challenges or games using a helium stick that will keep your team entertained all day long. Let’s get started!

15. Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower

Team building activities are essential for building team spirit and teamwork. And what better way to do that than by building a spaghetti tower? This fun and challenging team-building activity is perfect for groups of up to 30 people.

Make sure to provide enough marshmallows for each player, or the tower will quickly become unstable.

Have everyone race to finish first and see who can create the tallest spaghetti tower! Add some personality with different flavors of marshmallows before starting the activity.

No team-building activities for small groups are complete without a good laugh, so be sure to include some fun team-building games like Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower.

16. Desert Survival


Desert Survival is a great option because it’s fun, challenging, and allows for bonding. Some great team-building activities for this include hiking, camping, and kayaking.

Make sure that each participant has an equal share in order to prevent any arguments or disputes later on.

If you’re looking for something more unique, try combining these activities with sensory deprivation tanks! These tanks are great for team bonding, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills.

So, put team-building activities at the top of your list, and be sure to have a blast!

17. 4-Way Tug-Of-War

Team building activities are essential for building team morale and teamwork. One great way to do this is by conducting fun activities like 4-way tug-of-war. This simple game gets everyone moving and working together in team-building mode.

If you want to make it more challenging, add an obstacle or two between the teams.

4-Way Tug-of-War is a game where teams compete against each other by trying to pull a rope in opposite directions as fast as possible.

The first team to successfully pull the rope all the way across wins! It’s an intense but fun experience that can be enjoyed by people of any age group. Plus, it’s a great way to build teamwork and communication skills.

18. Classify This

Whether you’re looking for an icebreaker to break the ice or a fun team-building activity, this is the perfect game for you! It only takes a few minutes to set up, and teams will have fun trying to come up with creative ideas for each category.

For a fun twist, have teams compete to see who can come up with the most creative responses. Classify objects using at least three different categories – color, shape, and function. Have fun and let the teambuilding fun begin!

19. Let Us Guess

Guess the name

The Let Us Guess game is a team-building activity that allows participants to get to know each other better. Players take turns guessing one another’s thoughts and feelings, based on their body language and words.

This can be a fun way to get everyone in the mood for conversation, or it can help improve communication skills.

It is a simple, easy, and hassle-free activity for any team.

20. What’s in the Room

Try what’s in the room!

The basic premise of the what’s in the room game is simple: You and your team are given five minutes to explore a predetermined space (either in person or electronically) and write down anything that catches your attention.

From there, it’s up to the rest of the group to try and figure out what you found interesting/important enough to talk about. The more engaged everyone is in this process, the better off everyone will be as a result!

21. Perfect Question

A perfect question team management activity would involve teams of employees working together to come up with questions that will stump their fellow employees.

This can be a fun and challenging experience, and it’s sure to get everyone thinking creatively.

Some ideas for questions you could ask your team include: Who is the most interesting person in the world? What was your first love like? Why do we drift apart from our friends over time? How does happiness change as we age?

22. Hear Me Out

The objective of the game is simple – each player randomly selects one other player to “hear out.” The selected player has to listen intently while the rest of the players secretly vote on what they think he should say next.

If possible, try not to be too obvious about it!

Once everyone has voted, the chosen player takes a turn speaking. They have three minutes to explain their thoughts in as much detail as possible. Track time.

Once their time is up, the next player gets a turn, and so on until everyone has had a chance to speak (or run out of gas!).

Hear Me Out provides plenty of opportunities for group interaction and debate, which makes it great for building teamwork skills or developing communication abilities. It’s also a lot of fun!

23. Triangle Turn

Team building activities can be fun, but sometimes they can get a little too structured. That’s where the triangle turn comes in! This team-building activity is great for building coordination, communication, and cooperation skills.

Teams start in the center column and work their way around the triangle, managing tasks that fall into one of the other two columns as they go.

When teams finish all six tasks, they rotate back to the beginning and begin again from step 2! This game can be played outdoors or indoors, so make sure to set up some fun props for your participants!

With this fun team-building activity, you’ll be able to get your team up and working together in no time!

24. Sneak a Peek

Sneak peak lego

Sneak a peek can be fun, engaging, and exciting, so you won’t have to worry about your team getting bored. Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make it happen.

Here’s how you play sneak a peek;

You and your team will be divided into small groups of five or six players, and each group will be assigned a different role in the game.

After playing through the activity together, you’ll have a much better understanding of each other – and maybe even some new friendships too!

25. Bob the Builder

If you’re a fan of Bob the Builder, then you’ll love this team-building activity! It’s perfect for groups of any size and can be done in just minutes.

First, gather your materials: sandpaper, bricks, boards, saws or other construction tools, and tape. Then set up your environment according to the instructions that are included with the activity kit.

Next, divide your group into teams of four or five members each and have them start working together to build their chosen structure.

Once it’s complete (or as close to completion as possible), get everyone together again and take pictures or record video footage of everyone completing the task at hand!

26. Human Spring

This team-building activity is great for groups of any size and can be done in just minutes.

There are a few different ways that human spring team-building activities can be implemented. One popular option is to have participants complete challenges together as a team.

This allows teams to build trust and camaraderie, while also testing their skills and abilities in new and challenging situations. Other options include group brainstorming exercises, interactive role-playing scenarios, or competitive games.

Ultimately, the goal of any human spring teambuilding activity is to provide members with an enjoyable experience that will help them work better together in future assignments.

27. Human Shapes

It’s time to break the ice and get team bonding- everyone will love Human Shapes! This fun and interactive game are perfect for office gatherings, team-building exercises, or even just for fun.

Setup is a breeze- all you need is a large room and paper and pencils. Teams of up to 10 people can enjoy the game by taking turns drawing a human shape (e.g. a square, triangle, circle, or pentagon) on the paper.

The first team to finish the entire paper wins. It’s easy to follow and fun for all the team members will learn about each other in a fun and interesting way. Don’t wait- get your team bonding game on today!

28. Earth-ball

Earth-ball is a new, trendsetting team-building activity that has quickly taken the world by storm. Earth balls are made from natural materials like soil, sand, and clay, and they are filled with water or other soft substances to make them bouncy.

This unique activity can be used for business meetings, training seminars, product launches – you name it!

You can play as hard or easy as you want – there’s nothing stopping you from getting creative! And because Earth Balls are reusable (and potentially biodegradable), they’re eco-friendly too!

Plus, they provide an unexpectedly fun way to connect with colleagues and build teamwork skills.

29. All Together


Altogether is a classic team-building game that everyone will enjoy. The goal of the game is to get as many members of the team up as possible using different props (e.g. chairs, buckets, balls).

It’s simple to set up and takes only minutes to play- perfect for group activities like team-building exercises or company picnics. Plus, it’s great exercise- so you can reach your fitness goals while having fun!

The objective of the game is to collect as many balls as possible while avoiding obstacles on your way. The more balls you collect at once, the more points you score.

There are several different variations of the All together game available, so please choose one that will fit your group’s specific needs.

30. Gutter Ball

Team building activities don’t have to be boring or mundane! In fact, the gutter ball is a great way to get team bonding and engagement.

It’s easy to set up and can be played indoors or outdoors, making it perfect for any team-building event. Plus, by creating different rules every time you play, the game will always be challenging and fun.

Make sure to have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand to keep everyone refreshed and energized during the game. As team-building activities go, the gutter ball is hard to beat!

How nTask can bring a collaborative spirit to your team?


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1. It improves communication – By providing a platform for team members to communicate and collaborate, nTask helps to improve communication overall. This leads to better understanding and fewer misunderstandings, which in turn makes the team more effective.

2. It reduces conflicts – By helping to prevent conflicts from arising, nTask helps to foster a more collaborative environment. This leads to less tension and improved morale overall.

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So, if you’re looking for a tool that can help your team communicate more effectively and collaborate more productively, nTask is definitely worth considering.

Team-building activities for remote teams

There are a number of team-building activities that can be used to help remote teams build bonds and strengthen relationships. Some popular options include: 

  • Team building exercises using video or digital tools. This allows participants to share their experiences and feedback easily, while also helping them develop communication skills. 
  • Active online collaboration platforms like Slack allow team members to communicate directly with one another, without the need for email or phone calls. This helps reduce the amount of time that is wasted on unnecessary emails and other mundane tasks. 
  • Activities that require cooperation such as puzzles or contests can help bind people together in a fun way, while also giving them an opportunity to show off their creative abilities.


Why do we need team-building activities?

Team building activities can be a fun and engaging way to bring everyone on your team closer together. They can also help to build morale, create synergy among team members, and improve communication. In addition, team-building activities can help participants learn new skills or develop their creativity.

Finally, they provide an opportunity for team members to work together cooperatively towards a common goal. So if you’re looking for ways to energize your workplace and boost employee productivity, then look no further than Team Building Activities.

How does team building improve communication?

Team building improves communication by helping to build trust and foster a collaborative environment. It can also help to increase team productivity and create lasting memories that will be remembered fondly years later.

There are many different types of team-building activities available, so it is important to choose the right one for your situation. Some popular options include group problem-solving, creative thinking exercises, social challenges, public speaking games, and tabletop roleplaying games.

By engaging in these activities together as a team, you can learn how to work better together and develop strategies that will be applicable in future situations. When done properly, team building can have far-reaching consequences for the bottom line.

Do team-building activities increase productivity?

There is evidence to suggest that team-building activities do actually increase productivity. This is because teambuilding opportunities provide a unique and stimulating environment in which workers can exchange ideas, collaborate on tasks, and build trust. Additionally, the interactions that take place during teambuilding activities can create a sense of camaraderie and cohesion within the workplace.

In other words, working together as a cohesive unit is key to maximizing output – something that most businesses would love to see.


Team-building activities are important for building team morale and camaraderie. They also help to foster communication and problem-solving skills. In this blog, we’ve listed 30 team-building activities that your team will love.

So, whether you’re looking for fun activities or helpful exercises, we’ve got you covered! Make sure to try out some of these activities today and see the great benefits they have on team bonding!

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