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Stories related to project management, team success and cross-functional project teams.

10+ Reasons Why IT Companies Fail In Today’s Industries

If you are working in an IT business, you are well aware of the crippling fear factor. It is often ...
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productivity, 2 pizza rule, jeff bezos

How Jeff Bezos’ 2 Pizza Rule Affects Productivity in Today’s Industry?

We often hear people throw in a famous catchphrase, ‘the bigger the better’ during a conversation, wherever they can. Now ...
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best mind mapping software, best mind map tools

10 Best Mind Mapping Software for IT & Non-IT Businesses

Although there is a spike in Google Trends for Best Mind Mapping Software, I haven’t really seen the programs’ actual ...
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simple project management software

Top 10 Variables of a Simple Project Management Software

A project manager (male or female) cannot expect to make his project a skyrocketing success without investing in a simple ...
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5 Insane Project Management Techniques in Today’s Market

Video Source - ProjectManager.Com Since we have read numerous blogs on project management techniques, I still feel there is something ...
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project management at nTask is oodles of fun

Project Management Vs. Leadership – How nTask evolved From an Early Start up to a Robust Industry Competitor

Project management often reflects tangible results that managers crave. However, a lot of that success factor is riding on proper ...
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how to manage a project from start to finish

How to Manage a Project like a Pro in today’s Work Environment?

I have read numerous articles on ‘How to Manage a Project’ and ‘How to Become a Project Manager’. There were ...
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best project management certifications

10 Best Project Management Certifications and Courses of 2019

Project Management certifications, or a certified professional are not essential to an organization’s core structure, but their involvement makes a ...
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okr examples, objectives and key results, goal setting, what does okr stand for, what is okr, okr google

How to Write Company OKRs for Effective Goal-Setting?

It goes without saying that you can’t successfully run a team without formally documenting goals and objectives. That’s just like ...
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what is a gantt chart

What Is a Gantt Chart? How and When to Use a Gantt Chart Software?

The Gantt Chart has become one of the most critical tools for project managers in various industries. According to Capterra, ...
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