The 25 Most Productive Things to Do When Bored



In this blog, we bring forth some of the most productive things to do this year. However, all of these activities will not only kill time but will also prove to be very productive and fruitful to your professional and personal growth.


Time and again we find ourselves sitting at our workstations, waiting for a task review, the next job to be assigned or just waiting for the feedback for our new proposal.


Although the slot may not quite the time to go for a leisurely walk or grab a coffee with your team, it is a significant chunk of time that could be used to do something constructive than sitting idle. To begin with, it wastes precious company time.


Did you know that according to a recent study by the University of Texas researchers, idle time can cost employers USD 1 billion per annum?


Plus, it also costs the employees – in terms of productivity. A study by Gallup states that employees who exercise their strengths daily are 8% more productive and 6 times more likely to be engaged than those who don’t.


This highlights the importance of keeping yourself occupied as much as possible. The value of taking a break and having some rest can never be undermined as long as it makes you feel re-energized and boosts your morale to get on with the day. However, staying idle with nothing to do on a regular basis is synonymous with setting yourself up for failure – in the long run.


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The Most Productive Things to Do in 2020:


1. Brush up on your skills


Brush skills


We invest a lot of time in skilling up and gathering knowledge when we set out to land a career track. However, somewhere between the work hours and the daydreaming for getting home faster to make time for more sleep, our skills start rusting.


Instead, we begin filing orders, calling customers and crunching numbers as reflexes without giving much thought or attention to adding creativity and newness to our daily tasks. This seemingly harmless daily boredom at work may lead to ultimately losing all your interest in the workplace. This, in turn, takes a toll on your productivity.


Instead of gazing into the screen wondering about productive things to do when you have free time on your hands, try to revisit your skills and hone them. Research into the latest developments in customer dealing, app development, writing or whatever your niche may be, and work on your skillset to continue shining in the long run.


2. Learn a new language


Learn a new language


If you think you’re good to go with your professional skill set or want to look into a new arena that will take you away from your regular workday, how about learning a new language?


Ok, so you don’t feel the need to use another language at work or at home. But did you know that having multiple languages listed on your resume can boost your chances or career growth exponentially? In fact, according to the language experts at, professionals that are fluent in a second language can earn up to 10 to 15 percent more than there monolingual counterparts.


Plus, it also gives you a chance to discover new areas professionally such as working in organizations that need translators or have customers pertaining to different geographical locations speaking various languages. Also, languages always help.


Whether you are planning to travel to a new location and want to discover more by communicating with the locals or you would like to be more approachable to the subordinates that may not have the same first language as yours.


With so many free videos and text tutorials to choose from, take your pick at your pace, and begin on the journey of discovering a whole new language.


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3. Download and use productivity apps




There are countless apps floating the internet that help you with workplace tasks, personal organization, and team productivity.


Research about the top apps suitable for your personal or professional needs, that are easy to use, lightweight on your device and that help you stay pretty much on top of your game.


If you are looking for productive things to do in your idle time, these apps can help you organize and prioritize your work, stay on track through timely reminders or just get handy tips to use your time better.


There are even apps that help you work with family, friends and professional teams to get shared tasks completed on time. To make your search for the best productivity app easy, head on to our blog with handpicked top to-do list apps.


4. Listen to productivity podcasts


Listen to podcast


If you are more of a listener than a hands-on person, listening to a productivity podcast may be one of the productive things to do when you have time on your hands.


The best thing about these podcasts is that you can listen to them taking a break, driving to your next meeting or commuting to work in public transport. You don’t need to be sitting in a specific environment or spend money.


Ranging from a couple of minutes to hours, you can choose to listen to any podcast of any category and of any duration depending on the time you have.


From famous book authors, inspiring celebrities and everyday individuals each hosting a unique tale about accomplishments and overcoming obstacles, handy tips and tricks for your career and life hacks, you are guaranteed to have something useful just right for you.


So next time you are looking for things to do when bored, the only thing you need to do is just grab your headphones and switch on one of the numerous productivity podcasts out there. The audio file will do the rest. Need help? Check out our top productivity podcasts you can listen to any time, any day.


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5. De-clutter your inbox


clean your inbox


If you look at just a few of the statistics pertaining to email usage, you would realize how it has taken over an immense portion of our daily, productive time. For instance,

  1. A study by UC Irvine and the U.S. Army found that limiting email access dramatically reduces stress levels
  2. According to The McKinsey Global Institute, an average employee spends 13 hours a week reading and responding to email. That is about 28% of our work time, which equates to 650 hours per year spent on entirely low-value work.
  3. According to SaneBox’s internal data, the average inbox contains only 38% important, relevant emails.


Need we say more? Email de-cluttering can be, by far, one of the most productive things to do in your free time.


Set up a reminder with sticky notes on your desk or where you can see it, get down to cleaning your inbox and make your life easier and more productive. Need some tips? Check out a number of ways this blog can help you achieve an optimized inbox.


6. Plan the task ahead


plan tasks


One of the best ways you can make use of your free time and shine at work is by planning your next task.


It may not exactly sound like a fun idea when looking for things to do when bored but if you know there is a task in the pipeline that may need extra attention or homework before you get down to it, now may be the best time to do so.


Waiting till the task is just about to begin can be overwhelming, particularly if you are aware of the complexity and the potential late-night sittings the project would be waiting.


Go ahead brainstorm the options, try coming up with a roadmap and make a list of professionals and tools that may be required on the way. It doesn’t hurt to track down colleagues that may have carried out similar tasks and try to get some advice from them.


Plus, there are numerous task management and project planning tools out there. Along with productivity apps, you may want to have a look at some top project planning tools.


7. Read


Read books


Whether you are into fiction or non-fiction, read up when you are not sure about what other productive things to do. Non-fiction such as how-to articles, daily newsletters, and community pages can help you stay aware of your surroundings.


However, do not underestimate the benefits of non-fiction either. According to research at Emory University,  reading non-fiction can help the brain function better and boost its connectivity.


Another study suggests that people who engage their brains through activities such as reading, chess, or puzzles maybe 2.5 times less prone to developing Alzheimer’s disease than those who don’t.


So next time you go shopping, be sure to stop by a bookstore and grab your favorite comics or novels and keep them on your desk. Plus, you can just look up recommendations for books online through so many sites that introduce read-worthy books, offer book reviews and buying details.


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8. Learn a new skill


Learn skill


Learning a new skill or polishing your existing skills relevant to your job is a productive thing to do, but is too mainstream. Find a niche and stick to it is all too common a phrase now. The real fun begins when you try to master a skill not associated with your field. Explore new dimensions that you normally wouldn’t even think twice about.


Doing this will not only allow you to explore your abilities, but will also help you to dramatically increase your productivity and creativity levels, plus you get to discover the untapped areas of your mind.


You can even try to incorporate new habits into your routine which you haven’t tried before, like joining a dance class, or music lessons. It’s fun too!


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9. Evaluate your productive hours


Productive hours


It goes without saying that you need to constantly evaluate yourself and your working habits to correctly determine your peak energy hours. Statistics show that typically, individuals get most of their work done (9.7%) at around 11 am.


You must sit back and determine the time you’re most productive at, so you can get most of your work done during those hours. If you think your energies are off the chart during daytime, gear yourself up and try to complete most of your important tasks during the day. That way, you’ll get more done and will still have ample time left to run other errands.


10. Network


Network with others


The introvert inside you might scream right now, but trust us when we say this, networking is crucial when it comes to staying on top of your game. If you have free time on your hands, take this opportunity and reach out to your industry professionals to make yourself visible.


This is also the right time for you to shoot a quick message or email to a former colleague that you haven’t contacted in a while. Check up on them and ask if they’re up for a short coffee session.


By networking, you can build a good rapport with your peers and this will also facilitate in understanding the industry trends faster. This could be one of the perfect productive things to do because you can also evaluate where you lag professionally, so you can take appropriate steps to grow.


11. Update your resume


Update your resume


By far one of the most productive things to do when bored at work is to update your resume. You never know when an opportunity knocks on your door, so you should be prepared. This is also a chance for you to evaluate your skills and experiences that you’ve gathered over time.


Updating your resume will also reflect your strengths and weaknesses and how you can work on them. It will take time, but it will give you useful insights to reflect on your career and what career choices you should look into.


This practice can also come in handy when there is an internal promotion in line. Your chances of success can increase if your resume is up to date because that way you don’t have to frantically update it when asked for.


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12. Take up some new responsibilities


Take the responsibilities


If you’re bored at work or you have some free time on your hands, you probably don’t have enough responsibilities. Look around you. There’s perhaps a colleague who needs help. Or a new intern who can benefit from your expertise.


Take up some new role that’ll break the monotony of your routine and will be a productive thing to do during your idle time. For this, you may have to step out of your comfort zone, without overstepping someone else’s boundary, might we add.  But think about the value it’ll bring to your career development and new better opportunities along the way.



13. Maintain a journal


Keep a journal


Pen down your thoughts and ideas whenever you have some time to spare. This not only helps you with staying productive but also makes it easy for you to comprehend your musings. Even if you don’t have free time, take some time out during your schedule and write it all down. It’ll hardly take 10 to 15 minutes, but it will be extremely useful.


It’s a great productive thing to do to indulge in self-reflection and safe venting. Yeah, all those times you were mad at your boss and needed to take it out and couldn’t, now you know what to do. Your journal is like your best friend, but without the trust issues.


Furthermore, there is concrete evidence to support the notion that writing down your emotions and thoughts have a positive impact on your mental health. So, now you don’t have to walk around with all that anxiety and stress of keeping things inside. Pour it all out and see how your productivity improves.


14. Go for a stroll


Go for Stroll


If you’re a workaholic and spend most of your time at a desk, your health is in trouble. Sitting at your desk for longer hours impacts your productivity in a negative way. People who sit for long hours at work are at a higher risk for multiple health ailments.


Squeezing in a strenuous workout routine during your schedule can be tough, but staying active for a little bit each day can work wonders for you. Take a small break every thirty minutes and go for a small stroll around the office. You don’t have to take longer breaks to let it work its magic.


Studies show that walking has a direct relationship with your creativity levels. In order to improve your productivity and creativity at work, move around more often. If you further want to take things up a notch, use your lunch breaks to break the monotony and get moving.


15. Organize your computer


organize computer


The digital hoarder inside you might get a panic attack right now, but you need to get rid of all those extra files you’ve been holding onto. So far, one of the easiest productive things to do when bored at work is to start organizing your computer. Delete all those useless images and files that are consuming your online space.


Another closely related productive thing to do can be to organize your folders. Categorize all the files according to their type and group them together in related folders. You’ll instantly feel lighter in the head. Trust us! It will also save you a lot of trouble the next time you try to retrieve a file.


It also holds true for the system lying in front of you. Give your keyboard a quick clean-up it deserves. If there’s paper clutter around, discard it and clear your workspace.


16. Track your progress


Track progress


If you have the opportunity, sit down at a quiet place and track your progress. Now is the perfect time to embrace what you’ve been doing and contemplate on your decisions. This quick productive thing to do will help you analyze your goals better and set your priorities straight.


It’s also a great way to list down your achievements to give yourself a quick boost. With all your achievements right in front of you, you will likely be motivated to work on your goals even better. Plan, prioritize, and then act. Also, if you’ve been thinking about measuring your success and what better decisions you need to take, start with this step right now.


17. Set your goals for next year


set goals for you


This productive thing to do is closely linked with the previous one. They tracked progress paves way for future goals. It allows you to reflect on your previous goals and set new ones for the future. Possibly the best time to practice this productive thing is at the end of the year.


To be more specific, break down your larger goals into smaller ones to make them more achievable. Or, you can set them up on SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) metrics. These carefully thought-out goals will give you a laser focus on what exactly you want to achieve.


Setting your goals also takes into account the time factor. With everything clearly set out in front of you, you only need to take action. Also, knowing what you need to do will give you the peace of mind you deserve, boosting your productivity like anything.


18. Eliminate distractions


Distracted and unfocused


Distractions are the worst enemy of productivity. Whether its social media, unnecessary emails, or calls, they can turn out to be your productivity killers if not addressed rightly. They can also mentally exhaust you, thus taking a toll on your mental health too. In order to improve your focus and give all your energies to your tasks, you need to eliminate distractions around you.


You need to exactly find out what’s distracting you from your standard work routine and is slowing down your productivity. Jot these things down and analyze the time you waste on each one of them. It will give you a heads-up for your probable distractions and what you need to do to remove them.


Another important thing to note here is that a plethora of unnecessary distractions keep our minds occupied. They take up our mental energies, which otherwise could be spent on other productive things. To keep your head clear of all these useless interruptions, get to work now.


19. Work on your physical and mental health


physical and mental health


Boredom may lead you to depression and anxiety. You might end up losing energy and motivation to achieve your short term and long term goals. You can at least do some physical activity to regain your energy and get back to your work. One of the best things to do when you are bored is to go for a walk, jogging, swimming, exercise, and biking. Any type of exercise will make you physically and mentally active.


If you only need to up your mental health, then meditation and relaxing practice will make you more relaxed. Mental exercises can help you focus on your work with a positive attitude. In this way, you can actually get productive in your job by eliminating boredom.


20. Make your grocery list in advance


grocery list


What to do when bored? Creating a grocery list in advance so that you won’t miss out on a thing next time you go shopping. If you do this grocery planning in advance then it can help you to get the things that you actually need and eliminate those expenditures that don’t have much utility.


When you are bored, this is the best time to think about the grocery items you want to add to your list for the next month. This way your time will be well utilized and you will not worry about your grocery every time. You can use a list-making app like nTask, to help you store your grocery list for FREE.


21. Write thank you emails


Thank you email


Saying ‘thank you’ to the people who matter to you is necessary to live a happy life. When you feel bored this is the right time to think about the people who have given you the courage to be at the place you are right now. It could be your colleagues, teachers, managers, bosses, friends and family members.


You can either send them a handwritten thank you card or, but if that is not possible you can send them a nicely crafted email or send a message on their social media accounts. It will help you the same as networking in events for your career and personal growth. Take a moment and tell them that you love them all. Most importantly, when finishing up on an important project or achieved a big milestone at that moment you should thank the people who helped you out.



22. Help out your friends


help friends


The best friends are those who are always there to help. When you are bored and thinking about what to do, it will be a nice thing to help your friends out. You can reach out to them, what they are up to and ask them if they need any kind of help.


The help could be in any way, like helping your friend to find the car they want to buy, or if your friend is unemployed help them out to search for the job. Even small actions matter a lot in friendship. This will make your day more awesome and make you feel good.


23. Watch Motivational Videos


motivational videos


So, you are thinking of what to do when bored? Try to spend your time productively like watching motivational videos. You should not waste a bit of your time, watching motivational stuff is just like an investment in your personal and professional development.


You can search for the top channels on YouTube for motivational speakers and professionals like Tonny Robbin, Les Brown, Nick Vujicic, and many others. If you want to watch a mix of different motivational speakers from around the world, then you subscribe to join the TEDx Talks channel.


24. Start your personal blog


Start personal blog


This will help in thriving your career and be a fruitful addition to your resume. When you feel bored, the best thing to do (if you haven’t tried it yet) is to start your personal blog. You should become a voice in the niche in which you have some knowledge and possess expertise. Even, if you are a student you can start a blog where you give tips to other students that will help in their study life, if you are staying at home mom you can help other moms with food recipes and home hacks.


The best option for you is to buy a domain and host it on WordPress, Wix or Weebly. Moreover, if you even have zero knowledge about website creation, you can join free blogging and microsites like, Medium, Tumblr, or LinkedIn Publisher.


25. Join Product Hunt


Product Hunt


If you are a tech enthusiast and always looking for new software, mobile applications and tech gadgets that will help you in both personal and professional life, then you should join Product Hunt. This platform curates the best new product in the market every day. You can search, collaborate, ask questions and get feedback on the latest product.


Product Hunt has around a million subscribers that talk about tech products and share their knowledge with the community. So, next time you feel bored, just log in to this amazing platform to learn about new stuff that is in the trend. Moreover, you can upvote your favorite apps listed on Product Hunt and give useful suggestions.


What would you recommend for things to do when bored? Do you have any favorite productive things you do in your free time at work? Share your advice in the comments below.


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