Getting a Hang of IT Project Management Landscape In 2022

Getting a Hang of IT Project Management Landscape In 2022

The software market is the biggest thing in the organizational paradigm for a while now. Why is that? Well, can you mention a single office where no software are being used?

As the software market is in demand for such a long time, we think we ought to talk about the IT Project management process that is being used to develop the amazing software that we are using daily in 2022.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about what the IT project management process is, what are the benefits associated with it and what software that you can use to execute an effective IT Project Management Process in 2022.

What is IT Project Management?


An IT project management process is taking control of the activities and processes that are a part of the software development process. What can be named as a software development process you may ask? Here are some of the activities that can be performed as a software development process.

  • Database management
  • Data mining
  • Network configuration
  • Hardware installation
  • IT emergency recovery
  • Web development
  • Mobile app development
  • Cloud computing
  • Software implementation
  • Network and computer security

All of the aforementioned doable can also be the end products of the software development process. However, if you want to know the exact steps that happen in the SDP, they are appended below:

  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Execution
  • Tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

…of any, IT projects trying to perform the processes mentioned above.

Benefits of IT Project Management Tools

A tool for any process is software that helps in making your life easier while performing that process. An IT project management application helps you to perform the following:

  • Live Status with Real-Time Dashboards
  • Get Data-Rich Reports With One Click
  • Customize Workflow on Kanban Boards
  • Plan Waterfall Projects with Gantt Charts
  • Manage Program or Portfolio of IT Projects
  • Track Time Spent on Tasks and Monitor Progress

How Do You Manage an IT Project?

There are many different ways to manage a specific software development process because no two projects are the same. But as a general rule, here are some of the steps that you can use to manage most of the projects that you are currently developing.

1. Requirement Collection

Requirement collection is done when the project is in the think tank and not in the development phase. To start the development phase, you need to collect the requirements that are going to make up the whole development process, and for that, you need to document everything that you know about the project.

If you have an effective project management software like nTask, you can attach these requirement documents with the projects and even with the tasks within the project.

2. Using a Gantt Chart

If you have a project management software like nTask, you can use their incredible Gantt charting feature to add tasks to the time, set milestones for your projects, link all of the task dependencies related to the project development process, and also view the critical path of the project dev process.

3. Team Selection

Team selection is an important part of any project or process that happens in the organizational paradigm, as the most important resource that any company or business can have in their arsenal is a good team that can help them achieve the goals and milestones that they have set for themselves.

So, if you want to keep your team members informed about the things that are going to happen with the project and the ones that are already happening every day, you need a project management software like nTask to keep everyone in the loop.

4. Using a Kanban Board

While using nTask for your IT project management process, you can control your development workflow during the project execution. Using the Kanban board, you can create different workflows, work in an agile framework, and execute different sprints to complete the development process easily and quickly.

5. Manage Workload

Using project management software like nTask, you can easily manage all of the workloads that are a part of the software development process.

How? Well, nTask provides you with an incredible dashboard that allows you to see every task and process being worked on by the team members so that you can easily manage their work and make changes accordingly.

6. Monitoring Progress

When you have managed the workload that your team is working on, you can easily monitor the progress that your project development process is making, which helps in managing the overall software management process.

7. Get Reports

The final step in the software project management process and even in the overall project management paradigm is the Reporting process.

Using a project management software like nTask, you can generate detailed reports about everything that has been done in the project, so that you can check if you made a mistake or if you did everything correctly, you can perform the same strategies in the future.

4 Best IT Project Management Softwares

Here is a list of the software that we are going to discuss.

Let’s take a look at all of them in detail.

1. nTask


Being one of the best project management software out there in the market right now in 2021, the software is incredibly buff with a barrage of features that the team has worked tirelessly to provide for their customers.

It is an amazing task management and project management tool, that any type of project manager can use to track and manage all of the different tasks and processes associated with their development process.

Key Features

  • Multiple board views
  • To-do lists
  • Public links
  • Minutes of meeting
  • Activity logging
  • Due date tracking
  • Task filters
  • Meeting follow-ups
  • Activity tracking
  • Feedback management
  • Project management
  • Task assignment
  • Calendar management
  • File sharing
  • Meeting management
  • Resource planning
  • Cost estimating
  • Email invites
  • Deadline tracking
  • Team performance reports
  • Project risks
  • Status tracking
  • Timesheet management
  • Risk matrix & pie charts
  • Task color codes
  • Meeting agendas
  • Calendar integration
  • File attachments


  • A free trial of the application is available for use if you want to check out the software before making a purchase
  • The paid subscription of the software starts at $3/month
  • App Logo
  • nTask is one of the Best IT Project Management Tool.

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2. Basecamp


Next on the list is basecamp. The software is an incredible project management software that provides you with an amazing collaboration feature set that helps with the communication, productivity, and overall team collaboration of the team members.

Some of the other features that the software offers are mentioned below.

Key Features

  • File upload
  • Client projects
  • Agenda view
  • Chat functionality
  • Emoji
  • Time tracking by project
  • Group discussions
  • File & document sharing
  • Event organization
  • Project templates
  • Due date tracking
  • Attach files, quotes & code samples
  • Applause


  • There is a free trial of the software available if you want to check out the software before making the decision of purchasing the subscription
  • The paid subscription of the software starts at $99/month

3. ProofHub

Proofhub home

Another incredible example of a project management software that will be an amazing solution for all of your IT project management processes, is ProofHub.

The software has an excellent arsenal of features that will help you manage your teams and their work activities easily and without any hiccups.

Key Features

  • File sharing
  • Product road mapping
  • API availability
  • Automatic notifications
  • Customizable templates
  • Document storage
  • Gantt charts
  • Multi-language
  • Project notes
  • Time tracking by project
  • Search functionality
  • Workflow management
  • API
  • Role-based permissions
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Collaboration
  • Idea management
  • Chat functionality


  • There is a free trial of the software available for use if you want to check out the software before you decide to purchase the subscription
  • The paid subscription starts at $50/month

4. Zoho Projects

Zoho projects

Zoho Projects is an incredible project management software that allows you to cover each step of the software development process. One of the best things about the software is that it can be integrated with other incredible tools like Dropbox and Google Apps.

Key Features

  • Android app
  • Calendar management
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Document management
  • Google apps integration
  • Invoices
  • Multiple projects
  • Project & event calendar
  • Project planning
  • Project time tracking
  • Real-time notifications
  • Resource allocation
  • Shared workspace
  • Task planning
  • Timesheet management
  • API
  • CRM integration
  • Chat functionality
  • Custom fields


  • A free trial of the application is available if you want to check out the software before making a purchase
  • The paid subscription starts at $18/month


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If you think that we missed something or if we mentioned something incorrectly, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.